What do you feel when your listening to your favorite Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by hountanie, Dec 6, 2018 at 12:35 PM.

  1. hountanie

    hountanie New Member

    I feel so comfortable
  2. dado15

    dado15 New Member

    Listening to my favorite music,is my stress relief.Listening to my music makes me happy,i'm always in my mode.
    Whenever i'm mad just put on my earpiece play my music listening just a moment.and i'm all good.
    I'm not a kind of person that likes to dance.But when it comes to my music,yeah let's groove .
  3. Clarzcab92

    Clarzcab92 New Member

    I feel happy,mixed emotions when I hear my favorite music, seems like your in a different kind of world where only you can see while others can't see
  4. tenwoe12

    tenwoe12 New Member

    I feel that I own the world and cant think of any thing but feel dancing and living every bit of it with enjoying all the words and rhythm. My choice of songs always depend on my moods so when i feel low i try to listen to motivational songs and rock songs.

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