What do you do to relieve stress?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gloryontheway, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Dipper

    Dipper New Member

    As a college student, stress is part of my daily life. The study loads I got from all of my subjects not to mention that majority of it are quite hard for me are my number one stressors. As a student I can't really dodge this stressors, all I can do is adjust its impact to me. The things I do to relieve stress is one, take long walks. Walking especially in the city calms my mind. The site, people, cars that I am seeing during I will have my "stress walk" give peace of mind. Next is to eat. No shame but food indeed relieve stress effectively. Food that are savory or cold mostly calm my nerves and help subside the stress I am feeling.
  2. sydbeyer

    sydbeyer New Member

    For me, exercise is the best form of instant stress relief. Endorphins do amazing things for your mind and body, and I really enjoy the feeling I get after a particularly good workout. When I don't have time to head to the gym or its too dark go for a run, I turn to music or some quick breathing exercises.
    For long term stress relief I focus on my daily physical health. I try to keep my room clean and organized, drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. I was astounded at how drinking more water made me feel much less grumpy and stressed. It's so simple, yet so easy to forget! If you're feeling very stressed, try drinking a tall glass of cold water and eating a healthy meal. Your gut has a huge impact on your mental health, and you'd be surprised at how eating a few healthy meals can impact your stress levels.
  3. jing1920

    jing1920 New Member

    Being confined in the four walls of the operating room for at least 8 hours a day for 5 days in a week, I prefer to manage my stress by spending a reasonable amount of time in the outdoors. This may be done through running, hiking or just simply walking along the river banks to take my mind off of whatever is bothering me.

    As mentioned, when I have the luxury of time such as having 2-3 days off from work, I would travel to a town which is a 2-hour jeep ride away from where I live. This town showcases mountains where amateur hikers like me would opt to hike. I believe that every time I spend my days there, in the heart of nature and away from the buzzing city life, I get to retune my mind and come back to work with a fresher and more enthusiastic vibe.

    However, when I tend to be busier than usual, I try to sneak in a morning run along the rice fields which have less passing vehicles and at the same time, less smog than the highways.
  4. riza1210

    riza1210 New Member

    When I get stress, I go outside walk around and find what to eat, eating like icecream can relieve my stress. Sometimes I just want with my boyfriend and tell everything the reason why Im stress rigt now. Or when Im alone I just listening to acoustic music.
  5. JovanaSimic

    JovanaSimic New Member

    Dancing. It's a great combination of sport and art so you get the best from each. Physical activity helps in production of serotonin which stabilizes your mood and art is a great way of expressing yourself and letting your stress out in process.
  6. lovelyknows

    lovelyknows New Member

    To relieve my stress, I do and try a lot of things. Like for example, I eat different kind of food to different places. I have a happy tummy and at the same time I intent to discover new places. Second, I really do hiking and rock climbing when I'm stressed. You can easily forget the reasons why you are stressed because all you can feel at this moment is the wind that enveloping you for every steps you take.You can forget your problems because all you could think is how beautiful, amazing and great the nature is. And know what, you will forget everything once you reached the summit and see everything at the top. You dont have to drink and smoke or do things that will harm yourself or other people just to relieve your stress. All you have to do is to enjoy life and forget the negativity around you.
  7. Markjim

    Markjim Member

    As a student it is very common for us to experience stress. Actually I have an experienced on it last year that really brought me in a very hard situation. And the things that I do is always make myself busy and do everything that makes me happy.
  8. gconcha

    gconcha New Member

    I have tried meditation lately and it works for me. There are lots of times that I am stressed because of overthinking.
    Sometimes my thoughts seem to overwhelm me that it gives me anxiety and I really don't like feeling that way. I sit down and try to focus and think about nothing, or just try to relax my mind while I am being aware of the way that I breathe. I could say that it helped me. Having a few minutes for myself and meditating helped me clear out my mind of unnecessary things to think about.
  9. dandybratz

    dandybratz New Member

    I like to play my piano, read books, take a walk, meditate, take a warm bath and listen to music. I am also able to relieve stress when I talk to someone about my stress.
  10. sweetpick

    sweetpick New Member

    Sipping a glass of fresh juice on my recliner and listening to soul-tapping music is my way of relieving stress. Music is the most powerful and natural way to relieve stress that is proved for ages.
  11. Kateryna

