What do you do to relieve stress?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gloryontheway, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Philix

    Philix New Member

    I'm a big, lanky galoot born on a rough inner city housing estate (Projects) and from a family of tough, perpetually arguing London-Irish construction workers, so I was deeply cynical at what yoga could ever do for me.

    Boy was I so very, very wrong.

    Between that and getting my previously sedentary chair-shaped frame into trail running I have been deeply chuffed to have experienced the phenomenal de-stressing that comes from runners highs and yoga induced tranquility.
  2. Heather Gilmore

    Heather Gilmore New Member

    To relieve stress, I do a lot of different things. It typically depends on what I am stressed about, what situation I am in, what resources I have around me, how much time I have, and lots of other things.

    Here are some of the things that I do to relieve stress:
    • Take deep breaths
    • Relax my body posture
    • Do yoga
    • Take a nap
    • Go to bed early
    • Talk to someone I care about
    • Watch a show or a movie
    • Dilly-dally on the internet
    • Read a good book
    • Eat something tasty and healthy
  3. bobita

    bobita New Member

    As a very sociable personal I usually go out and have fun with my friends and drink a lot of beer.
    When I'm alone I like to practice Yoga since it completely relaxes my body.
  4. Rowdeo85

    Rowdeo85 New Member

    When I'm stressed, I try to do something that requires complete focus. This helps me empty my mind. Examples are: meditation, playing the drums, going for a run or listening to complex music. If I can't get to sleep because of stress I sometimes take a good glass of Scotch to calm my nerves.
  5. leiworks

    leiworks New Member

    Well, when I have lots of stuff in mind and it's already bothersome to the point that it's already physically and emotionally stressful, I try to remember the following Bible verses to help me relax:

    (Psalm 55:22)
    Throw your burden on Jehovah, and He will sustain you. Never will He allow the righteous one to fall.

    (Matthew 6:34)
    So, never be anxious about the next day, for the next day will have its own anxieties. Sufficient for each day is its own badness.

    (1 Corinthians 10:13)
    No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.
  6. redhoneybee

    redhoneybee New Member

    I find exercise is the best for me. When I'm stressed my anxiety levels seem to really spike, so I need to go and wear my body out to feel chilled, and it pretty much always works. It has to be cardiovascular and fairly high impact - ideally running, but a varied gym workout is good too. I always forget just how amazing the adrenaline surge is - plus it's then easier to get a good night's sleep, which clearly also helps with stress! I think it's really important too to know which signals to look out for in yourself to prevent burnout sneaking up on you, which it can do, and very quickly. Oftentimes it seems to be caused by work and/or family issues, so having some 'alone time' can be a good thing too!
  7. greencypher

    greencypher New Member

    A lot of people have mentioned yoga and meditation already, so I won't rehash, there. I would like to mention a site I found that's specifically oriented toward doing tasks and playing games to help with dealing with stress from anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and the like: SuperBetter.
  8. cbprincess2

    cbprincess2 New Member

    I either would workout,listen to some music, or sip some tea and read a book. But if I'm not up for that I go to sleep!LOL
  9. slowboatstohades

    slowboatstohades New Member

    I usually do something physically active like working out or dancing. At one point I took up throwing knives and it was the best, I had to stop when my targets fell aprt. I would suggest trying throwing knives, it was truly the best thing.
  10. surwayman

    surwayman New Member

    The best way to relax, from my personal perspective is listening to music in its peak volume. Make sure you are not distracted in between by switching of your mobiles before you play the music. Adjust the light setting of the room and make sure you are at the zenith of your comfort level. Now, just play it.
  11. bhavray

    bhavray New Member

    I go to the beach and lay down for a while and look at the waves that helps me a lot and relaxes me
  12. Finesta

    Finesta New Member

    Hiking, spending time in the wilderness, horse back riding, and martial arts work for me. I have martial arts practice twice a week, and I cannot imagine now how I'd live without it. That kind of strenuous exercise plus adrenalin & endorphin rush does wonders. The rest of the week I try to stay active and spend as much time as I can with nature. If I am too busy and cannot get away, I relieve stress by listening to ethnic or meditative music, watching my favorite films, taking baths, and writing :)
  13. SJ542

    SJ542 New Member

    I find the best relief from stress is to concentrate on something I enjoy that takes my thoughts away
    from whatever is causing me stress in the first place. I love surfing so if possible I tend to vanish with
    my board for a few hours even if the waves aren't great it seems like just being on my board out on
    the water everything else drifts away and the next wave is the only thing in my thoughts.

