What do you do to relieve stress?

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  1. Marako0406

    Marako0406 New Member

    RELAX. Relax is the best thing to relieve stress and i can say that it's good for you and it takes less time than you think. Next is listen to your favorite music (that's what i do) to keep your mind off of stress and then your heart to feel the good vibes and groove to the music. Stress is a normal part of life so all you need to do is to relax, listen to music, call or talk to a friend to laugh it off or just drink tea and breathe. Those are the things I normally do to keep the stress away from my way. I really hope that it will do the same for everyone else. You can also include a minute exercise like a short walk or stretch during a break. Getting your blood moving releases endorphins and can improve your mood almost instantaneously.


    I totally agree with you; relaxation is most definitely the key and just get off to yourself!
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  3. Benjonnell Ramos

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    Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When you sense danger—whether it’s real or imagined or when you are running of your time to your project. Stress happens to a teenager to an adult. Normally stress involves panic, muscle tension, mostly worrying about all the things that may happen bad, and of course, your heart beats faster than 60 beats per minutes (correct me if it was wrong). Some of the causes of stress are working and projects in school, financial problems, the obvious one, being too busy. when you're having stress you tend to be more ignorant of your friend and sometime being negative and the "all-or-nothing" attitude.

    So how do I "manage" stress, relieve is your already having stress which is bad so I use the word manage. Here is how do I manage stress, the first thing to do when you are about to be stress is, to connect and to talk to other people like your friends because connecting with your friend or your friends gives you a great mood and it will soothe your immune system. Next is listening to a music that makes you wanna dance off your problems, that part was pretty obvious why I add that. Next is diet, having a good diet is good because when you eat healthy foods, the nutrient that you eat will sometime help with your ups and downs and lastly is to sleep regularly.

    I hope this help coping your ups and downs:thumbsup:.
  4. Aldrin-0oUf

    Aldrin-0oUf New Member

    When you’re feeling stressed, take a break to call a friend and talk about your problems. Good relationships with friends and loved ones are important to any healthy lifestyle, and they’re especially important when you're under a lot of stress. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can put everything in perspective.
  5. Austhalina

    Austhalina Member

    Actually when im on stress . I usually eat ice cream, chocolate all my favorite food i will eat . And i go out always with friend, or sometimes do some relaxing thing, like yoga. Or going to travel or go to beach. Just to relieves stress.
  6. anangelica28

    anangelica28 New Member

    Stress is inevitable but not overcoming stress would affect your everyday life. Thus, managing stress is really necessary. There are a lot of options to overcome stress but I recommend that doing diversional activities really do help you forget the stressors around you. Instead of consuming all your time being stressed out, you could do a lot of activities which makes you feel at ease and would make you forget the problems that you are encountering. Watching movies, watching your favorite TV series, playing video games, eating at your favorite reataurant, hanging out with friends and playing your favorite sport really helps. However, I wouldn't recommend drinking alcohol because it contains a substance which is a "downer" which would leave you even more problematic. Do an activity which would make you more active and you'll definitely beat that stress.
  7. For me relieving stress is eating foods i like and go on shopping . Going on a spa for massage, watching a movie , travelling and exploring new places! This will be the best stress reliever.
  8. bigmack24

    bigmack24 New Member

    To relieve stress, I usually go out and stay calm even for just a little while. As a working adult, it is almost impossible to have a stress free life especially when it is about finances. I work full-time and also part-time just to keep me and my family far from hunger. Stress is something that all of us can't run away from but for me, when I go home and see my family happy, it is so much better than any comfort food and leisure travels.
  9. Airabaclor08

    Airabaclor08 Member

    We all deal with it, yet we know how much better off we’d be — both physically and mentally — if we could only get it under control and find stress relievers that really work. While stress can be a positive, motivating factor at times (such as when you’re under pressure to perform well at work or to ace an important exam), more and more research shows that chronic stress impacts the body in ways similar to a poor diet, lack of sleep or sedentary lifestyle. Let’s face it, the stress we face today isn’t going anywhere, which is exactly why it’s more important than ever to find natural ways to bust stress that work well for us. If you’re up against large amounts of stress in your life (and who isn’t?), studies show you can greatly benefit from carving out more time in your busy schedule for things like regular exercise, meditation, spending time outdoors and keeping up with fun hobbies.
  10. ecnesa101

    ecnesa101 Member

    For me I listening to the music. If you're feeling overwhelmed by a stressful situation, try taking a break and listening to relaxing music. Playing calm music has a positive effect on the brain and body, can lower blood pressure, and reduce cortisol, a hormone linked to stress.
  11. jep

    jep New Member

    I do diversional activities like reading books and spending time with friends. It helps me to forgot my problem at the mean time. Also facing or fixing what's the cause of stress may finally relieve your stress.
  12. precym143

    precym143 New Member

    Making certain lifestyle changes is the best start” to relieving stress, start with eating a well-balanced, healthy diet as well as getting enough sleep and exercise. Also, limit caffeine and alcohol intake and don’t use nicotine, cocaine, or other street drugs. Also taking breaks from work, spending time with family or friends, learning to make things with your hands, or learning to play a musical instrument will help you to relieve stress.
  13. Shaun55

