What Distracts You While Driving?

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by buckeye44, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. buckeye44

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    We all know texting while driving is a no-no. That is just one of many other driving distractions which can put drivers at risk for an accident?

    One that has recently diverted my attention comes with the new Hyundai car I purchased. It's the car's dashboard technology. There are so many gadgets and buttons used to operate items on the dash it can momentarily take you eyes off the road.

    What kinds of distractions bother you?
  2. Loopy

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    Good looking women, to be honest, on a fine Summer's day. Day dreaming sometimes distract's me too. Other people's dangerous driving habit's are a big distraction - why they do what they do sometimes just absolutely beat's me! They must know they are wrong but must not give a damn! Such attitudes are very poor from people. Using the bluetooth handsfree can be a distraction too when the reception is poor.
  3. Anze

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    Man, I have brother who is addicted to Facebook. He is constantly typing even when he is driving. It looks so bad (even sad) to me. He is 30 years old.

    What other funny (or not so) distraction I have seen is, radio. Why radio ? One local radio station in my country is pumping the audience in that way that they make some weird noises from time to time between songs. So like: dog barking, laser sounds...and CAR HORN !
    Well yea, I am always a bit shoocked and I am looking around at trafic. To guess whats happening.

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