What do you do in the computer when you have no internet?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by mumbulance, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. mumbulance

    mumbulance New Member

    Sometimes, our internet connection maybe disrupted by our ISP. All we can do at the moment was wait for it to be fixed. During all that waiting game, what stuff do you do in your computer to pass time? For me, I'd play offline games or draw on Photoshop. It gives me a feeling of speeding up time and before I know it, my internet connection is back.
  2. Neriza

    Neriza New Member

    I play offline games. Sometimes if I get bored playing the same games over and over again, I watch movies.
  3. GHamza

    GHamza New Member

    Usually, I play offline video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty...
    Sometimes, when I feel like I need a small break from games, I try to organize my files and clean my rig.
  4. indiology

    indiology New Member

    When the internet is down it's a perfect opportunity to organize the files on my computer or edit photos. Just be generally productive without the distraction of the internet.
  5. Cesar Matute

    Cesar Matute New Member

    My computer is a mess, files everywhere, pictures, backups, notes, and the Internet keeps me always busy, I mean, there's always something to do. For me, that's a good time to organize my music and files. I like to have all the metadata correct in my mp3 files. Of course I like playing games too, like Plants vs Zombies with my kids and Assassin's Creed after they go to bed, and games that you can play offline.
  6. kestony

    kestony New Member

    When my internet connection is down which is fairly regular, what I do is to read all my saved pages and try to update my knowledge of web design by practicing some web design stuff or play some games on my computer till my internet connection is restored. The most important thing I do is to do arrange all saved pages into the appropriate folder.I usually use this period to do a lot of self assessment.
  7. Tracy04

    Tracy04 Member

    When I have no internet connection, I will use conouter or laptop to watch Korean dramas. Usually one Korean drama has 16 episodes, I will use laptop to watch all the episodes. Sometimes I will stretch my body and rest a while before continue watching again. If not watching Korean dramas, I will watch movies or tv series like Leverage. Sometimes I will use laptop to do education purposes.
  8. Necabo

    Necabo New Member

    It can be hard to find something to do on your computer with no internet. The basic things that people do everyday actually require the internet and it can be frustrating. There are some things that you can do, I will list a few for you.
    • Listen to music. Now if you have music that is downloaded on your computer, then this is a way that you can use your PC. Of course, the music should be downloaded legally, which you can do with a Spotify subscription, or any other music streaming service that offer premium features.
    • Watch DVDs/downloaded films or TV shows. A lot of PCs nowadays do not come with DVD drives, as manufacturers are understanding that people usually buy films, movies and TV shows online, so you will probably benefit more from this if you have already downloaded the movie or show. If your PC has a DVD drive, then you are able to just insert the disc.
    • Write a story. If you are interested in writing, then you can always do some writing on Word or whatever software you use for writing. You could do some blogging and prepare it for when your internet comes back online. That way it is all written and ready to be published.
    I hope this helps you in some way. I know these are not the most exciting tasks, but the internet is a big thing now and a lot of programs and tools require the internet for everything that they do.
  9. gamekiller90

    gamekiller90 New Member

    When I had no internet, I would listen to music and practice writing skills and that of my friends do freelance work which earns them money like banners and etc. I would view DVDs and clean old stuff and take the time to check if my desktop is up to date.And see if there is any virus that I can remove. the best part is if you don't have the internet I would pay the DVD copies games. I remember when I was a teen and I would go to a GameStop or any store and get the DVD copies of the game. Feel free to try any of these things.
  10. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly Member

    I have a Chromebook. So not much, really.

    You can use certain Chrome extensions offline, including Google Docs and the text editor, so I can do a certain amount of work as long as I don't need to do any research or Googling. I also have the Kindle extension set up to work offline too, but generally I'm pretty limited.

    If anyone's thinking of getting a Chromebook keep this in mind! But also note that you are able to install Linux alongside the Chrome OS, and switch between the two operating systems. And with Linux there's a lot more stuff you can install for offline use. You'd better be a bit computer savvy to do that though.
  11. hellofoxie

    hellofoxie New Member

    I get off the computer and do something useful or fun elsewhere.

    Or I can also game, if I really don't feel like being away from the screen. I guess my music and photo libraries could also use some organizing and I'm hoping to get to that eventually. No Internet connection would certainly help.
  12. jodymal

    jodymal Member

    Since I work at home and on my computer, when my internet gets disrupted I will read, take my dogs for a walk or do some scrapbooking.
  13. SpoofEdd

    SpoofEdd New Member

    Whenever that happens, I mostly just play my offline games, or hope I have kind of TV show downloaded to watch. I also have a decent collection of books I touch on from time to time, but I'm not really that much of an avid reader, so that's way less frequent.
  14. chubitzimba

    chubitzimba New Member

    Well for me if my internet connection is down I probably play games in my computer not online but offline or lan games, also watching already downloaded movies and anime this is the best using computer when my internet is down. There some other alot of using computer with out net but for the mention above my best option when server is down on my conputer.
  15. vinchie09

    vinchie09 New Member

    When the internet is down it's a perfect opportunity to finish my Design in Photoshop, Now on i'm focusing in Vexel. if i'm tired i'm saving my unfinished tool to PSD. And back to work if i'm in a mood. and perfect designing when the internet is Down.
  16. Paybackaiw

    Paybackaiw New Member

    Most of the time whenever the internet is unavailable, I'd always have some offline games installed to past the time until it becomes available again. If I don't feel like playing games I can just practice my 3D modelling skills on Blender.
  17. annie2911

    annie2911 New Member

    The internet has become so important these days that it can be frustrating to lose the connection, even for an hour. In those moments, what I've found to be most productive is to delete pictures and information that I no longer want to have saved. I also listen and organize my music, or I use programs like Photoshop to edit the photographs I like!
  18. wmarvell

    wmarvell New Member

    I try prepare the best I can for when the ISP craps out on us. I have several offline games downloaded, and even the dinosaur jumping game on Chrome can consume quite a bit of time. I also have lots of movies and shows downloaded. I think the hardest part is when I'm just craving some kitty pictures on /r/aww.
  19. King78

    King78 New Member

    I do different works when I cannot access internet. mostly I play games which entertain me for 2-3 hours or more and I enjoy. if I become bored playing games, I will try to learn softwares which are installed on my computer.for example I learned Photoshop with a book in a day and it was really good experience for me. other things I do are modeling in softwares like Maya, 3DMax , Blender which are really great or I just keep doing my programming projects!!!
  20. jaeji09

    jaeji09 New Member

    Well i have lots of downloaded movies , and losing internet is very rare. When there's internet i download movies and never watch , when the internet is disrupted i will remember those and watch them. Because when there's internet i have lots of things to do online.

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