What do you think is better DOTA 2 or LOL?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by akane159, Jun 14, 2017.



  1. DOTA

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  2. LOL

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  1. akane159

    akane159 Member

    I have been play League of legends for couple of week and is more fun them dota 2 but dota is more challenging to play and that is great. I think both are fun games. What do you like most dota 2 or LOL?

  2. phillippinion

    phillippinion New Member

    I like league better just because the fan base is so big and the game is really smooth. I do like Dota for the challenge and the large character selection tho. I'd have to give it to LOL in the end.
  3. Ossian

    Ossian New Member

    The first MOBA I played was league of legends, I really liked the amount of people playing it, I made good friends in it, mechanically I think it requires more skill than DOTA, it's just a personal opinion, I played DOTA 2 For a while but I did not like
  4. Minty714

    Minty714 New Member

    I was originally a Dota player for a few years. Then I played LoL and HoN when they first came out. Didn't like HoN too much but League was super fun. Of course when Dota 2 came out, I played that for years and have went to spectate The International twice.

    I infinitely prefer Dota 2 but I can see the appeal of league. It's a lot more fast-paced and spammy which can be fun to play whereas Dota 2 is a lot more slow and strategic. Dota 2 can also be a lot more frustrating as a single mistake is heavily punished. I still play league sometimes because many of my friends still play it. That's another pro of LoL, it's easily accessible and many people play it so it's easy to spend time with your friends or new acquaintances.

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