What do you do to relieve stress?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Gloryontheway, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Kaybro489

    Kaybro489 New Member

    The best way to relieve stress to me is taking a nice long bubble bath at the end of the day. Not only do I feel relieved but it puts me in a great relaxed mood right before I go to bed. Aromatherapy bubbles are very helpful too. I would also try doing yoga to help relieve yourself
  2. cyberpuppet

    cyberpuppet New Member

    I have 2 main ways of relieving stress, I read or I get on with my photography.
    I have a health condition that makes getting enough exercise challenging and I have found having a camera really motivates me to get out and walk places which is really good. There is also the looking out for the shots, composing them to get them right and the wonderful feeling when you know you have caught the picture spot on. It carries on at home as well because I get to put all the photographs on the computer, and process them to get the best out of them before choosing which ones can go on display online or even sometimes be offered for sale.
    Reading is just a wonderful escape. When I am "in" a book I am in a different time, a different place, the problems are different and there is the security of knowing they will almost certainly be resolved.
  3. Earthbeing92

    Earthbeing92 New Member

    Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take a break to call a friend and talk about my problems. Good relationships with friends and loved ones are important to any healthy lifestyle, and there's no time that this is more evident than when you're under a lot of stress. A reassuring voice, even for a minute, can put everything in perspective.
  4. soleada

    soleada New Member

    I like to meditate and listen to soft instrumental music. I bought an infrared sauna for the family a few years back and I also use that. It's my little escape from the stresses of the world. I feel amazing after I use it, like I've had an all-over body massage and the tension from my muscles just melt away.
  5. Connor83

    Connor83 New Member

    When am stressed up, I smoke a lot. I normally think through the situation and formulate a plan. If the plan doesn't work I take it off my chest by talking it over with my fiancee. When nothing works for me, I take a walk.
  6. Med Ver

    Med Ver Member

    To relieve stress, I spend time with my family. Also, I go outside and play sports because exercise has proven to relieve stress! If you are stressed, try going for a run! :)
  7. Darla Hanger

    Darla Hanger New Member

    Well there are so many different way's to relieve stress, but my favorite ways are the following... Wine- Most night's that's what I do to relax with my husband. Bath- I don't do this as often but sometimes a nice bubble bath can do the trick. Especially if there is pain involved. Shopping- Sure that may seem like it would stress someone out more, and for some that's the case. For me shopping with my daughter (even if it means just window shopping and having fun trying on ridiculous things) is the best thing in the world. Last but not least I stretch. Since I work online, it can really help a lot to just go to a nice sun lit room and do some stretches.
  8. Rachael25

    Rachael25 New Member

    The best way for me to relieve stress is to go for a nice long walk in the countryside. The fresh air and nature helps me to relax. I find going to a completely different place enables me to have a change of perspective on things that are causing me stress. Walking enables me to have a break from daily life in a town. Another way I like to relax is listening to a relaxation radio station such as Calm radio.
  9. JabAmadi

    JabAmadi New Member

    Hmmm, stress relief..recently it's been spending at least 35 minutes in the gym. I also pick a book to read or watch a movie that I know will make me laugh. Sometimes I just sleep.
  10. Yukiko

    Yukiko New Member

    In order to relieve my stress I have different activities depending on what my mental and physical needs are. One of my favorites is yoga or listening to music in a dark room while I just let my problems from the day go.
  11. spesh25

    spesh25 New Member

    To relieve stress I sometimes talk to others about my problems and ask for their advice. Hearing that other people is going to the same problem as you can be a stress reliever too because you don't feel as alone as you thought you were. Running or exercise is a great but temporary way to forget about your problems
  12. I will sit down on the floor block one hole of the nose with my finger and take long breath for at least ten minutes. Thus doing this type of yoga relaxes my mind and increase the blood circulation to the brain properly. Whenever I have stress before an exam I eat chocolates for hormone secretion and relieve me from stress. I also plan proper diet for a better blood circulation when I have long period stress .
  13. Kacie Francis

    Kacie Francis New Member

    I usually grab my MP3 player and head to the gym for an intense workout to relieve stress. I will turn the music up and go for it. Exercise is known to be a great stress reliever! If I can't go to the gym I will turn on my favorite music and clean house.
  14. Mddimehdi

    Mddimehdi New Member

    To relieve stress, I just do some exercising or I try to work out. When you feel stressed, the only thing you have to do is breaking the routine. This will help you get rid of all your negative feelings. In fact, stress is the outcome of working too much for several hours without a break. So, whenever you feel stressed, try different things, have a break or just try to hang out with friends.
  15. Virtuous Woman

