What do you like to do in your free time?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by mrebenson07, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. mrebenson07

    mrebenson07 New Member

    I don't have a lot of free time, but I enjoy crafting of all sorts, reading, writing, painting, and sewing. I also run 3 blogs, 1 for crafting, one of just random thoughts and opinions and one all about couponing. I am a huge fan of couponing. I could easily be on the TLC show Extreme Couponers.
  2. TheRedCap

    TheRedCap New Member

    Reading, playing video games, learning about a new subject, hanging out with friends, watching movies, picking up a new hobby, working out, going for a walk, listening to music etc. Basically how you spend your free time is irrelevant as long as your enjoying yourself and feel you are living a fulfilling life.
  3. ZKraen

    ZKraen New Member

    I believe that time is gold and that time wasted is money wasted, so in my free time I always find a way to be productive. Learning something new and earning extra money (like Postlooping) is what I do to maximize my free time. And I never fail to satisfy my free time by doing those.
  4. chester0817

    chester0817 New Member

    There are a lot of things that I do whenever I have free time. I enjoy surfing the net and chatting with friends. I also love to travel short distance, go to a coffee shop and have a chat with friends, or go shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories.
  5. Anna Platt

    Anna Platt New Member

    In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing video games, watching TV and movies, messing around on the internet, and crocheting. Now, however, I think I'll be spending most of my free time on Postloop.
  6. thewebwoman

    thewebwoman New Member

    Free time? I am unfamiliar with that concept. As a longtime netrepreneur, a mother of 6, grandmother of 17 and an active person in my church, I have my hands happily full. I don't do well with time on my hands, so I fill my waking moments with working, studying, reading, crocheting, interacting, exploring and creating.

    Every new day is a new adventure. I don't watch television. I have friends that constantly have it running in the background. I never got that. I fill every day with amazing opportunities. If you ever see me sitting around or drifting aimlessly, call the doctor, because I must be ill.

    Don't get me wrong. I do play, but it is an integrated part of my day that includes all of the above. That being said, I must get back to it. So much to do and so little time, lol.
  7. Maine207

    Maine207 New Member

    To me, there's nothing better then posting up with a good book and slowing down. Life in 2016 is pretty fast, so we need moments where we just slow everything down. Either that, or a nice walk in the woods. Doesn't have to be a huge mountain climb or anything, just something that lets you unplug for a minute.
  8. Dolphinsea

    Dolphinsea Member

    For me well spent free time is reading a book, listening to music, drawing or watching a good film. I don't have a lot of free time, but it comes as an great award after tiring week at school.
  9. DeMarie

    DeMarie New Member

    I do quite a bit in my free time. Believe it or not, I love cleaning my house. There is nothing better then getting everything in order, taking a shower, putting on pretty pajamas and relaxing with a good book after I am done.

    Since I am an artist, I create for a living, so doing crafts is not really what I want to do in my free time. I find by using my time away from my art to organize and read about new techniques I have a better work flow the next day.
  10. JaeNet

    JaeNet New Member

    On my free time I create art, take photographs and spend time with my partner. I try to make use of my free time with things that matter to me and the people around me. It varies from day to day, but always enjoyable.

    Lately on my free time I promote my works of art online (www.jsartisticatelier.com) and do some little online jobs to make some extra cash.
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  11. Nataly

    Nataly New Member

    As a student I don't have a lot of spare time outside of studying in the library. However, in the rare moments when I have free time I play the piano. I have been playing piano since I was 4 years old and music became such an important part of my life, I can't imagine living without music. I even brought a keyboard into my college dorm room (although this takes up way too much space).
  12. greenlady5

    greenlady5 New Member

    In my spare time I enjoy riding a bike,most of all. It calms me down after exhausting traffic jams and even when I'm so much tired, I am in a good mood for my bike. Riding a bike has many benefits for my health but also for my savings. It is so easy, I can park it up almost everywhere I want and I can even save some money if I ride a bike instead of driving a car. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember any disadvantage of riding a bike :)
    I have many friends who often ride with me, but I must say I prefer riding alone. That is my time, my favorite part of the day and I rather choose to spend it by myself.
  13. Kasozka

