What did you think of Bird Box?

Discussion in 'Television' started by thisrandomguy, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. thisrandomguy

    thisrandomguy New Member

    Recently watched Bird Box and I can say that I somewhat liked it, but the ending could've been better. Feels like they didn't really know what to do with the ending so they went with whatever came up first. I think that it can be improved quite a bit... Just my thought
  2. alpaolodecastro

    alpaolodecastro New Member

    It's an okay movie, it doesn't do something new what other has done before with the same genre, pacing can be slowed for other, and of course logical flaws. However, it's a fun movie to watch, it's intense.
  3. krstnshelley

    krstnshelley New Member

    I think that the movie, Bird Box goes deeper than what meets the eye. The challenges that the protagonists played were thrilling enough to make you want to scream at your screens. Hence, one negative side of the movie is that there wasn't enough backstory as to where or what they were looking away at. Knowing what they were avoiding would make the movie clearer to the audience. Nevertheless, the acting skills were superb. I love how the movie took me to a roller-coaster ride of emotions as the story revolved around hope for survival and family.
  4. chiel2330

    chiel2330 New Member

    Netflix ended 2018 with a bang, or shall we say tweet, tweet. Its original movie “Bird Box,” starring Sandra Bullock, hit the streaming service on Dec. 21 and soon burst into a bajillion feathers, floating its way into the interwebs’ zeitgeist. As Chrissy Teigen told Kim Kardashian, “like everyone in the entire world” has seen it.

    Directed by Susanne Bier and based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman, the film follows Malorie (Bullock), a mother who, along with two young children (appropriately named Boy and Girl), is making her way down a river, blindfolded, in an attempt to avoid supernatural entities that bring death to those who see them. The movie flips awkwardly back and forth between its past and present, explaining how Malorie first learned of the onslaught of underwhelming apocalyptic monsters alongside her sister (Sarah Paulson) and a band of survivors portrayed by Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, BD Wong and others.

    “Bird Box” became a meme sensation almost immediately, even as the negative reviews poured in. Viewers, seemingly with no regard for critical consensus, turned to social media to share their own “takes” on the newest cult-like obsession. The film’s virality was due, in part, to Netflix itself, which hyped up the movie’s record-setting viewership ― despite the fact that the platform is otherwise silent on streaming numbers.

    Because of the divide between fans who can’t stop tweeting about the movie and critics who can’t stop panning it, HuffPost’s Matthew Jacobs and Leigh Blickley decided to break down the supposed appeal of “Bird Box,” and whether or not it warrants the craze surrounding it.
  5. Abzxc

    Abzxc New Member

    I think the trailer was very interesting. However, I'd say that the plot was a bit confusing as it kept toggling from the past and the present. I was kind of expecting to see some of the worse fears these people have to add more spice to the movie. Overall I feel that its a good movie with a good plot but it could be better in some areas.
  6. Lmrodz05

    Lmrodz05 New Member

    It's a good movie. Not great but good. People are comparing it to movies in the same genre, mostly A Quiet Place since it came out not too long ago. Which I can see why, they both have similar ideas not using speech (A Quiet Place) and sight for Bird Box. While I appreciated Bird Box's non-linear storyline it was also one of it's downfalls as it spoils the fates of most of the characters. Looking back the movie was longer than it should have been. I feel a lot could have been cut out or rearranged so it doesn't spoil itself, and the movie didn't do a good job of making the supporting characters (except Tom, Olympia, Boy, and Girl) have a strong connection to the audience. I could't be bothered to care what happened to them; although I did like that we never got to see what the creatures look like. It makes us follow the same rules as the characters and their mysterious origin keeps the audience's imagination going as to what they are and came from. I do believe the acting was great especially Sandra Bullock she did a fantastic job. Overall the movie has it's own pros and cons, but I did enjoy watching it and it was intense at times. I just feel like now it's being overhyped and not 10/10 as people keep saying it is. It's about 8/10.
  7. sheenabrnl

    sheenabrnl New Member

    Due to its popularity, I watched Bird Box recently. Well, I can say it's a good movie and we, as viewers, can definitely learn something from it (about Survival and Family values).
  8. imjlord

    imjlord New Member

    Bird Box is pretty amazing!

    Aside from the script play, the good acting of the cast, and setting.
    I learned so much things from it, especially the way we must have to value our family.
    And my own interpretation about the movie is that I learned that if you want to survive
    then you must learn how to accept and overcome all your fears and if you do that
    you can live in this world without feeling you're not part of it.
  9. Ade123

    Ade123 New Member

    Bird Box was a decent family night movie , I have to admit I was in the edge of my seat wondering when I could see those entities of death or at least get a glimpse of what those characters saw before their deaths . But even though we did get to see so much of that , I enjoyed watching the lives and how they managed and sacrificed.

    I think Netflix did an amazing job with that movie and it was released just at the right time.

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