What do you think is the advantage of Fiction over Nonfiction?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Marvin_Baccay09, May 9, 2018.

  1. Marvin_Baccay09

    Marvin_Baccay09 New Member

    Share your ideas..
  2. racethebar

    racethebar New Member

    I think the advantage of Fiction over non-fiction is the fact that with Fiction, your only limit is your imagination. You can invent places, people, objects, or even creatures that none of us have ever heard of! Compared to non-fiction which should have a realistic basis.
  3. Chiniii

    Chiniii New Member

    In Non fiction, there should be a real facts about the character, the settings or the place plus the scence. While in Fiction, there new things and learnings that we can get. We can get unlimited imaginative images that will came out to our mind and just write it to share with others. There's a lot of fun while reading Fiction stories than Non fictions stories except if you are logically inborn.
  4. Abicdefghi

    Abicdefghi New Member

    The writer has an advantage on creative freedom. The style and structure is limit less. His imagination is his limit.

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