    Kasozka New Member

    In my spare time I like to produce music on my computer. I also like to play the piano to get ideas for my music creation. Gathering information on various topics and subjects that interest me is also quite the hobby of mine. Spending time in nature is another thing I like to do when free time hits. There is nothing like catching some rays from the sun or taking a nice walk. :thumbsup:
  14. 2deidara7

    2deidara7 New Member

    I usually spend my free time reading novels or reading manga. Sometimes, I would watch either an anime TV series or a movie. When the weather's good, I will simply spend it playing with my dogs outside. There are also times when I just sleep my free time away.
  15. CarolT46

    CarolT46 New Member

    In my spare time I enjoy creating new designs for my fashion jewelry collection. I also love crafting of all kinds and teaching myself fashion design. I hope to someday have my own clothing and jewelry line. I also love writing my own how to or diy ebooks. I am a very busy mom.
  16. Raine Hemmings

    Raine Hemmings New Member

    Am a student and I use most of my free time to catch up on my reading, listen to music or sketch. I love sketching and mostly indulge in charcoal sketching. I also love cooking and baking. I try to write in my spare time too.
  17. mike13579

    mike13579 New Member

    I just moved to a small town, so I have no idea what I'll be doing with my free time, haha! I get the impression that this is the type of place in which the people are what make the experience, so I'm aiming to find ways to insert myself into the community. There have to be some hobby groups here that I could join; it will just be a matter of keeping my ear to the ground.

    I really enjoy the outdoors, and since there's plenty of wilderness around here I may have to get myself a nice set of camping gear to use during the summers — perhaps a pair of cross-country skis for the winter as well.

    Once my work starts on Monday, I'll be sure to pick the brains of my coworkers. Surely they've got some ideas!
  18. Krisinmt

    Krisinmt New Member

    I live in a small town with not many resources or thing to do. The winters here are also usually long and brutal, making it pretty much a 8 month stretch of just sitting inside. You have to be prepared for the majority of the year being spent inside when it's too cold t venture out. I enjoy playing games, both board games and video games. I like getting down with some trivia, or a really great read. When it's warm enough to be outside, I love being by water, taking walks, riding bikes, swimming, or just sitting and relaxing in the sun.
  19. Donna67

    Donna67 New Member

    I like doing crafts and swimming and playing on my tablet
  20. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    I have a beautiful garden filled with flowers and during the summer I like to get a good book and read outdoors. I listen to the birds singing and I have my cup of coffee next to me.
  21. Hux

    Hux Active Member

    If I'm not at work or studying, I like to play games on the PC I built last year, go for random drives around the area or just relax and watch movies. Also enjoy going for drives with the girlfriend.
  22. liam whyte

    liam whyte Member

    In my free time I enjoy doing lots of things. My favourite hobby is playing soccer as I've played it all my life and am hoping to peruse it as a career. I also love playing video games. I own and Xbox one and enjoy playing Fifa and gta. Other than soccer and video games I go to the gym, go for runs, meet up with my friends and just spend time with family.
  23. iceshadow42

    iceshadow42 New Member

    I have my hand in alot of hobbies or things I enjoy doing. In my free time one of the things I love doing is being creative, whether it's drawing in my sketchbook or on my dry erase board, writing poetry or songs, playing video games or playing instruments/music, and watching my favorite TV series or anime. I also enjoy looking around town at places or stores I haven't been to.
  24. anishiji

    anishiji New Member

    I personally love to garden in my free time. There is something to be said for being able to go out and watch something progress right before your eyes. I started my plants from seeds and week after week I've been going out and tending the garden and been able to see the growing process firsthand. I feel that gardening is a hobby that gives a large amount of satisfaction, but your satisfaction depends on how much effort you put into it. For example, if I didn't water my plants or weed the garden and my plants failed to thrive, I'd probably not be very satisfied with my gardening experience. However, if I put time and care into my garden then I find myself with a wonderful harvest later in the year and an enriching gardening experience.
  25. Herbert64

    Herbert64 New Member

    Spending time with my beautiful dogs, potter around the garden, cooking and painting. I believe we don't need much to feel content during our free time. Some, however, need others around to entertain them.
  26. cipkamarco

    cipkamarco Member

    Reading books is a great activity, you just turn your phone off and grab the book, sit somewhere where is no sound, and just read, it improves your imagination, and also grammar, and another activity is listening to music or spending time with friends or family, going on trips,..:D
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