    Kateryna New Member

    More and more discussions are dedicated to the amount of stress people experience nowadays, but unfortunately not many admit that the major stress is caused by our enormous attachment to various electronic devices. We are constantly connected and even enjoy being bothered every other minute by text messages, Facebook alerts, Instagram posts from all over the world. To unwind and get disconnected seems stressful. The moment there is a short blackout or some malfunction with one's router, most of the people I know start panicking. Going camping where there would be no electricity and/or Internet connection and WiFi starts from gathering all possible batteries, Internet sticks, checking out cell phone plans and the Internet coverage just because of the fear to be forgotten by the world as such. The intensive urge to be constantly visible, seemingly important - this is the major cause of modern stress. Disconnect from your devices. Get yourself a real book printed on real paper, not an electronic one. Smell the pages and read. Slowly. Enjoying the meaning of what you are reading. And the stress will fade away.
  12. BrinaPresley

    BrinaPresley New Member

    I usually like to clean my house to relieve stress. To be honest there is nothing better than having a clean house. Plus, the exercise you do while you're cleaning releases endorphins into your system that gives you a natural high!
  13. wilbertbarrientos

    wilbertbarrientos New Member

    Stress is one of the things that each one of us must handle carefully. I relieve stress by first relaxing myself. Having a quick review of the things that i have done in a single day and taking a deep breath and release pressure. I watch my favorite series, dramas or everything else that goes on my laptop or tv that can be watched. I buy or make a good food that makes me relax. Often it is milk tea or hot chocolate or hot coffee. I also like having exercise such as walking or jogging so that not only my mind handle stress but my body as well. I like playing with my little sister because it gives me the feeling of child again. As we all know children are the humans in the world that experience less stress because they just play and play until they get tired and fall to sleep. haha
  14. rajabhatti

    rajabhatti New Member

    In my personal experience and daily routine life, I have such a large number of pressure help regimens that it's a ponder that I get worried by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously, the issue with pressure is that regardless of what one does to dispose of it, some way or another pressure dependably sneaks back in. For me, the safeguard and best piece of aversion are taking customary strolls outside without anyone else's input. I additionally stroll on a treadmill for wellbeing and I locate that both are restorative. As I would see it, taking ordinary strolls outside independent from anyone else just puts everything in context and helps the pressure simply dissolve away. Following a moment or two of strolling in a recreation center, I begin to see the untamed life and the sounds and scents and quit seeing the insignificant things that are causing pressure.

    Obviously, there are loads of approaches to managing pressure and at times managing pressure isn't as basic as great music or a beverage or a stroll in the recreation center. It's imperative to likewise comprehend and recognize the reason or wellspring of the pressure on the off chance that you truly need to manage it or freed yourself of the negative impacts of the pressure.

    So also, Tea, is a standout amongst other naturals soothes, in my nation where we have a great many restorative herbs, that one is great, when I'm focused on I take my tea, I do breathing activities, individuals don't realize how great breathing is vital, filling your lungs legitimately can go far, sun treatment is another great choice, take a gander at the sun at a young hour early in the day , the initial 11 seconds that ascents, look specifically, that is characteristic energizer , and shouldn't something be said about to stay in contact with nature, when was the last time that you enjoyed a reprieve in the recreation center and tuned in to those winged creatures, and take a gander at those gigantic trees and respect their quality through time, through the seasons, regardless, the appropriate responses are there, we neglect to glance around. Great vibes.
  15. luv2xacosta

    luv2xacosta New Member

    Whenever I feel stress, the first thing I do is listening to music. It makes me calm, relax my senses. Listening to music can me forget my problems sometimes. Sometimes if music is not enough to relive my stress, I exercise because they said that exercise also helps to clear our mind and release all the toxins in our body.

