What do you do to relieve stress?

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  1. redcontis

    redcontis New Member

    I usually sleep to relieve my stress. Sleeping helps me be relax and calm at the same time since it makes my brain to rest. The other things I do to relieve my stress is by reading stories in wattpad or manga and watching dramas since it helps me to temporarily escape from my problems. Reading stories and watching dramas helps me to be lost in the wondrous world of fiction and forget temporarily the harsh reality.
  2. FrenzieSun

    FrenzieSun New Member

    It's simple. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on reciting -- out loud or silently -- a positive mantra such as “I feel at peace” or “I love myself.” Place one hand on your belly to sync the mantra with your breaths. Let any distracting thoughts float by like clouds.
  3. ACZ

    ACZ New Member

    It's pretty easy for me to relieve stress. What I like to do is plug in my earphones and blast my music so I can block everything out and relax for a moment. Usually before that, I like to try to do everything I can to make the situation a little more easy for me by trying to organise what I need to do so I can get my head straight. I had extreme stress not long ago because I missed two days of Sixth form so I had to catch up on plenty of work and had even more work set without me knowing and I also still had to hand in a bunch of work including an essay that was due which I had not completed. On top of that, my emails wouldn't send through to my teachers so I couldn't get the work from them. After a while, I realised that I was thinking too much and was overwhelming myself because of how unorganised everything was so I stopped everything and set reminders for what needed to be done by what date and once I had done that, I did all the easy stuff that I could do within a couple minutes. Once some work was complete and more and more work was getting ticked off on my reminders, I began to relax and that's when I finished for the day relaxed while listening to music.
  4. flamefire

    flamefire New Member

    To unwind..no phones, tv, laptop allowed.most of the time, these things caused us so much stress in life.
  5. Chrysopoeia

    Chrysopoeia New Member

    I love listening to Ambiance videos on YouTube to help me unwind. It's amazing how relaxing it can be to listen to the background sounds of different places that you often don't notice when you're there yourself. As weird as it sounds, one of my favorites is the sound of a Kmart! Shopping cars rattling and easy listening on the store radio, people talking, it's oddly soothing when you take away the stress of bargain hunting. It's nice to be transported to a new place for a while.
  6. CherryNapila23

    CherryNapila23 New Member

    I manage stress depending on what caused my stress. For example, If I am stressed at work and my body is tired, I listen to the music that I love and sing along. If my students give me stress, I play a disco or a nice beat and dance to the music until I don't feel the stress anymore. This may seem an ordinary method but it really works for me. Singing and dancing releases a lot of tension from my body and it is a soothing feeling after all the negative energy has been released.
  7. carinleonardo

    carinleonardo New Member

    I get overwhelmed very easily, and sometimes the stress becomes so overbearing that it completely burns me out. However, I've found that in life, you can only get stressed out about two things: things that I can control and things that are simply beyond me.

    Things I Can Control
    Have you ever gotten stressed over an exam that's coming up? Maybe you're worried about how you can possibly execute the big project your company is about to launch? This is an example of stress that you can control. My favorite thing to do in order to relieve the stress and anxiety from the upcoming test or project is make sure I keep my planner organized and up-to-date. I particularly like making a list of smaller, more attainable tasks that I can do in order to be more prepared for the exam. Big tasks can often seem very daunting and can even cause unnecessary anxiety. Breaking it down into tasks that are easier to tackle will help break down the big problem into smaller pieces. For example, I like to include important dates, reminders, and daily tasks and goals that will help me cover all the material and stay on time.

