What do you do to relieve stress?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gloryontheway, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Desi0619

    Desi0619 New Member

    To relieve stress I normally read on my kindle. There's nothing more relaxing to me than immersing myself into a great novel. It removes all the outside stress because I have a story to focus on, something that needs told.
  2. SweetPoetry77

    SweetPoetry77 New Member

    Writing helps me to relieve stress because it helps me to unravel what is going on in my life by writing it on paper. It is easier for me to talk about issues through writing first because it allows me to calm down before handling issues. I try not to be angry or frustrated when I have to meet with people but sometimes it does not work. Prayer is always a good way to go too.
  3. CrystalMarie

    CrystalMarie New Member

    For the past 6 months, I have been on a spiritually journey. One of my goals is to lower my stress levels because I tend to stress about minor things. Meditation has helped me become more in tune with controlling my emotions and balancing my stress. I have to meditate day and night for at least thirty minutes. When I am finished, I feel refreshed and stress-free! Also, I like to enjoy books about personal development. They allow me to realize that my stressing problem can be solved.
  4. Tobi-Lynn

    Tobi-Lynn New Member

  5. Tobi-Lynn

    Tobi-Lynn New Member

    To relieve stress I do a variety of things. Yoga and meditation both help me a great deal, as does going for walks along the lake in my area. I practice mindfulness as I walk around. This is sometimes easier said than done! I also like to deep breath from my diaphragm because it helps get more oxygen to my brain. Sitting in my papasan chair in my home office with a cup of green tea and reading a mystery novel is also a fantastic stress buster for me, especially when my cat curls up contentedly beside me. The chair is big enough to fit both of us.
  6. SicariusX

    SicariusX New Member

    There are primarily 2 modes for me to relieve stress- writing and exercising.

    As unlikely as this sounds (especially in this day and age), I still keep a diary. However, 'diary' may not be the best term to use here as I do not keep daily entries and would only turn to it when I'm feeling down and upset. All of us need an outlet where we could post our unfiltered thoughts. For some, it may be through blogging and as for me, I love being able to literally pen down my thoughts.

    Exercising also allows me to deal with stress better. Studies have shown that exercising boosts serotonin level, which is essential for regulating moods and making us able to feel good about ourselves.
  7. Aag2393

    Aag2393 New Member

    I've never met a normal person who does not stress over something in life. For me, I will do many tasks to relieve stress depending on the day. Some days I will do yoga, other days I will go on a walk, and others I will work in the garden (which I do everyday to begin with). It's most important to step back and just enjoy the beauty of life. This school year I started my nursing pre requisites. This in itself is stressing, but can be stress relieving. I am learning so much about life and the human body. This gives me a greater appreciation for life. It is so mysterious and magical that little things do not really bother me as much.
  8. diane pawlick

    diane pawlick New Member

    Music helps me to relieve stress. Friends of mine swear by massages, but I find music is just as good. Also I am able to take a nice vacation with the money I save from not getting them. Killing two birds with one stone has always been my motto.
  9. Stella22

    Stella22 New Member

    Lately I have been very stressed out - getting headaches and my neck and shoulders were always tight. I know that exercise is great for relieving stress and so I started using my elliptical at home, but it really wasn't helping all that much. Then my husband suggested going for a walk after he gets home from work. That really did wonders for my stress. Sometimes we talk and other times just walk in silence. I find that having someone to vent to combined with being outside in the sun helps alleviate my stress.
  10. Hakudemus

    Hakudemus New Member

    As weird as it sounds, I like watching certain YouTube videos of people doing tedious things with their hands. Especially if the person in the video has a relaxing voice or even better, a foreign accent. There's this TV painter from 80's called Bob Ross, his show with his mellow voice is extremely relaxing to watch and listen to!
  11. Le Minh Chau

    Le Minh Chau Member

    Music can relieve the stress easily and most conveniently . Besides , people can do some other works to reduce the
    fatigue of spirit according to their present situations . Choose what you can do .
  12. icm871

    icm871 New Member

    I lift weights to relieve stress. I feel like any form of fitness is a very good stress reliever. Fitness allows you to set goals for yourself and once you start meeting your goals theres no better feeling.
  13. healthandfitness

    healthandfitness New Member

    There are so many ways to relieve stress, but I can think of a few good ones:
    • Punching Bag
    • Screaming into a pillow
    • Intense exercise
    • Sex
    • Good Music
    • Funny Movies/TV Show
    Any and all of these things seem to help stop stress in its tracks in my world!

