What do you like the most movie or book?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Chiniii, Jul 1, 2018.


What do you like the most movie or book?

  1. Movie

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  2. Book

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  3. Both

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  1. Chiniii

    Chiniii New Member

    For me it's both! Why? In books there are a lot of benefits that we could get in there such us vocabulary worlds, relaxation, peaceful mind and can removes stress. This can also give us time to form our sleep because not all of us are easy to sleep.

    In movies, there are a lot of movie that being adapted from book. In movies, it is so easy to understand the flow, the plot, and the happenings into the book. The characters are moving, the settings are true, the situations or scence are easly to understands plus the story is being summarized.

    Both of them has the same benefits except for the vocabulary since the character can make adlibs.
  2. Abicdefghi

    Abicdefghi New Member

    I like them both. But if you ask me which one I prefer the most, I still choose the book. Because it gives more freedoms for the author to build the characters and the plot of the story. You may not see them visually but that’s where the talent of the author comes in. The author can play on the readers imagination on how the characters are described. The author also has the luxury or time to build in the plot so the climax would have a better impact on the reader. But I would also give the credit to the movies for its visual impact on the viewers and on how a story can be told in a specific span of time. But they are both forms of creative art that never fails to amuse me.
  3. karlitos

    karlitos New Member

    I like movies as much as books; I like both But if you ask me which I prefer more, I still choose the book. I have a small library and I love the books because it gives more freedom for the author to build the characters and the plot of the story. You may not see them visually, but that's where the author's talent comes in. The author can play with the imagination of the readers on how the characters are described. The author also has the luxury or time to build the plot so that the climax has a better impact on the reader. But I would also credit the movies for their visual impact on viewers and on how a story can be told in a specific period of time. But both are forms of creative art that never cease to amuse me.
  4. Book then the movie. It is really great to read the book because movie directors tend to cut the story when it is shown as a movie. Reading is so soothing that it makes you imagine the thing you read on it. Movies also has this relative characteristic of what is going on in real life that connects to the audience directly. Two different thing but always in a relation to tingle our minds.
  5. niel02

    niel02 New Member

    I much prefer a movie because I'm not really fun with books I got bored of reading and it takes time. Watching movie brings the book to life and it sets the scene for what the movie and books about. Movies tell about stories and moral about life that can relate to the real situation in our life. They can sometimes solve problems in a real situation.
  6. cas-Lb7U

    cas-Lb7U New Member

    I think books and movies offer different things to people. The book allows me to start and stop the story at any time, and to imagine how things look for myself. On the other hand, movies can bring a wider audience to a story because it is easier and faster to watch a two hour movie than sit down and read a book! I know a lot of people aren't a fan of the Harry Potter movies because they cut things from the book, but I personally like them because I think they include enough to stay true to the books while letting people enjoy the story!
  7. regineblas

    regineblas Member

    I choose both because it gives me to become open in reality even it is not real or happening in real life but if we are thinking about it you will realized that it is happening right now or everyday in our life. Movie gives an entertainment were my whole family bond together and make our relationship strong. Books are give me peace, sometimes if I want to have a quiet place I go for my room and read my books to have peace in my life. All this kind of entertainment give as a lesson to sink in our mind when the times of our downfalls and success.
  8. Jhay02

    Jhay02 New Member

    I like to read books and also watching movies especially when the category is all about witches,horror,thriller,gore movies or books because it's hits my curiosity why and how could that be happen.Are they real?Imaginations or facts.What if they're real what will happen to us?
  9. theeditor

    theeditor New Member

    Books? I have never liked reading.if books were movies i would be the best in school. I can watch movies from 12 to 12.never tired. Series are my favorite. Arrows,Dc legends of tomorrow,Vapires dairy,originals...
    Watched a whole lot of them
  10. Aryv

    Aryv New Member

    I prefer movie because of the following reasons. First, i am a visual learner so it's easy for me to understand the story at a short period of time. Second, i have a short attention span, so whenever i read books i can't actually finish until the last page. The only book that i was able to finish reading was the book entitled "a walk to remember" which was very good. Third, i am not fond of reading books which are complicated especially if the author used words that are difficult and hard to understand. In addition, it's also hard for me to analyze the story especially if the author uses figures of speech to describe a certain scenario or scene in the story. Lastly, reading books takes time to finish while the movie only takes 1 hour or maybe 2 hour to finish.
  11. ajahcuizon

    ajahcuizon New Member

    Both! Knowing that the book I just read will be out on the big screen was one of the proudest moment I ever had. I don't know, even though I just read it, still I felt so proud with the author's new success. Since I already knew that it'll be out on big screen, I tend to get more excited to watch it on a movie. Isn't it great that the book you've once read is now out on the big screen? Considering the fact that you loved the book that you just read. You might also love the movie! That is why I would prefer Both.

