what do you preffer movies or series?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by rohanizamapandi1@gmail.com, May 1, 2018.

  1. for me series because it is more exciting and a bit addicting specially if the story is a good one, you might end up watching all the episode and all the series..
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  2. jayB

    jayB New Member

    Though there are incredible movies out there, I have to admit I am a sucker for the series. Harry Potter is a perfect example of this, if they wouldn't have made the chronicles then we wouldn't have been able to build a "mental" relationship with the characters and feel the excitement or concern for them as much as many viewers had. I enjoy the journey of continuing films. TV shows are even more exciting, with an interesting plot line, you end up being entranced like "Game of Thrones" and feel like you are in another world, quite remarkable.
  3. TV series is which I most prefer to watch with. It gives us different emotions as day goes by. Each episodes become more and more suspense that you will addictive to wait.
  4. elyzabartolo

    elyzabartolo New Member

    I really preffered watching series because it s gave me feels to really wait for each episode.
  5. Milmar4711

    Milmar4711 Member

    I prefer movies, movie has a definite beginning middle and end, I can't say that about series, I always liked the movies, because. there is an end for the most part anyway, on the other hand, series can be extremely long and have no real ending when he goes off the air.
  6. livity6900

    livity6900 Member

    I prefer movies to series because they are one off thing. Movies can be very long like an hour or two. so when you are done watching it, then that is it. But a series can take almost your time. I have seen series been shown on national television whereby it took them 6 months to complete the whole series. If you have any other production thing to do, you might be able to do that because the series will tie you up. it gives you no time to do any other thing. When you miss a series, you are likely not to follow so you must ensure that they you stayed glues to your set at all cost. Watching series is a very bad habit and i urge people to desist from it.
  7. Matador67

    Matador67 New Member

    Television series' have and will always do it for me. On those lazy days when all you want is to lie in bed, they make the best companion, sometimes even more than my cat Tom.:p Ever since I watched Game of Thrones, I rarely turn to movies for entertainment. The thing about series' is that they give the producer more time and space to create twists and turns that make you fall in love with the characters and at some point you even feel heartbroken. I am not in any way discrediting movies. There are some movies that actually give you the series' experience. The most recent movies that I found very riveting were Baywatch and Jumanji. Maybe it's just me and my love for Dwayne Johnson.:)
  8. Well there are a lot of factors to be considered for this question. But honestly, I prefer series over movies. Movies can be a bit exhausting to watch especially when you're doing marathons. I know I might sound vague but the need to start over again in every movie can be a little bit too much for me. Unlike TV series where I can simply follow a few lines of plot and keep going from there. Though things escalate in a series, it gets me hooked up and craving for more as they progress.

    I can watch movies a few times a week (maybe 1 or 2), but I can watch a series like all day, all week. LOL!
  9. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    I prefer BOTH. It depends on the story. Sometimes you can't get enough of it so you watch series. Sometimes you want to know the ending quickly so you prefer movies. It really depends upon your taste.
  10. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    AGREE. You look forward for the next episode. :)
  11. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    Series is indeed much more interesting than movies. Watching movies seem like it's not enough or you want to know more about what will happen to the character next, movies often leaves plot twist at the end which makes you wanna think what will happen next. Series, on the other hand makes your life complete. You just need to wait for every episode so that you'll clearly understand the story and enjoy.
  12. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    There's some movies which I like and some series which I also like, so I guess I like both. But what I really like are Movie Series like LOTR and The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, John Wick, Star Trek, Avengers etc.
  13. Heryne

    Heryne New Member

    I prefer movies to series. I love it when I watch something to the end and don’t like being left hanging waiting for the next scene, that will probably take some time to be released inform of episodes. One major drawback of series is that sometimes you find they have a change of the cast members and it becomes hard to relate with them when the program is already halfway.
    I find that series consume a lot of time compared to movies. You can spend a whole day in front of your television watching one episode to the other while in movies it’s usually two hours or even less and I Am done.
  14. Ric

    Ric Member

    It depends. Some movies are great from beginning to end. Some series have a hot streak like that too, but eventually drop the ball somewhere. I miss one episode after not enjoying whatever the last one I saw and then another. When I catch up to it getting good again, I have to go back to see what I missed that lead up to that point.
  15. ahmad95

    ahmad95 New Member

    Series. Of couse there are movies that makes sequels but, watching series is more in tact and in track of its schedule.
  16. Nora1

    Nora1 New Member

    I prefer watching series because the story is not compressed to a single two-hour video. Less details are overlooked and it gives the viewers more time to indulge themselves in the world presented in the series. Series are preferable because the viewer gets to maximize his/her imagination of what might possibly happen on the next episode. Not only that, the producers of the series can space out the plot twists of the series in specific episodes and gives the viewers more time to contemplate on what happened on that particular episode.
  17. SamV

    SamV New Member

    Honestly i like both but movies have to snatch the win for me. My reasoning, You get to watch the whole thing at once and disent stop. SIMPLE
  18. aanya2899

    aanya2899 New Member

    For me series is the best because it is never ending drama, more character development and plenty of room for plot twists. Although some exceptional movies have caught my attention such as A cure for wellness, Stealing beauty , lord of rings...
  19. cheapdenim

    cheapdenim New Member

    I tend to be more of a TV show person, primarily because of the added amount of character development that can occur.

    Don't get me wrong, I love a good movie. But to me, it's harder to tell a full story in 90 minutes, and there's not many movies I've watched that satisfies my thirst for a good character-driven narrative.

    Think about a 10 episode long series, with each episode being 45 minutes. That's a whole seven and half hours in which the writers have to reveal a characters traits, flaws and past experiences in.

    It also allows me to enjoy the content for much longer, rather than consuming a movie, thinking about it for half an hour, and then forgetting about it (until I rewatch it).
  20. Mrshaders

    Mrshaders New Member

    hi I prefer movies. so I can watch it straightly no pause or no other. but sometimes series is more detailed si I also prefer series more detailed but it cons is it's just that it's too long to post for another episode. hehehhe that's my thoughts thanks
  21. Gribas

    Gribas New Member

    I am fond of both movies and series. But I am a real fan of series. I like long stories with a lot of characters. I like waiting for a new episode and this time does not annoy me. I can suppose what will be going on in next episodes. The only disadvantage is a number of seasons. Sometimes it is difficult to wait several years to watch new episodes. Real fans, I think, can wait for decades to watch what happened with beloved characters. Movies are more for those people who do not like to spent a lot of time on following the plot for a very long time.

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