What do you do to relieve stress?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gloryontheway, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Dauskivo

    Dauskivo New Member

    I am very close to God. If Iam stress, I will kneel down and just talk to hin. I always ask for his guidance and protection. I also meditate whenever I am stress. I just close my eyes and thinking about happy thoughts.
  2. sb30163

    sb30163 New Member

    A very stressing question ,friend. I generally treat stress as the nature’s signal for us to stop for a while and refresh. When a computer gets confused with crisscrossed commands and operation ,it also ceases responding.

    The best way that I do is always like this in order ; Pause, deep breaths, contemplation,leave or stay in the work area. If stress is severe, leave the stressful area, find a fresher and conducive area where I can relax, have body stretching; massage of the forehead,temporal area ,chest,etc.; relax,cold drinks, GET OFF the frenzied mind, take a nap or sleep, and that’s it.

    When I get relaxed, I’ll then divert my mind to other enjoyable and light activities ; I may talk to someone ,play with kids, flag down an ice cream vendor, and keep my real time mind out of the exploding mind.I may then have some analysis ,strategies, rectification,and the decision if I can start again and get back to the stressful area, REFRESHED.

    When I want longer hibernation, I prefer walking to the veggie farm and wallow there for some hours.Being closer to nature is my best way in having a fresh start. I may also leave some jobs for tomorrow so as to have a longer “out of the frenzied mind” moment.

    Sometimes I’ll have some minutes of conversation to some not so busy buddies, visit a relative in the roster ,travel to a nearby town, hang out in a mall and get cooled there with my family for a day, window shop, get satiated with much different foods and drinks,etc.

    Facing this monitor takes more of my rest time .I enjoy watching old concerts, space exploration topics ,DIYs ; scan the trivia of any sort, have Quora Q&A,and more.

    Thanks for this refreshing one,ms Penny Polokoff. Nice day always…
  3. Osamah7

    Osamah7 New Member

    Stress can be very dangerous to our health. Fortunately, I rarely get stressed which is definitely a positive! However, when I do get stressed, I have found that the following tips will definitely help to reduce it:

    1. Always think on the bright side. We usually become stressed due to something negative occurring in our lives. When this happens, we should always think about those worse off than us and be thankful that we at least are not in that position. Thinking on the bright side at all times has helped me tremendously and I hope it helps you!
  4. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    I relieve stress by listening to music, watching funny videos, by excercising and by playing with my friends. I do work outs also so that your body could relieve the stress out.
  5. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    I cuddle with my dog. My dog "Pups", for me, he can provide an excellent social support, stress relief, and other health benefits perhaps more than people.
  6. gerrynepo

    gerrynepo New Member

    What is my stress reliever? My Answer is Listen to Music, Why?
    Because Listening in music can give you a relaxing feelings. And music can easily set up your mood, When you hear your favorite song, and you will sing and realize you are out of tune, that is really really fun and amazing.:):laugh:
  7. Teezoe74

    Teezoe74 New Member

    My dog is my friend and therapy. Sasha which is a large bulldog helps me relax and stay calm. She can sometimes sense when I'm sad, depressed, or stressed, she will lay next to me and keep me company. Also drinking Chamomile tea and taking short walks out in nature helps a lot. From what I've read online stress is unhealthy and we should try to avoid it.
  8. ynel03

    ynel03 Member

    I relieve my stress by reading Bible and praying to GOD.
  9. Rechgaming

    Rechgaming New Member

    One of the best thing to do to relieve stress for me is to walk or run to a quiet place. We might did not know that stress is one of the factors that can cause suicide or death of any human being. Stress is one of our biggest enemy of our life so we should learn to cope with it . We all admit it or not , everyday we encounter stress and it affects all of our wholebeing or family. If I felt tired and hopeless(stress in other term) I will find a quiet place for me to help my self release all the negative energy I have. And I will empty my mind full of fears, hatred and doubts.
  10. prateek22

    prateek22 New Member

    To relieve stress I go out and gather some friends, buy some snacks and enjoy with my friends to forget whatever is causing stress and take a brake from the tension which is making me depressed.
  11. JasonBumgartner

    JasonBumgartner New Member

    I'd always love to sleep like a baby everyday. For me, taking on the stress head on really helps me. I make it a point to confront my problems directly. Whether it's an issue with a love one or co-worker, it's better to talk things over and work it out. These things are within your control and it's better to resolve it rather than letting it linger.
  12. 1jayem6

    1jayem6 New Member

    Stress is the most problem of people nowadays. But one way to relieve stress is don't overthink too much stay calm. Stop for a while. Breath. Inhale, Exhale. And start doing what you're doing calmly.
  13. Sandman14