    Shaun55 New Member

    I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with stress. I always try and identify were the stress is coming from and deal with it head on. Most of the time it is usually because of not living a healthy life style, but taking a walk works for me and not focusing on negative thoughts.
  14. traceh

    traceh Member

    Reading is my way to relieve stress, it helps me relax and shut down my thoughts for a while. For me there is nothing more soothing and calming that settling down with a good book, a bowl of popcorn and a cup of coffee - music to my soul. It allows me to think of something other that the turmoil that plagues my life sometimes, to switch off from reality for a little bit.
  15. touchferrer

    touchferrer New Member

    Just to relieve stress, I do yoga.
    It's a mind and body conditioning exercise which is I think is kinda under-rated compared to other exercises.
    I don't know, honestly speaking I feel more calm and I am able to think faster and sharper every time that I am doing yoga. So as a workout enthusiast I recommend this kind of workout to relieve your stress.
  16. Cabling

    Cabling New Member

    Your social network is one of your best tools for handling stress. Talk to others -- preferably face to face, or at least on the phone. Share what's going on. You can get a fresh perspective while keeping your connection strong.
  17. FaLaunt

    FaLaunt New Member

    I am an Avon representative and there is an amazing natural "Calm" supplement that I take when I am really stressed out.
  18. MiRmoRN

    MiRmoRN New Member

    Stress is everywhere. I just need to learn how to manage it to live a happy and healthy life. I take a deep breath (seem like a cliché) but this really helps and strongly practice positive attitude, self-discipline and composure. Having enough rest and sleep, watching funny videos, listening to calm music, talking to a trusted friend and loved ones, laughing to improve my mood, eating my favorite ice cream help to relieve my stress.
  19. Mirmel

    Mirmel New Member

    For me there's only one thing that reliably relieves stress, taking a walk. It doesn't matter where I go, the city or in nature. Just watching all the things going on around me is incredibly calming. So I take a walk pretty much everyday after work and it has not once failed to relax me. I think the combination of fresh air and some light movement does wonders for your body.
  20. Ozella Decola

    Ozella Decola Member

    To relieve stress, I go to the spa and have a massage. I also sometimes soak in the tub and put on some relaxing music
  21. chain06

    chain06 New Member

    When I'm stressed I'm doing sound trip and watching interesting movies or going outside the house even with or without money, it is so hard to divert self from stress specially when it is really heavy, so I could suggest to the readers to find whats best way to make your self relieved when you are stress, everyone are expose to stress mostly for those who are working hard to a big companies.

    Before, when in my early days of facing ''consiquences" OMG! I'm on the track to use the word "concequences" :laugh:LOL the worst part of facing stress is to drink alcohol until
    I get drunk and wasted and the problems are still there it seemed like they are yelling at me like (hey! what now?) but then somehow I don't know why I'm still alive now maybe because if I wasn't not brave enough to face those every stressed I had maybe I'm not able to be here anymore maybe because I already committed suicide LOL, but I got to divert all the stressed from time to time I learned how to deal with stressed by meditating you should have to talk to your self like your very Best friend.

    Stressed have many reasons or have many origin but all I can say just be brave in every way, just know how to deal with stress or else the most important thing is always pray there's nothing else you can do but to ask some assistance from God he always help in miraculous way. ;)
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  22. jangomante

    jangomante New Member

    "A child's smile is a heart's treasure." Have you ever notice that whenever you come home from work or when your day is disastrous, once you see your child's smile such burdens just disappear as if nothing else matter but your child only. That's the best stress reliever for me.
  23. TrisX19

    TrisX19 New Member

    There are a lot of ways to relieve stress but most of the time I hang out with my closest friends to a café to just talk about things, you know just to let out the things that stresses me. I also spend time with myself, reflecting and meditating, mostly early in the morning or before I sleep. I think about things and make sure that I would move forward by the next day. Then I often do jogging every other day, to have fresh air and relieve some stress. And sometimes I unwind by having a good relaxing massage.
  24. Rhixian

