What do you look out for in a person that you meet for the first time?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by Berew, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Berew

    Berew New Member

    If a person has good morals, passionate and friendly. This is what i mostly look out from the people i interact with every day on my way to work, to school and to home.
  2. kers

    kers Member

    I don't particularly expect anything while meeting a person for the first time. But I guess, what I look out for is how well they speak and their friendly attitude. It would be so nice to have someone to keep you engaged in a conversation even if it's just your first time meeting each other.
  3. crdnlian

    crdnlian New Member

    What I look out for in a person that I met for the first time is our ability to be comfortable with each other. I would like to know if I'll get comfortable with the person or are there points that I need to notice for our get-to-know or relationship be comfortable with each other, with no awkwardness, and judgment, just pure getting to know each other.

    TANPOST Member

    Whether they establish sane eye contact as they speak - or shifty eyes or bizarre eye contact. A person says more with their eyes than what they say - which most the time can mean countless things. A first date, is very DANGEROUS - especially if they request you go to a place,where the lighting is bad - and therefore eye contact is difficult. BEWARE of such a individual - they may be trying to hide from you who they really are.
  5. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    What is look out in the person is body language.
  6. Twinql

    Twinql New Member

    When I first meet a person I make eye contact, and listen. Giving someone the space to talk is courteous, and it allows me to learn about them. Then I wait to see if they will, in turn, do the same. If they don’t, I surmise that they may be on the narcissistic side of the spectrum. That’s not someone I need to share my information with, because I won’t want them in my inner circle.
  7. Terrybow

    Terrybow New Member

    That first meeting is when you instantly decide on whether you like this person or not. I always watch how they make eye contact, how they stand, where they put their arms and what they are doing with their hands. I listen to their speech and how they put sentences together. But most of all, I go on how I feel in their presence. We are all surrounded by an aura, which is a sense on the spiritual realm. A person's aura tells me all I need to know about them. I have had instants where people I have met have made my hair stand up on my arms, and I know that I can never be friends with that person.
  8. Keyway

    Keyway Member

    The ability to be a decent communicator is going to be my first flag finder. I take into account the personality of a person, to kind of determine what the flow of our first interactions will "most likely be". Yet eye contact is a big winner for me though. It let's you know a lot about a person's self esteem to a certain extent. I also know that you can't always judge a person by it's cover.
  9. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    The way they speak. I easily get drawn to people who can speak confidently and I unconsciously stare at the way their lips move.
  10. Defclan

    Defclan New Member

    The ability to take decisions without bias and selflessness. I see these as important they are the values that I expect to see in a friend, partner or colleague.
  11. Privyharley

    Privyharley New Member

    When I meet someone for the first time I don't really expect anything. It all depends with how they will treat me. If they are warm and respectful then I'll give them my respect.
  12. Thesease

    Thesease Member

    I believe it is human nature for an individual to judge a person by their appearance.

    However, that is almost always only an initial assessment. There are still many factors to look out for when we meet someone for the first time. I believe it is important to look out for other internal components of a person, such as personality, attitude, and so much more. It is also beneficial to know their opinions toward important topics and issues, making sure that you can have a good discourse with each other. No one likes a person who strongly defends an opinion to the point of aggression and insults.
  13. Mollywrites

    Mollywrites New Member

    I look out for a great conversationalist. A good listener and someone who is consciously aware of what's happening.
  14. Prathmeshveer

    Prathmeshveer New Member

    I personally look at the personality of the person first and then try to feel his aura or the vibe that he is sending. And after thst i decided if i should engage in a conversation with tbat person or not. If i find a good connection with that persor, then you never know a stranger could become the most important person of your life.
  15. Biisting

    Biisting Member

    confidence and general outlook because i believe that smart outside smart inside
  16. SandwichMan

    SandwichMan New Member

    It is simple. No? I am probably what is considered an introvert. I wait to be talked and try best to hold conversation. So what I look for is whether or not they are actually speaking to me.
  17. meenngm

    meenngm New Member

    Here are six ways we judge people when we first meet them and some tips to make a good first impression:
    • Appearance. Of course, the first thing that we notice about someone is how they look. ...
    • Smile. ...
    • Handshake. ...
    • Body Language. ...
    • Timeliness. ...
    • Mannerisms.

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