What do you do to stop from eating unhealthy foods?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by tewtz, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. tewtz

    tewtz New Member

    I'm generally very good at buying healthy foods when I shop from the grocery store, but I have a hard time saying no when friends and coworkers invite me out to fast food joints. What tips and tricks have you developed to say no?
  2. grayluke_

    grayluke_ New Member

    NEVER SHOP ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! If you are hungry while grocery shopping you will be much more likely to grab unhealthy foods that weren't on the grocery list. It is much easier to reach inside your pantry and veg out on chips than to drive to Chickfila, if there is no junk food in the house than it will be much easier to resist. If you are hungry, first drink a glass of water, you might just be bored! When feeling bored many people find themselves wanting to eat, even though they are not truly hungry. If you drink a glass of water this will help portion control and you may find your tummy isn't really wanting food.
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  3. Quicktime

    Quicktime New Member

    I just answered this for someone else haha but I'll explain again.

    Just snapping your fingers and completely changing everything you eat is not the way to go. Your body has already gotten used to eating unhealthy ingredients that taps into your craving. If you suddenly stop eating those foods, you'll physiologically break down, the craving will be so bad you'll end bingeing on crap and just feel worse about yourself. Then you'll slip back into guilty eating.

    So here's what you do. Continue eating what you eat right now. So if you have a donut every morning, continue to eat that. And every other food you're used to. If you're craving wings, go get some wings.

    But here's what you do now. Add healthy food on top of you're already unhealthy diet. So in the morning eat and egg first then eat the donut. Then slowly add oatmeal and cut the donut in half in the next 2 weeks. Then have 2 eggs and a bowl of oatmeal and not the donut after a couple weeks. And just like that you've eased yourself out of an unhealthy habit in the morning, all without the constant craving you'll experience if you suddenly drop those foods.

    Do this^^ for every of your meals throughout the day, make sure to always eat the healthy food first and you'll find that you'll slowly be to full to eat the unhealthy stuff.
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  4. Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw New Member

    Personally I take a "no nonsense" attitude about it. For me there's no such thing as "junk food". There's food, and then there's junk. I don't eat junk unless I absolutely have to. If I was stranded in the desert and couldn't find something to eat, maybe I'd eat fries fried in soybean oil. But if I can find grass-fed butter, virgin coconut oil, pasture raised eggs and so on, I'll make breakfast. I always read labels and almost completely ignore what the front of a product says. To me, products like the "peanut butter" that's largely soybean oil are counterfeits. It's not food, it's food flavored junk. If it's 25% soy, and it says "peanut butter" they shorted me 1/4 of a jar of peanut butter and ruined my peanut butter by using that filler.

    As long as I refuse to "settle" I find that I don't waste my time/money on junk, I wind up getting enough nutrients to not be craving unhealthy foods. So I don't ever feel deprived, and I don't spend any more money than people that eat out. Often the same people that say they can't afford to eat what I do, have more money than I do. The same people that say they can't live on "rabbit food" like I eat, are the same ones about to pass out after walking around for a few hours. I can go all day and not be tired or so hungry it bothers me. Without spending money on high calorie, low nutrition filler like soybean oil I get way more bang for my buck.

    When someone invites me to a fast food joint, I either offer to make them a real meal at my house, go with them and just have water, or I politely decline and tell them I don't eat GMOs or soy or corn-fed beef, butter etc. No exceptions. I don't care what it tastes like, or if it's free, or how much you think I should try it. You can't make me. :)
  5. Carly Summers

    Carly Summers New Member

    So difficult!! Ok here are my fool proof tips:
    1. A glass of water. No matter what the treat is, I try to drink a full pint of water first. This helps fill me up a bit so I have less.
    2. Share! I love going in on a dessert with someone. We eat get a bit and yet we don't over do it
    3. Mint! A study a few years back suggested that brushing your teeth could help reduce cravings.
  6. Dalia4253

    Dalia4253 New Member

    First of all you need to remember that we only got one life to live so we don't want prohibit ourselves from anything in the other hand to live happy and long life we need to eat healthy and exercise so the solution is to eat healthy all the time and specify a time like one day a week for a certain time to eat out with friends. Because if you tried to eat healthy food entire your life you will eventually get bored.
  7. ymayler

    ymayler New Member

    I strongly recommend that you invest in a lunch bag for work make a great meal that you can't wait to eat the next day.pack fruits and snacks for an extra pick me up during the day.When it comes to family you have to let them know that your trying to make a change in your life,instead of going out to eat offer to cook them a great meal, that saves you money and you'll avoid choosing unhealthy options on the menu . Second option is you can negotiate with them, if they want you to go out with them let them know you have to choose the restaurant,there for you can pick some where with healthy options just look the menu up online before going out.
  8. Del