    Sandman14 New Member

    I put on my playlist that includes Lana Del Rey and Thank You Next. Also I may just do some yoga and relax. Pull your self away from the situation that is causing you stress and do not go back till your ready to face it.
  14. mcmLiyamcm

    mcmLiyamcm New Member

    I often get stressed when I am doing things the same things constantly. What triggered my stress is boredom of doing repetitive tasks, so that most sensible way is to always find something to learn. But I don't do things for are really adventurous as it also brings anxiety to me. Writing my feelings and reflecting on my issue also help me get a better perspective. Avoiding caffeine and sugary food also helps me feel better.
  15. healthyfit07

    healthyfit07 New Member

    Stress is really a problem of the modern lifestyle.
    To relieve stress for Long-Term practice YOGA and MEDITATION.
    For a Short-Term effect play with babies and children and keep Pets at your home. Pets and Babies are found to be an excellent stress reliever.
    Be Happy.
  16. nicotinecat

    nicotinecat New Member

    Music is my go-to stress reliever. Whenever I feel pressured, I just plug in my earphones and choose a good song to listen to. Once the music starts playing, I eventually feel a sense of relief and my day starts to take a good turn. Music really does heal, it's good accompaniment for any type of mood you're having.
  17. elirosebascon1111

    elirosebascon1111 New Member

    I go out to have exercise. It might seem contradictory, but putting physical stress on our body through exercise can relieve mental stress. The benefits are strongest when you exercise regularly. People who exercise regularly are less likely to experience anxiety than those who don't exercise. Exercise can also improve our sleep quality, which can be negatively affected by stress and anxiety.
  18. kazthered

    kazthered New Member

    I paint my nails and listen to music. It helps me to focus on my tiny canvases and stimulates my creative side. Also, I play with my dog. Just seeing her pretty face around puts a smile on mine.
  19. Lawy

    Lawy New Member

    I find the source of the stress. If it's someone whom I've had a misunderstanding with I simply approach them and try to work things out. If things don't work out, I let things be. After which I listen to music, hangout with friends, dance, sing and stay happy.
  20. RonnieG

    RonnieG New Member

    Regular exercise and meditation helps me deal with my day to day stress.
  21. KatBcat

    KatBcat New Member

    Breathing exercises combined with meditation. Also, a walk in the park and being around nature helps a lot. Good music or a funny movie paired with a beer always works for me.
  22. mblaster

    mblaster New Member

    it varies for everyone, for me, it is to share about what troubles me to someone who is close and be open to suggestions. we don't always make the best choice of decision when we are stressed and this is something if not dealt with properly is going to affect all of your relationships, so instead of unconsciously taking it ou ton someone its better to confide with some kind of trusted counselor.
  23. Victorolamide

    Victorolamide New Member

    was you find out you are a little bit tire and stressful ,you just have to take some shower ,then after relax a little then take a time to listen to music.
  24. ryzitro

    ryzitro New Member

    I do a lot of sleeping and eating whenever I experience stress. I also listen to classical music to relax. If your stress level is so high, you might need someone to help you. Do not overthink those things that stresses you. Just leave it there for a while, and think of a resolve to relieve yourself.
  25. jsoriano10

    jsoriano10 New Member

    People respond differently to stress and have various ways in managing it. I personally cope with stress by eating my comfort food like ice cream and milk tea, and by talking to someone close to me. I also do stress eating and usually eat twice as much as I would normally consume in one meal. I do also listen to lyrically uplifting songs.

    For long term distressing, I normally would go on leave for at least a week and travel overseas, away from all the triggers and stressors. This is beneficial especially to those people who are already burnt-out and emotionally exhausted which could eventually take a toll on the overall well-being of the person.

    Please keep in mind that your mental health is as important as your physical health.
  26. gwennuuuh

    gwennuuuh New Member

    My main thing to lessen my stress is crying it out. It makes me feel that I withdraw my stress in my mind and body and think that everything will be alright. Crying for me is a therapy.
  27. fermar15

    fermar15 New Member

    I relieve my stress by playing songs. Sometimes after a busy stressful day, I listen to some music that I always listening to. My playlist are vary in different genres but if the day is too stressful, I just stick on some alternative rock songs. Yes it seems weird since the genre is not relaxing on what are you thinking of but I really love this genre and it can relieve my stress.
  28. Thiaf

    Thiaf New Member

    After a very long day, I love to do yoga poses to relieve all the stress I got from all the works I needed to do the whole day. It feels so good to stretch out all the negativities from your body while listening to a meditation music as well. It helps me sleep better too.
  29. cgadalla13

    cgadalla13 New Member

    I have discovered the Honest Guys on YouTube. They provide guided meditations. I found myself struggling with anxiety and depression so I started doing research. Breathing exercises are also helpful. I tried to stay away from prescription medication because of the crazy side effects associated. Guided meditations can help you relax or fall asleep at night if you have trouble sleeping. I would highly recommend giving it a try.
  30. singmimi2

    singmimi2 New Member

    As we know, there are many things one can do to relieve stress. My personal favorites are as follows:
    Walking to me is invigorating and relaxing. Also getting fresh air is a plus.
    Watching a movie and sipping some tea is also very nice and soothing.
    3-Foot soaking
    Last but not least, soaking my feet filled with warm water and Epsom Salts is another nice way to wind
    down a stressful day.
    I love these and so many more options because they work great at least for me.

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