    Rhixian New Member

    We can relieve stress when we know or learn how to manage stress that fits to us. If we already knew how we can handle stress in our daily routine this will lead happier, healthier lives.
    I always try to have a positive attitude, I always look at the bright side and when things go wrong, I accept that there are events that I cannot control. When I am stressed I do relaxation like yoga which really work on my stress management. Sometimes i just want to be alone and and think how can i solve my stress problem.
    I also exercise regularly and eat healthy food and sleep 8 hours or more because our body fight stress better when it is fit.
    Spend enough time in what you enjoy like hobbies or just simply hang out and talk with your love ones.
  25. kris93castillo

    kris93castillo New Member

    Listening to love songs and singing out loud are my stress relievers.
  26. keishastake

    keishastake Member

    Stress is so dangerous. A build up of worry, sorrow, pain; etc. can literally kill you. It seems stress is unavoidable in day to day living. Bills, relationships, work, bereavement, disappointments, dissatisfaction, arrogance, news, violence, and too high expectations are all the usual suspects behind your stress. It is crazy how just in little amount of any of these can effect your brain and your heart, the two main organs in your body that sustain life.

    There are so many things that I personally do to relieve stress. My favorite stress reliever is to shop. Shopping may not seem like a typical relief of anything accept your money but for me it truly works well. When I say shopping, I mean any kind of shopping like grocery, clothes, snack, electronic, online, you name it, if it requires me to peruse an aisle or a page then I am in heaven. My good endorphins kick in and I for sure am in a most relaxed state of mind. My other stress relief is prayer and meditation. Releasing my issues in to GOD's hands and just letting him handle whatever I am going through is the best way for me to relieve stress. Thankfully, I also have good friends that I can talk to. Lastly, in relieving stress I take a walk. Being one with my environment and appreciate nature is a good way for me to unleash my stress. I have seen people take their life for granted and pay a hefty price with their health by not relieving stress. I want to live!
  27. Markm

    Markm New Member

    Stress can cause many problems not only to our health but also to our loved ones. For me stress can cause overeatting ,panic attacks, insomnia and skin problems, but it doesn't stop there, overreacting ,talking back,yelling and having a bad temper are some things that come along too.
    I have tried many remedies and pills but the results didn't last.There are very few things that actually help me when I'm streessed out : 1 is stop overthinking and controlling my emotions. Meditation is my go to, even guided meditations on youtube can help me calm down and control my emotions because for me stress is buildable and can creat panic attacks
    2 stop procrastinating and doing what I have to do on time , creating a weekly schedule is a huge stress reliever for me, of course I will have to actually do the tasks and not leave everything for the last minute.
    3 stop eating junk food specifically sugar! My number one threat when I'm stressed is sugar!!I am addicted to chocolate and all sweet things but I find myself having more panic attacks when I consume big amounts of sugar in any form drinks or sweets. Fruits, honey and nuts help me feel good about myself and body
    4 working out! Going to the gym is my favourite stress reliever because it makes me stronger and better looking, I don't have to go everyday, 3-4 times a week are enough to make me feel amazing
    5 after eating right,doing the tasks I have to do on time and going to the gym there are only two things left : drinking plenty of water and quality sleep, the last two for me are the most important!Because water is our number one need and most people don't pay enough attention in hydration, not only by drinking water but also by doing skincare routines and last but not least sleep! The best medicine to stress is a good night sleep, nothing can replace sleep, our bodies are designed that way, we relief our mind and body when we fall asleep.
  28. jalinde

    jalinde New Member

    I think as daft as it sounds I personally use computer games. Before the health guys get angry with me let me pose my argument.

    If you get to the point where you get so stressed I fire up something like overwatch, I just take whatever stress I have out on the other players Ironically I have beaten a lot of people just by unloading on them when I need to de-stress. When I didn't have a pc or console a bike ride made the world of difference so two solutions when one doesn't apply
  29. tatz1120

    tatz1120 Member

    I listen to music, especially praise songs and it always makes me feel that the Lord has been with me as always.
  30. dina830

    dina830 New Member

    Truly, when you have stress, there are several symptoms that you feel personally, I always have three symptoms that show that I am stressed, such as interrupting my sleep, I wake up constantly and it is hard for me to go back to sleep, this shows me that I am in full stress, another symptom that I feel is that when I like food badly, I do very bad digestion, for me it shows me that stress is attacking me, it is for this reason, that I start making change in my life, some of the activities that help me against exhaustion is walking makes me a lot of good, so I go for a walk for about half an hour that helps me a lot, another activity that helps me a lot is writing, when I start writing I forget everything, this really is an activity that gives me a lot of relief, helps me to concentrate on my goals, also to see my problems in another way, reconsidering my life helps me a lot to change my perspective.

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