    Del New Member

    The trick is to 'ALWAYS BE AWARE'. When you're at the grocery, at work, skimming the desert menu or otherwise. I'm not saying that always being aware of your desire, and your reasons, for going healthy will always result in you choosing the 'better alternative'. In fact I don't encourage you to always chose the healthy option. Treating yourself ever so often, will actually help you stick to that healthier lifestyle you desire. It gives you something to look forward too...aren't cheat days grand...and when you finally bite into your favourite sin, there are none of that nasty guilt.
    But being aware, and making that effort goes a long way.
    Just don't give up.
  9. Lop

    Lop New Member

    Nothing. I eat unhealthy lol. I have to have some kind of vice right? No drinking, drugs, smoking, soft drinks, etc so I take out my aggression on food! Good, sweet, unhealthy food!
  10. KristinS

    KristinS New Member

    If I have anything unhealthy (meaning for me, candy, chips, or anything that is chocolate) in my home, I can't control myself. I will literally hear voices calling my name, bringing me to the chocolate cake sitting on the counter, or the bag of candy in the cabinet! Once I get anything chocolate on my taste buds. the addiction begins and I can't stop at one small bite. It literally is an addiction to sugar for me. I actually have to go cold turkey and remove everything in the house that is related to sugar in any way. If I do this successfully, within a few days the cravings completely disappear and I am able to stay on my healthy eating path. The key is to NOT have it anywhere in the house and replace it with healthier options. For me, that is green smoothies. If you add the right fruits (banana, oranges, pineapple), and some coconut water, chia seeds, a small handful of old-fashioned oats, ice, and then blend it well with some kale or spinach, you will not only NOT taste the greens, but you will have a filling snack that tastes like dessert that is healthy! Oh and don't forget to top it with a little Reddi Whip (only 15 calories for 2 tablespoons)!
  11. Krystyl Chwa

    Krystyl Chwa New Member

    I've always loved snacking, it's a hard habit to kick. I tried to just go cold turkey and eat "healthy" but that would just lead to me binge eating all the stuff that I loved and then feeling super guilty about it after. Now, I try and find foods that I love, but aren't packed with sugar, fat, and sodium. Fruit is sweet and refreshing and satisfies my cravings for candy. Reduced fat and baked chips, eaten with moderation help when I want greasy potato chips. I've even found low-calorie, high protein ice cream that is like 260 calories a pint (Halo Top, check them out!). It also helps not to purchase those unhealthy foods in the first place, because once you buy it, you know you'll eat it!
  12. Nnaka M

    Nnaka M New Member

    For the most part i just don't buy it, but i'm not in control of all the food that's brought into the house and i have very little impulse control soooo..... is that a doughnut?
    But in all seriousness I find it the easiest to simply not purchase unhealthy foods quite frankly because i'm a lazy eater; out of sight out of mind.
  13. natwriter5

    natwriter5 New Member

    Simplest thing is to just not buy them. Buy more healthy solutions like fresh fruit, low fat diet, diet muesli cafes, low fat sweets, sorbets, etc instead.
  14. dmanval

    dmanval New Member

    What I do not need, I will not buy. Simple. In these situations, one needs to be disciplined and the keep eyes off such unhealthy foods in most cases.
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  15. renata333

    renata333 New Member

    The only thing that stopped me from eating unheathily was not buying those things to begin with. I got rid of my debit card, which kept me from making irresponsible purchases. When I had only the cash in my pocket, it made me think of how I was spending money on food. I bought more healthy things because they would up being cheaper (zucchini for 50c a lb!) so no more unhealthy eating!
  16. blessedwriter

    blessedwriter New Member

    Health is wealth when gets involved with food substances that help in positive body metabolism. Taking unnecessary junks is not the best because the person in question has no time visiting the kitchen to prepare healthy and nutritious food.

    However, I am not against visiting fast food joints, but if I must, food substances with significant nutritional benefits are the best option, not junks that will only increase my level of sugar intake thereby exposing me to diabetes.

    Finally, every young and matured individual should take their choice of food intake into consideration and ensure the food eaten is entirely nutritional to grow healthy and vigorous.
  17. keyanasdxpe

    keyanasdxpe New Member

    I write large lists of healthy foods I already know I love and like to eat/prepare. This helps me refocus my buying intentions a lot of the time, and slowly once you are able to get enough of these items into your kitchen - they all slowly start to reflect off of each other and your overall food choices will be better.
  18. Mary626