    I also love to bake because whenever I bake some cookies or other pastries it makes me happy especially when I smell those baked foods. It lightens my day as well whenever I heard a compliment from my relatives and friends that they like my baked goods.
  16. agbuyarashel

    agbuyarashel New Member

    Stress is a normal phenomenon that we experience from time to time. Some of us even get to the point of being depressed. I know it too well because I've been there. What I can only say about it is that Life is too short. Let's not waste our precious time and emotion onto something that will never go. Let's just accept and embrace it, enjoy life and never let stress to limit your full potential. God bless you all.
  17. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    My stress medicine is music and singing dancing you wont able to feel the stress when you taking up this medicine happy life thats is all about.
  18. maryloida

    maryloida New Member

    Just Relax and play some upbeat music and start to dance, enjoy every rhythm of the music and have fun don't thing about the things or the person that stressed you.

    You can also have a videoke session with your friends and family to release the pressure on your heart and mind.

    Or if you are not energetic you can also try to write or paint, watch videos of cute dogs and cats on the internet.
  19. neil15

    neil15 New Member

    Not too worry of the problems in life and pray to God to give me strength are my my ways to manage stress.
  20. Nethmanila

    Nethmanila New Member

    My way in relieving my stress is by listening to a mellow musics and going to massage spa. It makes my body relax and refresh again.
  21. Aharb1410

    Aharb1410 New Member

    A lot of my stress comes from the day of work I had that day. The gym at night helps me to take my aggression out. Not only is it good for my body, but it clears my mind out too.
  22. mizshmaster

    mizshmaster New Member

    you can relieve stress by doing the things that you love or by trying out new things. you can also attend dance class,listen to your favorite music,go get a vacation or hang out with your friends that way you'll be happy and your stress will be relieve.
  23. babyishii29

    babyishii29 New Member

    When I am stressed, I usually do music therapy. Travelling and Having coffee with friends are also stress relievers. The more you laugh with friends the more you forget problems. For females, shopping can help.
  24. Jasonkirt

    Jasonkirt New Member

    for me to get rid of stress for fun and forget about your problems and sparks like vacation vacations in another area or city and you can enjoy your pets like a dog and do what you do like listening to music and watching and televisions of these tips will help as much as I am doing is very helpfu
  25. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    What I do to relieve stress is go to the gym and workout and I love to run. There is just something about those two things that just put me in a great mood and I feel wonderful after doing them which carries over into the next day. I can definitely tell the difference if I don't work out for a few days, I can be real edgy and grumpy because I let the stress of life get to me to much. So I workout and run to relieve my stress.
  26. angie828

    angie828 New Member

    I like to use essential oils for stress. Lavender is my favorite. It smells so good and really does help to calm me down. I also like to do deep breathing as this helps to focus my body. Reading is another great thing that works for me, or spending time with my husband or my cats.
  27. dwill277

    dwill277 New Member

    To relieve stress, I usually sleep. I find being unconscious helps me worry less. But when that isn't an option I like to draw, listen to happy music, or play my favorite games on the computer. It also helps me to go talk to my friends who live with me about the thing making me worry as they usually have good advice and words of encouragement.

    It is important to find out what is creating stress in your life as well. Sometimes distracting yourself with things that make you happy isn't the answer if the situation is something that needs to be solved. I believe the first step to relieving stress is eradicating it and then allowing yourself to relax. For example, if I have a big paper coming up, the only way I will be truly stress-free is finishing it. From there, I can let my mind ease itself and practice self-care until the next due date.
  28. kodakan

    kodakan New Member

    What I usually do to relieve myself of stress is I do long walks. I really calms me down especially when I am alone. I turn off my phone and start walking , just walking. Sometimes I just stopped to quench my thirst with water and then go ahead walking.When I was younger I used to drink beer to relieve my stress but since I am getting on in years I have to cut down on alcoholic drinks and just stick to water. When I feel tired already, I go home eat a light dinner and then go to sleep.
  29. jojosef29

    jojosef29 New Member

    If I want to relieve stress specially when I'm stress with my husband, I like to go out with my friends and hanging out with them as a housewife I don't have time to hangout with them because I need to take care of my children and doing household chores. I also like to cook to relieve stress cooking for me is not a household chores its my hobby.
  30. Elmae1976

    Elmae1976 New Member

    To relieve stress I always go out with my friends and family. I talk to them a lot it was a nice feeling that you are enjoying with the company of your loved ones. I make sure to eat out and watch movies with them.

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