    Things I Cannot Control
    I absolutely hate not being in control of things, but sometimes life throws you an unexpected curve ball and you have to deal with it. I can't always make lists to help me break down certain tasks because sometimes there just isn't anything to break down anymore. When things don't go your way, it's best to keep your cool and find something that can help alleviate some of the stress you're feeling.
    Personally, I absolutely love going to the gym and hitting the weights as hard as I can. The gym is my safe space and I get to put on my headphones and drown out all the noise around me. Some people meditate, some people do yoga, I love a good, loud, and sweaty gym session (followed by a nice sit in the sauna!). On days I don't want to do any physical activity, I absolutely love unwinding with a light TV show, like The Good Place, or grabbing a beer with a friend. Oh, and a nice, hearty meal is also a nice touch- I love grabbing some tacos or some mozzarella sticks with a nice sauce! Sometimes small things like a yummy scoop of ice cream to reward yourself after surviving a long day or a cup of hot tea while you settle into bed is a way to remind myself that I'm glad I've made it thus far.

    It's important to remember and embrace the fact that we can't always control everything around us. It's great to stay alert and on-top of things, but sometimes it's also good to just unwind and not stress ourselves over things that aren't worth stressing over!
  8. pristine

    pristine New Member

    To relieve stress - I just change my mindset, I just have to realized that I am too blessed to be stressed. I listen then to my favorite music, songs that encourages me when I'm down and energizes me when I feel so weak and sometimes those that calm me when I am too worried, depending on what I want to feel.
  9. elybunny

    elybunny New Member

    1. I enjoy the relaxing and my favorite music it really helps me feel relaxed and at peace
    2. I will stress eating food I eat are ice cream, chocolates, cakes, finger foods fruits and other sweet foods you can think of I just love sweets specially when I'm stress it really helps me go back to my positive aura.
    3. I draw, drawing is one of my passion I took up art related course during college, just graduated last march 2018.
    Okay when I feel so stress and wanna give up on something I just take a deep breath and get my sketchbook and pen and doodle something my hands lead me it really helps me to calm and express my feelings through doodle and sketching.
    4. Sleep, sometimes when I just feel so stress I just take a nap when I can specially when my bed is just right beside me, sleeping helps me recharge and relaxed.
  10. lockhard41

    lockhard41 New Member

    Stress can cause a lot of health issues and should definitely be released some how. I personally use several techniques. I work out every day that I can. Meditation is awesome especially if you use the guided meditation that can make you think of another place and time. Couple that with controlled breathing and it will make you feel amazing.
  11. GeorgeDr

    GeorgeDr New Member

    I find mostly two solutions work for me and might as well do for the majority of people. The first is to work out. Weight lifting or just a 25 minute run can work wonders. The main point is to just get out of your head and get in touch with your body.You can do just simple work outs in your home , but always remember a minimum of 25 minutes.Working out also actually helps release the feel-good hormones of your body.(Or so the doctors say). The second option is to do something you really like.Play an instrument,write poetry, read a book,draw something, whatever does it for you. For me that is playing guitar , but just jamming it until you can't play anymore. A bonus option is if it's available is to just talk with people you love. Like your friends or family or partner.
  12. Maryellen

    Maryellen New Member

    As much as I love weight lifting the one thing I found that is truly relaxing is cryotherapy. I make use of ice packs, ice baths and cold showers as outlined by Wim Hof who is also referred to as The Iceman. It took several months but I have reached a point that I look forward to my nightly bedtime ritual of the ice packs. During the day I keep 3 packs in the freezer and pull them out 20 minutes before bedtime. I use the one pack on my neck, one on my lower back and the 3rd on my stomach area. I also have a gel face mask that I keep in the freezer during the day with the ice packs and wear that as well.

    My ritual is simple. If I have some issue that needs to be resolved, I think about that problem before I lay down with the ice packs. Once all the ice packs are in place I think the problem over one more time and then close my eyes for a meditation. It's amazing how this simple technique calms you down as well as washes away all the stress.