    ARNIVAL New Member

    Reading book is not my hobby but watching movie is. Complication arises when the movie that I really love to watch adapted from the book. Oftentimes, the cons of making a book into a movie are the adaptations are done poorly, and the director doesn’t follow the book, and even sometimes goes the complete opposite of the book's plot. Also movie’s duration only last around three hours or so which is short time compared to reading the book. In addition there is so much detail in the book that’s missed when it's turned into a movie. As a result; I was reinforced to read the book prior to watching the movie in order for me to know the whole story.
  13. angiechiong

    angiechiong New Member

    Of course books. Ever since I was small I love to read. And some of my happiest memories is strolling leisurely for hours in bookstores especially if there markdowns or sales.

    As I reaching middle age though, I read less and less. Not that I don’t like to read that much anymore, but my poor eyesight is not cooperating. I easily get tired or headache. So I gradually make the shift to movies. I enjoy movies now and the only books I read nowadays are technical books and mostly in electronic form or ebooks.
  14. mfg13

    mfg13 New Member

    I would guess that I am older than most contributors so can remember a time when there was no television during the day. No films available and the cinema just too expensive. Therefore, I have grown up to appreciate both. I can easily switch off the internet and television and read a good book, but now have the added bonus of watching the films I like, when I like. Reading adds knowledge, even subliminally, you are never too old to learn. Films are for when you are too tired to think, their subliminal messages only being buy McDonald's or Coca Cola. So both are good, just as the mood takes you.
  15. Margjperez

    Margjperez New Member

    I prefer to choose movies than books. Because for me it is more understandable to watch movies than reading books. You can see their emotions and actions while in books sometimes you are guessing. And of course most of the people today enjoying watching movies than reading 'cause sometimes it causes only headache specially to those old persons and that has poor eyesight.
  16. Khaleesi27

    Khaleesi27 New Member

    Growing up in a new era, a generation today I always enjoy watching movies rather than reading a book. Watching it gives me the real impact than reading. If I read a story, I just imagine it being played in a movie. Reading a book is very comprehensive for me, by watching it on a movie I can see what’s happening, plus I also watch not only for the artists but I also love giving critics to the movie, like how the movie was made, the location, the story behind it, and the lesson that I will get after watching it.
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  17. Both for me. Movies are great no questions asked, however It seems that sometimes the stories are incomplete, so books are the ones I look for to understand the movie even more.
  18. Regcee0194

    Regcee0194 Member

    Okay if you are a reader, you already know the answer to this one. Why is it that when they turn a book into a movie, the book is almost always (there are a couple of exceptions) better? Here are my ten reasons:

    1. In books it is easier to see what is going on in the characters heads. This actually makes character action and motivation make more sense. Instead of just running through the dark and then for some reason veering toward the deserted and creepy building we can sometimes hear their thoughts and the character can explain and justify their logic.
    2. There are no shiny, beautiful people on the screen distracting you from how the characters should look. Even ugly characters, when transferred to the screen, are usually played by some beautiful person who has had a bit of dirt scrubbed on their face to make them look dowdy. It doesn’t really work and it takes away from the character.
    3. Plots make more sense in book form because the point of the book is to tell a story, not be visually spectacular. I will Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as an example here. This book had quite a lot of action in it already and yet when the movie was released huge chunks of the story were removed and replaced with even more action. The entire dragon chase sequence around the school, ending with Harry crashing into the roof did not exist in the book. It didn’t add a single thing to the story and because of this lengthy sequence the movie dragged on and still didn’t make any sense because key pieces of information were never revealed.
    4. Books are completely portable. I know people keep trying to tell us they aren’t and that we need to read on computers and all manner of other things, but compared to carting a television around, books are extremely portable. And yes, we can watch movies on laptops and phones and portable DVD players but when the picture is that small, I have to wonder what the point is.
    5. Books don’t need batteries or a power source to run. You open them, you read them.
    6. Reading books takes longer than watching a movie. Some people would argue that it isn’t an advantage to be time consuming but in terms of the cost to enjoyment ratio I would very much like my enjoyment to go for more than an hour or two.
    7. There are never bad special effects in books because you create the images in your own head and they come out flawlessly.
    8. The characters are never destroyed by bad acting (though bad writing is another story).
    9. The soundtrack is whatever you want it to be and you aren’t being constantly forewarned of any actual tension by a spike in the music so you can genuinely be surprised by the next plot twist.
    10. Curl up on the couch with a DVD case in your hand and see how relaxed it makes you feel.
    Yes, you may now all proceed to tell me how incredible movies are and how much better this or that movie was than the book.
  19. prixel19

    prixel19 Member

    I prefer movie. I'm not the type of person who loves to read book. I love spending my spare time watching movies.
  20. Deign