    If there's no waves riding my motorbike or picking up my guitar or bass for a few hours tends to
    have the same effect. I can lose myself easily when I'm playing music and if I'm on the bike the
    only thing that matters is the road ahead so any stressful situations are the last thing on my mind.
  14. Royozo

    Royozo New Member

    I usually surf the internet or play video games to relieve stress. I find that it is a great way to escape from reality and to forget about all my problems. However, if that doesn't work, I usually exercise or do yoga.
  15. mspreyear

    mspreyear New Member

    Walking at least 10 minutes helps to relieve stress. Meditating and staying focused on positive things will aide in relieving stress. At the end of day, I take lavender baths to help relieve stress and to relax and unwind. All the above methods have proven to be very effective in relieving stress.
  16. djemic77

    djemic77 New Member

    One activity that helps me relax is deep breathing. I breathe in deep through my nose while pushing out my belly. Then I exhale pulling in my belly. I concentrate on my breathing and when I stray in my thoughts, I just bring my attention back to my breath. It works every time.
  17. Qube

    Qube New Member

    Meditation and exercise are great ways to relieve stress. My favorite way of relieving stress would be intense swimming sprints, i get very loosened up and it gives me a nice boost in mood that persists throughout the day.
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  18. Dott

    Dott New Member

    The way I deal with stress is:
    I pray, I tell God all my heart, like I am talking to my wise best friend or family member.
    I ask him for help.
    I think about what is bringing it on and doing what I can to relieve the stress. You may have to love some people from a distance. Especially if you have talked to them until you refuse to talk anymore and they just won't change.
    If it's a job stay with that one until you find a
    better .
  19. enthusiastic

    enthusiastic New Member

    Looking at God's creation relieves my stress. When I feel like bursting, I rush out and look at the flowers, trees, sky, etc.....take a deep breath and utter a prayer. I remove myself from the source of stress and unclog my mind for a short while. Taking many short breaks during a stressful activity is effective for me.
  20. nikyy

    nikyy New Member

    One of the ways I relieve stress is listening to chill-out music which always makes it easier to relax. Sometimes I go jogging to redirect my focus away from my worries toward my physical body and it can help alleviate stress. I love taking my dog for a walk because it makes both of us happy and relaxed. For me watching humorous videos and my favourite movies is also a good method to release tension.
  21. sanjaya

    sanjaya New Member

    I usually discus my problem with some ,who can share my feelings.Most of the time I discuss them with my wife ,and it will relieve my stress.
  22. Shay

    Shay New Member

    I relieve stress in a few different ways. One is by listening to music. If something really upsets me I have to do something around the house so I'll start cleaning. It keeps me busy and focused. I really enjoy art so I'll sit down and draw or paint. Stress can be a killer so it's best to do things you really enjoy.
  23. ummat

    ummat New Member

    When I'm stressed out, I pray:)
    After praying, I go to my mom, sink into her lap and tell her to massage my hair with oil. This feels really relaxing:)
  24. totemicmonk

    totemicmonk New Member

    Going for a long walk to nowhere and back I find is a pretty good way to relieve stress and let your mind clear itself.
    If I have a bit of cash to spare then I go down the driving range and just swing away.
  25. MaryByrne

    MaryByrne New Member

    I exercise to relieve stress. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I go on a bike ride with my mom or go swimming at our local East Side Athletic club. I usually get stressed over school grades or issues with friends through texting or talking on Facebook. I can let go of those stress causing thoughts and communication methods by using the saying "out of site, out of mind." I get away from the computer and my phone by doing something that makes me focus on the present which is usually what I am doing physically. Also when I am exercising with my mom I get the added benefit of realizing the important things in life like family bonding and having fun instead of wasting life by getting all bent out of shape worrying about things I can't change immediately.
  26. Stress is thrown at everyone every now and then and I'm no exception. With a nine month old tot and a houseful of family members you can just imagine the tumultuous strain. Therefore I devised a get away plan of just simply removing myself from the environment to a more serene outlet. Trust me this practice never fails.
  27. kel2johnson

    kel2johnson New Member

    Yoga would be my choice along with meditation. I also like to just unwind with music. Any form of creativity also does the trick.
  28. aefibes

    aefibes New Member

    My favorite way of relieving stress is by eating raw fruits and vegetables exclusively. On top of this, my single most favorite way of relieving stress is by going into a sauna and meditating while listening to some hypnotic trance music. I alternative nostril breathing exercises while in there and afterwards I feel reborn in a sense.
  29. Vijju91

    Vijju91 New Member

    I stay away from my family so making a call to my family members relieves my stress to some extent.
    At times I prefer to be alone and listen to some soft music or watch a comedy movie.It really helps.
    As I am a part time actor I prefer doing theaters during weekends to relieve the stress.
    A road trip away from the city life is another good way of reducing stress.
    But the best way for me to reduce or nullify my stress is by doing some social work.I visit orphanages and teach poor kids.Last week I raised some money to fund a blind person's training for a BPO job.It really felt great.
  30. CatLady

    CatLady New Member

    I go running. It is a good way to release negative energy and turn it into something positive. It also gives me time to think about the problems in my life and come up with solutions. And research has shown that exercise is good for the mind.

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