    If I didn't have a stressful day I still do the ice pack ritual but think of 3 things that happened during the day that I am grateful for. It's a wonderful feeling that I liken to floating on a raft on a warm sunny day. I highly recommend this technique. Soon you'll be immune to the winter cold and be sick less often.
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  13. John0520

    John0520 Member

    I dont feel much stress but when i feel when there's one coming i play games until i feel bored, or cook and mess the kitchen or play piano and sing out loud even when im off the note. And staying happy and optimistic all the time makes me decrease the stress. Reading books also decreases my stress tensions and sometimes taking a nap will do.
  14. KIRZZ

    KIRZZ New Member

    Actually there are lots of ways to relieved or prevent stress. When I'm feeling anxious, I immediately drink a cup of coffee. It has a calming effect to me and it makes a real difference in my mood. Listening to soothing music helps too. It has a very relaxing effect on body. Nature sounds can also be very calming. This is why they're often incorporated into relaxation and meditation music. It's hard to feel anxious when your laughing, and it's good for our health. Try watching funny shows or hang out with friends or family that makes you laugh, they help you get through stressful times. Exercise regularly together with healthy diet. Your body can fight stress better when it is fit. Get enough sleep and rest, your body needs time to recover from stressful events.

    Here are some words of encouragement when you feel stressed,

    - Slow Down
    - Keep Calm
    - Be Positive
    - Take it easy
    - Enjoy Life
    - Have Fun
    - Breathe
    - Relax
  15. cupcakeglitters

    cupcakeglitters New Member

    If i'm getting anxious or really stress, sometimes i just sleep on it. Get some enough rest and sleep, watch YouTube videos, and get some time for yourself to think and reflect on your actions and why are you so stress. I listen to music, play video games, watch YouTube videos, and sometimes i do stress eating. I know it's unhealthy to do stress eating, but different people cope with different ways. But before you relax and sit back, you need to finish all the task that's causing you. So you wouldn't mind it later on, if you didn't finish it early, you would get stress again, cram all of it. But you need to remember to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

    Like what other says, YOLO (You Only Live Once)
  16. Fayye

    Fayye New Member

    It depends on what kind of stress I'm dealing with. If it's work-related and my brain feels overworked and fried, I turn to Netflix in the couch, with the obligatory glass of white wine and whole pie of pizza. If it's emotional stress, I turn to meditation. It's proved extremely helpful for re-centering my sense of self and helping me cope with emotional adversity.
  17. Olaoyin

    Olaoyin New Member

    There are ways to deal with stress, all you need is to know the exact one that provide the help you need to deal with the stress. Listening to music ( your favourite), playing games, watching movies, being around friends or love ones, or you can decide to sleep. Trust me, any of these help.
  18. jay ghansah

    jay ghansah New Member

    Stress is a broad word. There are so many ways to deal with stress and to me, what I do to relieve my stress is to sleep or to play video games. Most others find a active way of relieve their stress.
  19. maricrisleddaverano

    maricrisleddaverano New Member

    There is a lot of things that you can do to relax and fight stress. You can eat foods that you like, watch a movie, travel the world, or just listen to your favorite music.
    When I am feeling stress, I actually play with my dogs and give them a lot of kisses and hugs! And they do the same thing, as if they know that I need those. Another effective thing is I eat chocolates and ice cream, those really works for me. Going to the beach also relieves my stress. The blueness of the ocean relaxes my heart and mind, and the warmth of the sun feeds my soul. There are a lot of ways on how you can relieve your stress. You just need to know if what your heart really wants.
  20. omieast

    omieast New Member

    I got a few ways to relieve my stress based on its level and condition. I usually do workout to loosen up. Sweating refreshes and invigorates me all the time. That's my stress reliever when I work at home. Though at different times, whenever I am being pressured by a scenario or a person, I eat my comfort food. I usually eat sweets such as cakes and ice creams. Whenever I work in the office and my boss or tasks stress me out, a cup of coffee and a slice of cake is a good pair. I know workout and eating are a bit contradicting, but it really works for me. Also, when I am just chilling out, listening to music helps me set the mood.

