What do you do to relieve stress?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gloryontheway, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Gloryontheway

    Gloryontheway New Member

    I will locate some real upbeat music and dance my butt off. That helps me tremendously to relieve stress. I will also go to the gym to work out. Sleep is always helpful, so taking a nap will knock out a lot of stress. Of course a nice glass of burgundy wine will really do the trick.
  2. Dage

    Dage New Member

    Just relaxing on the couch helps me unwind. I also meditate. I can't even begin to tell you how much that helps me.
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  3. Kally

    Kally New Member

    I listen to nice calming, sometimes sad music and just cry my heart out! I have also found doing good to others and see others in worse situations than your own really makes you re think your problems. Last week I worked as a volunteer in a soup kitchen and after that long, tiring day I felt more happy than I have in a long time!
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  4. SmrtGuy

    SmrtGuy New Member

    I have so many stress relief regimens that it's a wonder that I get stressed out at all. Of course the problem with stress is that no matter what one does to get rid of it, somehow stress always creeps back in. For me the fail safe and best bit of prevention is taking regular walks outside by myself. I also walk on a treadmill for health and I find that both are therapeutic. In my opinion taking regular walks outside by myself just puts all things in perspective and helps the stress just melt away. After a minute or two of walking in a park I start to notice the wildlife and the sounds and smells and stop noticing the trivial things that are causing stress.

    Of course there are lots of ways to deal with stress and sometimes dealing with stress isn't as simple as good music or a drink or a walk in the park. Its important to also understand and identify the cause or source of the stress if you really want to deal with it or rid yourself of the negative effects of the stress.
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  5. skyminded

    skyminded New Member

    I meditate. Not necessarily while sitting. Meditation can be done in any environment. What is important is to notice how thoughts flow in certain directions and that you don't really have to do anything about it. Just let it come and go. What is true for you will always feel true so you don't have to think so much in the first place. Spinning past or future scenarios in your head doesn't really get you anywhere so you might as well just pass on those as they come up. You loose nothing but stress in the process.
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  6. brownshonda

    brownshonda New Member

    One of my favorite things to do when I am stressed is workout. There is nothing like having a good workout to tackle the problems that stress you. It gets your heart pumping forcing you to breathe deep. It's almost a form of meditation.
  7. mlhvista

    mlhvista New Member

    I have always found that a change of scenery is my friend! When I feel too wound up and tense, I head right outside. My ultimate stress-relieving happy place is the beach. If I get a chance I pack up some essentials (water, towel, snack) and get going.

    There are so many environmental options to relieve stress it just takes a simple action to take advantage of it. There has been studies that insufficient exposure to sunlight can cause increases in depression and stress in some individuals. Lack of vitamin D, which we also get from sunlight, can cause us to feel lousy when we least expect it. So whenever I start to drag, I grab my sunglasses get my tan on!
  8. ElizabethPeru

    ElizabethPeru New Member

    Chamomile Tea, is one of the best natural relieves, in my country where we have thousand of medicinal herbs, that one is very good, when I'm stressed I take my tea, I do breathing exercises, people don't know how good breathing is important , filling you lungs properly can go a long way, sun therapy is another good option, look at the sun early in the morning , the first 11 seconds that rises, look directly, that's natural antidepressant , and what about to keep in touch with nature , when was the last time that you took a break in the park and listened to those birds, and look at those huge trees and admire their strength through time, through the seasons, rain or shine, the answers are there , we forget to look around. Good vibes.
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  9. writergirl81

    writergirl81 New Member

    I tend to de-stress by journaling or coming online to chat with friends. If it's a friend that is stressing me out, I tend to go into hiding for a while until I figure out a better way to handle it.
  10. renzel

    renzel New Member

    I go out and have fun with my friends. Do things that I really love to do this really relieves my stress. I listen to good music that makes me happy. I over sleep sometimes to relieve stress while listening to my favorite dj.:sleeping:
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  11. Yeohah