    Mary626 New Member

    For me it's simple I think about all the bad stuff that food will be doing to my body and that usually shock my body into acknowledging the ill effects thus silencing the momentary cravings.
  19. freeze

    freeze New Member

    There are good alternatives to unhealthy food, it's all about making the right choices and the determination. What I try to do is to make replacements. Look for something healthy, something you really like and substitute it with the unhealthy ones. You can try a lot of recipes until you come up with something nice and healthy.
  20. chelle26

    chelle26 New Member

    honestly saying,I eat unhealthy food oftenly,but to prevent this,I always having favor in my husband to be ur food buyer for our family because he is the one of us who really loves healthy food
  21. Nature837

    Nature837 New Member

    Eating unhealthy foods was a party of my daily life for many years. What I found was easiest for me was to first get rid of all the junk food I had at home. This was accomplished by eating all of it, but at least it was gone. Until the cravings got under control, I only went grocery shopping when I had limited time. Doing this forced me to stick to my list, only buy healthy foods, and get out of the store quickly, eliminating the chance to browse junk foods. What really helped me transition to eating only healthy foods at home was to start eating more fruit because I love anything that tastes sweet. It also helped greatly when I began reading ingredient labels and avoiding anything made with high fructose corn syrup, regular corn syrup, and any ingredient ending in -ose such as sucralose (these are unhealthy sugars that I have heard make people gain weight). It only took my taste buds about two weeks to fully enjoy the tastes of healthy foods. After my taste buds adjusted, when I tried a bite of junk food, it tasted bad. By limiting my time at grocery stores, it also helps me to stick to my budget easier. Not having junk food at home forces me to eat healthy snacks when I'm hungry, and this has been the only way I have continued to succeed at not eating junk foods.
  22. Mah2938

    Mah2938 New Member

    I would often think of my future and see what physical expectations I have of myself; that usually leads me to make a more conscious choice of food for myself.
  23. Anne Yarih

    Anne Yarih New Member

    This is my journey right now. I am trying my best to avoid eating unhealthy foods. The most effective strategy I am doing right now is 1) stop buying them- it is the least I can do to help myself. I avoid places which I knew have a lot of unhealthy foods. And I always have a bottle of water with me so when I crave, I just drink it and I will already feel full. It may not last long, but at least my craving is gone; 2) I explain my journey to my family and close friends. They should know why I don't want to go to fast foods with them so they will understand. Because if they really care for me and my health, they will support me.
  24. flower16

    flower16 New Member

    We have only one life so I believe we should enjoy every bit of it. It is good to keep rules for ourselves, to set some limits, but only within our little universe. While with others we should enjoy life, be happy with our friends. They are not there with us forever and time will come when we'll be on our own thinking how many times we rejected our friends with our will to keep some diet.
  25. Eating un healthy foods makes yourself mesirable. Why would you eat unhealthy if you can eat healthy foods. Before I eat everything and anything I want. But I realize why am I doing this to my self? Why am I eating so much of fats, why am drinking that has a acid. After that i started eating healthy foods. I eat vegetables, fruits more water and a proper exercise. I stop eating eating unhealthy foods when I noticed my body became weaker and low of energy.
  26. Always carry a goody bag with you. Don't say no! Enjoy your friends but go prepared.
  27. Myfurryplace

    Myfurryplace New Member

    Normally, I do the marketing in my family and always buy fresh veggies, meat , fish and selected grains, But if the friends or family ask me out for food I would always politely say , Can I suggest some options ? then i would mentioned some healthy shop, restaurants or coffee shops who sell healthy stuff and would not be hesitant to brag what finds I have.
    Its a matter of convincing some friends or families whats the effect in our body what we swallow . "as what they always say's ""you are what you eat '.
  28. rjohndava86

    rjohndava86 New Member

    In order to stop eating unhealthy foods you should first discipline yourself. Anybody cannot change your eating habits but only you can change it. Just always remember if you want to live longer in this planet, you should take care always of yourself including your lifestyle or eating habits. Lastly always remember that avoiding health risk is better than curing any diseases.
  29. Ynna

    Ynna New Member

    Find recipes that are as good. I started eating healthier a few years ago. And it takes a lot of willpower and motivation. Knowing that you can do it.
    I first started eating only veggies for one week. To replenish your body. And in order to metabolize better.
    It also helped me unlock a much more creative side when it comes to cooking.
    I don't have to sacrifice at all. Because i know its gonna taste so good.
    If you start craving. Dark chocolates are also a good alternative. Or nuts are good alternatives to stop those cravings. I stopped drinking soft drinks aswell. Now i haven't craved for it for years now. I drink blended fruits and shakes or juices as an alternative.
    It takes practice and a lot of patience. And a lot of self discipline. You can attain and live a much more healthier life.
  30. koenjiemily

    koenjiemily New Member

    Try to negotiate a healthier fast food place maybe? I also try to just get a coffee or a little snack if I end up somewhere really bad. Like I'll get a burger but not a whole meal.

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