    (photo was taken from http://picdeer.com/jakytay)
  21. Gabriellove

    Gabriellove New Member

    Stress can get anybody down, as for me listening to music makes me stress free. Watching some comedy movies also helps me a lot. And most of the time I just call my girlfriend and we talk on the phone, she makes me happy on a sad day. Sometimes taking a vacation helps a lot.
  22. omgdavee

    omgdavee New Member

    There's a lot of things to do to relieve stress. The first thing I will do is to figure out if what is the main reason of my stress before I take an action on reducing it. Stress is a normal reaction of the body has when changes occur. It can respond to these changes physically, mentally, or emotionally. Being stress has a lot of bad things that can happen or affect our body that's why we need to prevent it as soon as possible. We can do things or activity to lessen our stress by doing the things that can make us happy. Happiness has a lot to do in our body. It's the best way that I can recommend. We can be happy by eating healthy foods, go to shopping, do exercise, or doing our favorite thing. It can help our body to remove our stress. For me, the most helpful thing I did when i'm stressed is listening to music and I always make sure that I had an enough sleep. These thing really help to lessen my stress.
  23. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    I usually listens to music all day. Nowadays, I'm staying at home and when I feel i need to relieve my stress, i'm "stress-eating" eventually and watch movies.
  24. lyryhs

    lyryhs New Member

    Someone introduced yoga to me. So I started to practice yoga to relieve pressure from the outside world. I'm not flexible enough and I need to find a yoga instructor . I'm not really into it so I gave up on learning. Then, I've decided to do what really interests me. I started hiking with few friends and became a mountaineer. I am immersed in a naturally calming environment, and the ability to relax away from the hustle and bustle of my busy life! Aside from hiking, I meditate. I'm living in the countryside so I often do it beside our farm. I sit up straight with both feet of the ground. I focus on positive thoughts just like " I feel at peace". Meditating regularly can make you optimistic. It is easy for me to deal with stress!
  25. diannekaytolentino

    diannekaytolentino New Member

    Every time I'm stress out I always find time to be selfish. By having a body massage, going to the beach, listening to my favorite music, I lay down for hours, reading books, waking in the park and travelling alone. Ever one of us need to distress and have a me time.

    Having a time alone or with your family is a good stress reliever. You just need to find something you like to do.
  26. kevinjohn1

    kevinjohn1 New Member

    for me, relieving stress is doing what I want to do, and that falls into my hobbies. Listening to Gospel music, reading the bible, playing with my baby, cuddling with my wife, watching movies and most and foremost sleeping. this are the things that makes me relieve my stress after a long day. we all have a stressful days, but doing what we want to do makes us relieved.
  27. astraherondale

    astraherondale New Member

    I either distract myself from my stressor, such as by watching lighthearted dramas, singing, playing with my pets, or by channeling the negative energy to do something productive like arranging musical pieces or accomplishing work.
  28. redj

    redj New Member

    To relieve stress, one of my way is to have a night out with my friends after work. I think that helps me a lot to unwind. And also eating a bar of chocolate, it also helps me to relax, as I read in a blog, eating chocolates can reduced stress.
  29. jizel marie

    jizel marie New Member

    Over the years, I have practiced a number of stress-relieving activities in order to cope with the daily demands of school and work life. However, I will focus on the top 3 activities that I usually revert to after a stressful day.

    On top of the list is walking. I would usually walk 1-2 kilometers to take my mind off of the problem. I believe it's not just the act of walking that is beneficial but also, having a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air allows your mind to shift to a state of peace. Moreover, while walking, I also put on a pair of headphones to isolate myself from the noisy city and so I can listen to music with upbeat tunes or calming acoustics. Thus, making listening to music as my top 2 stress-reliever.

    Lastly, I don't usually turn into this but meditation is one of the very effective techniques that makes me mentally present and provides an atmosphere of calmness.
  30. superlengka

    superlengka New Member

    "STRESS" i often heard this word. In my everyday routine especially going to work when I was stuck in the traffic jam it's really stressing me out, i just put my earphone and listen to my favorite music.
    A lot of things gives us so much stress but learning to calm down and giving our mind a little time to relax can be rewarding in many ways to relieve my stress i often go to spa, go biking and swimming.

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