    Yeohah New Member

    They say stress is disharmony within the body. Find what works for you and incorporate it into your daily routine.
    I enjoy going for a jog, with some sprinting added in to really stimulate my nervous system and to release those positive endorphins. Weight-lifting is another activity both genders should do, as it comes with a myriad of benefits. Remember our ancestors would chase animals for miles while hunting. The prey would get tired before us, since long-distance running and endurance is in our genes. Herbal teas, music, and just taking a nap do wonders as well!
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  12. AmyKi

    AmyKi New Member

    Meditation is great to get me out of a bad mood but sometimes just listening to some good music does the trick too. I think it varies on the type of stress. Is it something you can fix or something you are just stressing over that you really have no control over?
  13. Heather Wiginton

    Heather Wiginton New Member

    One of the ways I relieve stress is listening to music. Sometimes that's all it takes. Upbeat dance music lifts my mood. Sometimes though, I need soothing music to calm my nerves, like classical or jazz music.

    Another way I relieve stress is by focusing the negative energy on a task, like folding clothes or doing dishes. Everyone is my family knows when I start cleaning out closets and underneath the beds, that Mama is stressed and to steer clear for a minute.

    I have found that posting on forums on Facebook, like We Are Stronger With Each Other and Attitude Is Everything, forums about living with Multiple Sclerosis, helps me tremendously. Reading about others' problems and offering support and advice really takes me away from my own problems for a minute, allowing me to relax.
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  14. siganelly

    siganelly New Member

    To relieve stress I will dive head long into a good book. I find there is nothing more relaxing than letting myself be taken away by clutches of an evil villain or by the twist and turns of the latest science fiction novel. When I have a bad day at work being able to submerge myself in a good book for a couple hours does the trick.
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  15. mahjong

    mahjong New Member

    Punching sandbox and running works quite well for me. Meditation and yoga works well for a few friends of mine, sadly not for me. I'm a little bit too hasty and aggressive to be able to calm myself through methods like those.
  16. tinesha

    tinesha New Member

    What I do to relive stress is taking yoga, walking reading a book shopping is my big one not even spending money just window shopping seeing what new styles in fashion is out there I can walk and walk just window shopping or just laying outside out in the park is just relaxing .
  17. makaya57

    makaya57 New Member

    I love seeing what other people do to deal with stress, so that I can add it to what I already do! The biggest stress buster for me is working out. I may not want to do it, but if I can force myself to get out there and do some cardio, dancing, Yoga, or weight training, most of the time I feel better. Spending time with my animals also helps me to deal with stress! A bath is a great way to relax, and it takes no effort. If I am really stressed out and I have the day off, I will workout, take a bath, grab a blanket and some some pillows, get comfortable with the animals, and have a Netflix binge day. Sometimes those days are the best therapy for stress!
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  18. cmoneyspinner@PL

    cmoneyspinner@PL New Member

    Well first I determine the “source” of the stress. Then I remove it. It could be a job. It could be a rude and disrespectful child. It could be meddling family members. In my experience it has never been the neighbors. You can just ignore them. They ain't family; and most of them ain't friends. You don't even know them. Listening to music is proven to relieve stress. Reading. Writing. Enjoying a good movie. Playing a game of Scrabble. Praying. Screaming at my spouse. He lets me vent. Then we put our heads together and try to come up with a plan to get rid of the “real problem”. We found that if we support each other we can pretty much overcome anything that causing stress. It must be hard for people who don't have a support system. Hard. Not impossible. Just hard. The key is to remember your priorities. Nine times out of ten, whatever is causing the stress is not a priority and you can get rid of it! ;)
  19. Marie Stine

    Marie Stine New Member

    I take a long walk and think things over. Sometimes I listen to music and sing my heart out. Of course, I do that when I am alone and no one is listening! Other times I do crafts to get my mind off problems. Being creative relaxes me and gives me a new perspective.
  20. pekeqpeke

    pekeqpeke New Member

    I live in a small beach town, and since I moved here I have gained a new appreciation for the stars. You couldn't see a sky like this in the city. So I bought myself a nice telescope and just sit outside for hours looking at galaxies and nebulae. I think most people would gain some perspective looking at the stars and planets with their own eyes. Gives you a sense of reality knowing its not just a picture in a textbook in elementary school, it exits, its out there, and you can see it with your own eyes.
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  21. vandemiere92

    vandemiere92 New Member

    I love talking a long hot bath with either bath salts or a candle, and sometimes both! Music can influence your mood, mindset and heart-rate as well. Exercise will definitely relieve stress too! Personalizing a music playlist to workout to is a great start. Hope you find something that works for you!
  22. AJ Sevilla