    ~Good Health To You!
  14. 4thelovofwrds

    4thelovofwrds New Member

    I tend to separate myself from others, find alone time for myself. I would then massage my forehead, and take deep breaths. Sometimes I would do a quite 5 minute stretch or exercise, just to get my blood flowing which helps me to calm down and reflect on something positive.
  15. Ashley Rose

    Ashley Rose New Member

    I have several favorite stress relievers in my life including martial arts and running, but yoga is by far my favorite stress healer. Yoga recommends focusing on your breathing and being present. If you can do this, even if it's for an hour in the course of your busy, stressful day, you can feel briefly what it's like to stop anticipating stress and to just "let go." The cognitive change experienced by being able to do this helps our minds and bodies understand that stress is mostly caused by worrying outside of the present, or rather, by focusing too much on the worries of the past or future. When we can remain present with our task(s) at hand, we will spend more energy getting things done and less energy stressing over things we cannot or will not change.
  16. dylr88

    dylr88 New Member

    I love to play video games, it keeps my mind off things that made me stress, or watch tv, if not that, then I lie in bed and listen to my favourite songs, either the ones I got or some songs on YouTube, and just closed my eyes and simply rest.

    Another thing I do is eat fruits, grapes and strawberries are my favourite, I just love the taste and I feel relaxed eating them.

    Sometimes I do Yoga, or listen to meditation techniques using applications I download over the internet, stay in my bedroom relax and listen. After doing them I feel at ease, the stress seems to go away and I feel lightened up again.
  17. emmygrace

    emmygrace New Member

    When I'm stressed about most things I clean the house. I work very quickly and am able to stomp around and get out all my frustrations. By the time I've blown off enough steam to have a better perspective the house is clean and things look brighter. When I'm stressed about personal things like not living up to the person I want to be or disappointments of life, I spend some alone time, often going for a drive to clear my head. My ideal weather for a stressed day is a rainy, overcast, grey day. I don't like when my mood doesn't match with the weather, like if it is a beautiful, sunny day but I'm feeling down.
  18. Cza1220

    Cza1220 New Member

    My number one stress reliever would have to be yoga. In preparation, I drink lots of water to not only hydrate my body but water is also proven to increase our body's stress hormone which is cortisol. Next, I play a relaxing music. I usually use nature sounds such as chirping birds, slow beach waves, wind in trees - anything that would take my mind off the city life. In doing yoga, I make sure to breathe deeply to calm my mind and to replenish my body with much needed oxygen to help my vital organs fight stress.
  19. ooglepunk

    ooglepunk New Member

    To be perfectly honest the best thing to relieve stress for me is to go down to the den, put on my smoking jacket and fez. Pour a sniffer of scotch and light a cedarillo cigar and just remind myself that life is too short to be stressed out all the time.

    One thing that drives me up the wall is when my maid leaves those little fibres from dusting all around on the wood furniture. It drives me up the wall even more than my wife and her Valium habbit. These are the things that drive me to madness.
  20. KittyKat11

    KittyKat11 New Member

    I try sticking to a routine to relieve stress rather than waiting until it peaks. I am not too great at handling stress once it hits me, as even my favorite hobbies become uninteresting for me. I know no one is perfect so I cannot avoid stress as much as I wish I could. So I use healthy eating, exercise and daily meditation. Altogether, these three keep me motivated and feeling great. Anytime I feel stress coming in I just do a little extra exercise and meditation and it usually takes care of it.
  21. vessy

    vessy New Member

    I practice yoga, for me personally it's the best way to relive the stress.
  22. Good old walking. I love to walk because it is relaxing, inexpensive and healthy. If you are fortunate enough to live near a park or nature trail, the view of the trees or children playing can add an extra level of relaxation. I find that I am so busy looking around that for a moment, I completely forget whatever it was that was bogging me down. I make sure to take at least a half an hour walk every day and I am healthier and happier for it.
  23. Chris R.