    Deign New Member

    Typically, the book is better. The only example I can think of where the film is better, is Fight Club. Now before I get chased away with torches and pitchforks, I love Chuck's writing. I really do. Rant is one my favorite books of all time. But typically in film adaptations of books, I notice how much of the good stuff is missing and feel sort of cheated. Like they took this whole amazing story and jammed the plot points into a two hour film. Not fight club. The little bits of dialogue we miss, aren't missed. The really strange and vulgar things Marla Singer says were right to be left out. Though, I must say, the original ending was better.
  21. nichole-yc1F

    nichole-yc1F New Member

    I'll choose both but If your question would be ",Which do you prefer reading the story through the book or watching the movie version of the book?" then I would have to say book. The main reason is because in the movie, most of the time the plot is compressed in order to fit the whole story. Most often times reducing the substance or missing out on details that are relevant to the story. While in the book, the story is well detailed.
  22. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    I love reading books more than watching movies. Though I still watch movies but it's not that often as I read books. I watch movies about superheroes like the Avengers and Justice League, especially the Superman series. I also watch anime movies like Naruto Shippuden and Kuroko. This year I'm anticipating the second installment of the Fantastic Beast.

    But if I have to choose between a book and a movie adaptation of the same book, well it will be hard. The story and characters in the book are not being shaped by our imagination anymore. The movie is the live action of the book. So, in this case, I would say I choose both.
  23. cris1989

    cris1989 New Member

    For me both. I like reading at the same wartching movies. It just depends on my mood if I read or watch.
  24. armendarizgus1

    armendarizgus1 New Member

    I like books bettere because of various reasons. One of the reasons is that they're all "customisable" you can imagine that the characters look like you think they look, they sound like you think they look, the places look like you think they look, of course the author describes things but you can think of many possibilities that fit the descriptions. The second reason is that you can just fit so much more content, more detrails, sometimes know what the charcters are thinking etc. The third one is that it's like a workout for your mind, your brain is like a muscle and you can train it, grow it, improve it and mroe by doing things like reading and more! Overall that's why I prefer books.
  25. jddt

    jddt New Member

    Of course I love the BOOK. Take for example LOTR, you will enjoy more the movie when you have the book.

    Movies is surely entertaining - the effects, musical background, the face/s of the actors, etc.

    Books is a lot more entertaining - your imagination is up for a journey (setting aside the chores you were tasked by mom for the day).
  26. arki98

    arki98 New Member

    Movies are nice because we get to see what's happening with out visual, but reading a book is more than just by seeing or watching things. We get to read the words were the author stayed up late for. Those words transforms into feelings and those feelings becomes imaginations. As we read, we get to enter a world where we create our own actions in the story. We tend to direct things in our own creative way and that is what I love the most about reading books. We explore and we become more creative in our own simple way.
  27. I have 10 reasons why I love reading books than to watch a movies.

    1. Books allow you to know what the characters are actually thinking. One of my top arguments for why I always prefer books actually allow you to know what the characters are thinking or feeling.
    2. Books allow you to get to know the characters better. As a result of many of the reasons on this thread, books let you get to know the characters better.
    3. Books don't have a cram everything into a two-hour time frame. Books get to tell their stories in hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pages that take hours to read.
    4. Books allow you to experience the story at your own pace. This can be related to reason three. With books, you can take your time and read at whatever pace you want.
    5. Books leave more than to the imagination. Books allow you to be more creative and imagine the characters, places, scenes and so on, the way you want to.
    6. Books are more detailed. There are certain things you can do in a book that you just can't in a movie.
    7. Books are portable. This is an easy one. You can carry a book around with you almost everywhere you go.
    8. Books are cheaper. Anyone who has been to the movies lately can tell you that it is not cheap.
    9. Books allow you to experience the story as the author intended it. Another one of the reasons that I am most passionate about is that books allow you to experience as the author intended it to be (for the most part).
    10. Books can stay with you forever. There's not really much I can add to this one other than the books that we read and love, whether as a child or an adult, have a way of sticking with us and influencing with us in ways we could never have imagined.
  28. mrjr143

    mrjr143 New Member

    I think i'll go with both .I have always been fan of the two, and learned to appreciate each of them by what they have to offer in terms of entertainment, as well as in terms of provoking powerful emotions, carrying a strong message, challenging you in a way so mysterious, yet so seductive.:)
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