What do you prefer? Original Songs or Cover songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Mia09, May 19, 2019.

  1. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    I like cover songs more. I like it when other artist play their own version of the songs, for me it becomes more personal.
  2. MsChi

    MsChi New Member

    either original or cover songs. it depends how they sang a song. I like both..
  3. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    Appreciating a singer generally depends on how he or she interprets the song. Let it be covered or original, it's the talent that shines. There are times that cover songs sound better than the original songs, but I still give more credits to the original. And that is because, for me, it's the original that gave the inspiration for a better cover.
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  4. It depends, who is the singer and how they sang a song.
  5. Brenlee69

    Brenlee69 New Member

    well obviously i like the original version of the song. but sometimes i also like the cover songs depending on the artist
  6. Sammij18

    Sammij18 New Member

    Always original! Unless maybe I haven't heard the original and only the cover, then I couldn't compare. But in general original always sounds better to me.
  7. jazzmarie

    jazzmarie New Member

    I prefer the cover songs sometimes, since it is more relaxing and acoustic in some cover songs that I have listened into.
  8. nth280993

    nth280993 New Member

    I prefer the orginal song but somtime I enjoy the cover more. It depends on the singer voice and how they memix the song with music.
  9. pokerbjj

    pokerbjj New Member

    There are relatively few covers I prefer over the original, mainly because I think the covering artist already has an unfair advantage by taking a (usually) good song and simply refining it, which despite the result is a bit lazy. There are some covers I really enjoy though. The above mention of The Cars song (totally disagree, btw) makes me think
  10. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    I prefer original song better than cover song. I think the covering song artist has unfair advantage by taking good song. I enjoy sometimes cover song. The original song's voice is good.
  11. Kurty

    Kurty New Member

    Cover songs can be a good way also to adapt the emotions of the original songs to the present time. It all becomes magical when the singer or band re think the very essence of it but it is very sad when the cover is made only to generate likes and sometimes people do it just because recently the artist passed away or something tragic happened.
  12. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Usually I prefer the original but there are some good cover songs out there.
  13. Rudy2

    Rudy2 New Member

    I like original songs more than covers of songs however, some cover songs are simply better than the original. A good example of a cover song that is better than the original is "House of the rising sun" by Five Finger Death Punch. I liked the original song by The Animals but the cover by FFDP is a thousand times better.
  14. Tasheika

    Tasheika Member

    It depends on what sounds better to me
  15. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    I think it depends on the song. Sometimes there are song that is not my type but when I heard it from someone covers it then I suddenly like it. It's nice to listen songs from original and covers, it only matters how someone's version catches the ear and attention of the listeners. Different version of a song is very interesting and it also shows that a particular song is very catchy that even local singers love to do cover on it.
  16. KMG666

    KMG666 New Member

    Hmmnn. that's a tough one, but the one golden rule is " Nothing beats the Original " am I right?. because they are the one's who created the music right?. but I also think that some covers are way way better that the original ones, so most of the It's the original ones but sometimes it's the cover ones. hmmmnn, so it's 70/30 to me. :D
  17. illuminniall

    illuminniall New Member

    It probably depends on the song. Being original doesn't necessarily equate to being good, unless you're Freddie Mercury of course. If the song is too basic matched with basic vocals, it can easily be altered into something better by anyone else. Although, some people still tend to love the originals more just because it's their favorite artists and they don't really care if some covers are evidently better. In the end, it's all just about preferences, we all have different opinions when it comes to what pleases us most anyway.
  18. ikerman88

    ikerman88 New Member

    Some times the cover music is better than the original version to me, for exemple Come Together of Beatles I prefer the Michael Jackson version.
  19. Aileen635

    Aileen635 New Member

    I don't really have a preference. It all depends on whether or not the song and how it was sung is something I connect to, because whether it's the original or a cover, it's really in the interpretation. I suppose it's because music, like all art, is as personal as it is universal and sometimes it connects with people and sometimes it simply does not. That's really all there is for me.
  20. azerty321

    azerty321 New Member

    I prefer the original version of the song, but in some cases the cover version is way better than the original one. So, after all, I think it depends on the artist.
  21. hpolvorido

    hpolvorido New Member

    it does not matter whether original or cover songs, as long as it is interpreted with a heart and sang as if the song belongs to you and you connect to your audience. Songs are interpretation of how you feel at the moment and relay or you affect and effect it to your audience.
  22. Shawty05

    Shawty05 New Member

    I preferred listening original songs where you can feel the real sincerity of the artist for the original songs. However Cover songs is a new performance or recording by someone who can also help to release the unpopular songs of the artist. It is really great if original song and cover song will collaborate to each other.
  23. AlexM23

    AlexM23 New Member

    Music changes through the ages just like people, fashion and technology does, Many musicians had a passion and determination to learn a instrument. The unfortunate part is that these days people use technology to create music instead of actual instruments they dont even need to know how to sing technology can make anyone's voice sound like an angel. My preference in music would be all the orginal songs.
  24. pids18

    pids18 New Member

    I prefer the original songs. Music may change, but the essence of the original song that you felt is nothing more compare to cover songs.
  25. glenda18

    glenda18 New Member

    If you’re musically inclined, a certain English punk-rock band likely pops into your head. Or what about the crunchy guitar riffs and raw power of “American Woman?” That particular permanently be-spectacled rock star is instantly recognizable. What about “Somewhere Over the Rainbow?” Strummed ukulele chords and the crooning vocals of a Hawaiian pop star. See: I don’t even have to mention the musicians behind these tunes. They’re (both the songs and the rockers) recognized the world over.

    Well, get this: none of them are original works; they’re just extreme versions of the best cover songs of all time.

    Yes, when it comes to music, first is not always best. Often, the original rendition is merely the first draft, a starting-gun inspiration for other singers and songwriters to take a good song and make it great. Herein, you’ll find 50 such examples of the world’s best cover songs. So listen on, and see how many you knew were cover songs. And for more great music,
  26. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    I prefer the original song rather than cover song because it depicts originality. Cover songs are just a copycat, no originality at all. They didn't go to the exact process, like they literally jump out of the blue and copied something. They make new arrangements, the song has lost its momentum.
  27. mateusredfield

    mateusredfield New Member

    Originals, because the covers most of times don't pass the exact message of the artist, but some covers are incredible.
  28. RosaLeite

    RosaLeite New Member

    It depends on the day and how I am feeling. Covers normally get deep in my soul. So, if im having an "on my feelings kind of day" for sure covers!
  29. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    it depends on the artist who cover the song.some cover are not better than the original and some cover are better than the original.and still depends on your style of music that you like.
  30. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    i prefer cover songs these are very good for ears

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