    Virtuous Woman New Member

    To relieve stress, I have some "Me Time" and my Me Time is whatever I want to do at that time. Sometimes a good long walk just really does the trick. I write poetry so, sometimes I go right into my feelings, sit beside a lake and type or write. It really gets me relaxed. I find that sometimes, pampering myself after a long hot shower or bubble bath is so relaxing. Then afterwards, I can sleep like a baby. I'm not great at sports, but even getting out to play hard at basketball, football, or some sport is a great stress reliever. There are so many ways that I relieve stress, from reading, praying, writing...it all just depends on my mood for that day.
  16. Poetic Teach

    Poetic Teach New Member

    There are quite a few things I do to relieve stress. What I choose to do really depends on the level of stress I'm under. My immediate response would be to ask God what to do. Then I'd go find a court and play basketball for a few hours. If I'm not able to do that, I would probably just go to sleep. Sometimes stress triggers my gift of writing poetry and a great poem is the result. Lastly, but not necessarily a last resort, is to get down and go into prayer. Casting my cares upon Jesus is the best way to not only relieve, but do completely away with any problem or situation.
  17. tanishaG

    tanishaG New Member

    I think so quite time alone is a good stress relief at times. Lets face it sometimes you just need to be with you and you only. Talking a nice afternoon walk for me is good as well. Other activities may include; listening to music, dancing, or simply watching a good movie with a nice cup of ice-cream. Okay, Okay, I will take out the ice-cream part, I am not sending anyone to go and overindulge.
  18. ReZonate

    ReZonate New Member

    There's a lot of things i do to relieve stress. Some things i enjoy doing that help me relieve stress are doing things that i love to do. For instance, mountain biking, photography, going to the beach and working out. Sometimes I combined mountain biking and photography together they both give me the sense of freedom, enjoyment that helps fight and relieve stress. So basically just do things you love and enjoy doing to help relieve stress.
  19. Angel_cute

    Angel_cute New Member

    Sleeping and reading is one of the many ways of releasing and relieving stress.
  20. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Getting outside and removing myself from a stressful situation, whenever possible, works for me. Exercise also helps a great deal and helps me to think clearer and feel better. It also gives me more energy and makes me feel less drained than when I would normally try to deal with it immediately. I do realize also that stress up to a certain point is good and can serve as motivation, but it's important to know your limits and know when to just take a step back and breathe.
  21. patrickwork

    patrickwork New Member

    My therapy to get free of stress is to take a child(or ice water) water bath
  22. Destinie

    Destinie New Member

    I normally turn on some mellow music and do yoga. If I am unable to do yoga at the time, then I take a couple deep breaths and it normally works right away.
  23. PeggyJR

    PeggyJR New Member

    I need to do something that takes my mind off of the matters that are causing my stress. Often, that means reading a good book. As you mentioned, sleeping off the stress is also helpful if you can manage to get to sleep. I'm also thankful for my husband who can lift my mood or at least give me a back massage to minimize the physical effects of the stress I'm experiencing. If what I'm experiencing is more like anxiety, I pray and soon feel peace and have a solution to the anxiety.
  24. Stephanie Severson

    Stephanie Severson New Member

    I usually sing and dance to keep my stress level at a minimum. If that doesn't work I take a long soap in the tub with epsom salt. My husband is a massage therapist so he works on me when I feel like a brick wall. I do my best to keep stress low because high stress is linked to so many health issues.
  25. howard85

    howard85 New Member

    The way I beat stress is by taking pictures and listening to music. Without these two things, stress would definitely take a toll on my life. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I simply tune into my favorite radio station, grab pair of headphones, grab my camera and walk out the door. I tend to walk around my city and snap pictures of unique things; more-so everyday things people walk by every single day without taking a glance. I like to focus my energy into creating beauty out of simple things. It provides me with a sense of fulfillment where I forget about my stress.
  26. adplus7

    adplus7 New Member

    I enjoy writing, reading, and doodling to get rid of stress. These activities put me in another world to escape problems.
  27. Cezar

    Cezar Guest

    As an instant stress-reliever, I try to meditate. I sit, preferably in a quiet place, close my eyes, and just focus on my breathing. This pacifies and frees me from panic and worries.
  28. dynamite

    dynamite New Member

  29. Cornel Ghimpeteanu

    Cornel Ghimpeteanu New Member

    I sometimes meditate. Forget all that fancy eastern practices that requires you to stay for x time in a weird position or to have near you god know what kind of scented candles. None of that is what meditation means.
    You simply have to force yourself to stop for a moment. Just sit, let thoughts come and just be. Don't get yourself hanged on whatever crosses your mind. A good way to do this is to focus on your breath, try to breathe deep and regular.
    Basically, just sit and breathe, this is about all there is to meditation, and the benefits are Huge! It gets you accustomed to calmness witch is the worst enemy of stress.
  30. Monica Bush

    Monica Bush New Member

    I usually go shopping to relieve stress, but that has become too expensive. Now I workout to relieve stress. I run a lot which really allows me to clear my mind. I listen to music and dance also.

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