    Chris R. New Member

    There are different types of stress, and as such the way I cope with it fluctuates depending on a number of factors like my personal mood, how much energy I have, and what sort of social dynamics I will have during that period of time. These days, I try to shape my stress into a more positive thing. Work can be tough, so often I'll work out heavily to get the frustrations out of my body. Other days, I will be more tired and overwhelmed, and indeed be more compelled to drink a few shots of whiskey. The best stress relief though, truly, comes from being able to go out with my friends. Checking out a new movie at the cinema, going to a bar, to just lounging around and doing nothing in particular. Stress is a complicated thing, and I'm always searching to better myself and cope with it in effective ways.
  24. Dmnds3

    Dmnds3 New Member

    I relieve stress by going to the gym. Nothing is more stress relieving than lifting some heavy weights. I also believe running is good therapy. It clears my mind up.
  25. NMB

    NMB New Member

    To destress, I take a deep breath and remember I am blessed to be on this earth for the time that I am here. I try and focus on my breath, remember with every breath in and breath out, that I am here for a purpose. Knowing I am here for a reason truly calms me down.
  26. MorningGlory06

    MorningGlory06 New Member

    I find that exercising is a big help in relieving my stress. I feel great when I exercise and have no room to let any negative thoughts in because I'm doing something I love to do so much. Another stress relief for me is window shopping at arts & crafts stores. When I am window shopping I am distracted by so many interesting possibilities of creating new & useful things I forget what stressed me out in the first place. One thing that certainly gets my stress level down is knitting. Knitting gives me something to concentrate on rather than stressing out about something I have no control over at the time. I'm not a pro knitter so it takes every bit of concentration I have, leaving no time for worry. As a young adult I used to write a lot of poetry to relieve stress. Friends would see me quietly excuse myself, and disappear with a pen and pad. They had an understanding that it was just my way, and I would return shortly. It really does help to write things down when you have something on your mind, even if you never share it with a soul.
  27. OceanCurt

    OceanCurt New Member

    Due to many factors that can contribute to high stress it is imperative that we devise a plan to deal with stress in a healthy manor.

    My top 3 things that help me relieve stress keep my life in a balance!

    1. Surfing - I try to go out surfing at least once a week to cool off in the ocean. The ocean breeze and crashing waves help relieve all the work related stress that tends to build up.

    2. Friends - My friends are great to hang out with when i am feeling sad or super stressed out. Its always good to get your laughs in with some friends.

    3. Exercise - By working out at least three times a week it keeps my body in good shape. Eating and exercising right will help keep you happy and healthy thus leading to lower stress levels.

    In addition to these stress relieving techniques I also focus hard on eliminating stressful people and antics out of my life for good. Life is too short to be pestered by negative, stressful, annoyances that you can control.

    Do good for yourself!

  28. Bonnie Pollard

    Bonnie Pollard New Member

    At some point, we have to take a good long look at what is stressing us out, and ask ourselves" Is this really worth it?" It could be a job, a person in our life, or some situation we got ourselves into, leaving us feeling so stressed. I personally, don't feel there is anything more important than my health. If I stay in a situation that is causing me stress, it never gets any better. I have to remove myself from the cause to get any real relief. I understand this is easier said then done, but the results are well worth it! At the end of our lives, when we look back, the decisions we make regarding this subject will determine how we feel about how we have lived.
  29. RPM0115

    RPM0115 New Member

    Yoga really helps me relieve stress, it takes a lot of focus and it's all about balance.
  30. camella wallace

    camella wallace New Member

    Whenever I am stress , I know it's time for me to turn the music up,grab my ropes and start skipping to the beat; then I'll take a hot bath using my lavender oil which soothes and gives me great peace of mind. On other occasions i will just grab a novel and get lost in another world.

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