What do you like to do in your free time?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by mrebenson07, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Hux

    Hux Member

    If I'm not at work or studying, I like to play games on the PC I built last year, go for random drives around the area or just relax and watch movies. Also enjoy going for drives with the girlfriend.
  2. liam whyte

    liam whyte Member

    In my free time I enjoy doing lots of things. My favourite hobby is playing soccer as I've played it all my life and am hoping to peruse it as a career. I also love playing video games. I own and Xbox one and enjoy playing Fifa and gta. Other than soccer and video games I go to the gym, go for runs, meet up with my friends and just spend time with family.
  3. iceshadow42

    iceshadow42 New Member

    I have my hand in alot of hobbies or things I enjoy doing. In my free time one of the things I love doing is being creative, whether it's drawing in my sketchbook or on my dry erase board, writing poetry or songs, playing video games or playing instruments/music, and watching my favorite TV series or anime. I also enjoy looking around town at places or stores I haven't been to.
  4. anishiji

    anishiji New Member

    I personally love to garden in my free time. There is something to be said for being able to go out and watch something progress right before your eyes. I started my plants from seeds and week after week I've been going out and tending the garden and been able to see the growing process firsthand. I feel that gardening is a hobby that gives a large amount of satisfaction, but your satisfaction depends on how much effort you put into it. For example, if I didn't water my plants or weed the garden and my plants failed to thrive, I'd probably not be very satisfied with my gardening experience. However, if I put time and care into my garden then I find myself with a wonderful harvest later in the year and an enriching gardening experience.
  5. Herbert64

    Herbert64 New Member

    Spending time with my beautiful dogs, potter around the garden, cooking and painting. I believe we don't need much to feel content during our free time. Some, however, need others around to entertain them.
  6. cipkamarco

    cipkamarco Member

    Reading books is a great activity, you just turn your phone off and grab the book, sit somewhere where is no sound, and just read, it improves your imagination, and also grammar, and another activity is listening to music or spending time with friends or family, going on trips,..:D
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