    AJ Sevilla New Member

    Short answer for this. Eat CHOCOLATES.
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  23. whnuien

    whnuien New Member

    As a mother who has to deal with an ongoing tasks with parenting and blogging I do find myself struggling with stress a lot of time everyday. So I have set up a schedule of when to stay away from doing any task and take my daughter out for a walk. Both my daughter and I love being outside especially when the day is a bit cloudy and the weather is not too hot. That is my only way to relieve my stress though I do love listening to music, reading, and gardening as part of my way to relax and stay away from stress.
  24. Anna Ramsey

    Anna Ramsey New Member

    I have a few things that I do to relieve stress. If I have had a long hard day at work, I usually come home, switch on my favorite music playlist, and just dance around the living room with my kids. There is no form or function to our dancing, but by the end of our session, we are all usually laughing so hard that there is no room for stress.
    If there is something that is really bothering me, I turn to my yoga. I turn on some soft music, usually instrumental, and lose myself as I go through my poses and let the music surround me. I know that sounds very hippy-ish, but it works for me. It helps my mind and body relax and relieve any stress I may be feeling.
  25. tikilalalove

    tikilalalove New Member

    Society kills the teenager. How come, until now, I’m still surviving?

    Stress reliever medicines are good, but eating lots of food to relieve stress is better. Whenever I’m sad, I just follow the desires of my tongue, and then my mood will turn back to normal. But in the other hand, it is not in the things that we do or must do; it’s in the mind. Your brain is responsible on what would you feel. After eating, I just lay on my bed, freeing my mind from random thoughts that bothers me a lot. I love sleeping for hours at the day, then staying up late at night, doing random stuffs and talking to random people on the social media. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who will decide on what would you do to manage yourself. Not anyone, but you.
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  26. rochbriones

    rochbriones New Member

    When I'm really stressed, the first thing I think of doing is getting a massage. One to two hours of relaxing aromatherapy massage always calms me down. Other things I do include going shopping, listening to New Wave music, watching reruns of "Friends", and drinking a large glass of frappuccino from Starbucks.
  27. J3NN4

    J3NN4 New Member

    I have an entire routine for stressful days. Usually when I get home from class, I put some clean sheets on my bed, then I take a nice bath (with candles, bubbles, whole nine yards) and just let myself unwind. When I get out, I dry off and put lotion on, then I go find a book to read or download one onto my Kindle, and curl up in bed and read until I fall asleep.

    It's so relaxing, and nothing feels better to me than having clean sheets on the bed and being able to just relax.

    If I don't have time for that and it's pretty outside, I take my dog for a walk or sit outside and brush him. He loves it, and it relaxes him, too!
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  28. sweetheartgoodgirl

    sweetheartgoodgirl New Member

    I walk. I walk fast and I walk angry! LOL . I find physical exercise is a great way to externalize your inner frustrations and let go of them. Another thing I do when I'm in a really tough, stressful state of mind and can't find any mental calm what so ever is taking a hot shower. The sound of the water seems to drown out my overwhelming thoughts.
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  29. KGill

    KGill New Member

    Singing karaoke to myself extremely loudly, sometimes for hours on end. Playing outside with the dogs, they are great because they don't care about what's stressing you. Finally, I will sometimes grab a rake handle or a stick like when I was a kid, and start spinning it and stabbing with it like a sweet ninja! Ninja don't stress over puny, non-ninja matters!
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  30. Since I am always agreeing to things and trying to please everyone in my home I am definitely an expert at how to de-stress! I'm a big music lover so that is always my go to. When I am trying to calm down cleaning with a glass of wine and really loud music will also work wonders.
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