What do you think of Avengers 4 ending turn out,

Discussion in 'Movies' started by arlade, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. arlade

    arlade New Member

    Who will be the main character
    Who will defeat who
    I think this movie Avengers4 The titled" End Game" will be showing this year.
  2. ha188

    ha188 New Member

    I think the end of avengers will be exceptional I wait patiently the release of the movie but I think that iron man will be the character that will make the difference more than the others.
  3. rhiaxp

    rhiaxp New Member

    There's a theory that they will go back time and change Loki's mind, because Thanos brainwashed him before, so i guess happy ending? hahaha
  4. Sneska

    Sneska New Member

    Avengers: Endgame is set to premier on April 26th and it is definitely going to resolve the situation following the Snap. I absolutely refuse to believe that the beloved characters are actually gone and I am pretty sure that the remaining Avengers are going to find the way to undo the consequences of the Thanos' snap, either by vanquishing him or turning him into a good guy. Steve and Tony are most certainly crucial for this sequel since this is their 'swan song'.
  5. Sneska

    Sneska New Member

    There is no reason to change Loki's mind since he was killed by Thanos at the beginning of the Infinity war.
  6. Gabyinho

    Gabyinho New Member

    Sincerely, I cried! It was a painful moment to see that half of my favourite heroes go like that! When Thor hit Thanos in the chest with his hammer, I sed, that's it we are saved!

    But no, Thanos said: "You should have aimed for the head!" And then he snapped his fingers!... I was like this: OMG, What the f.......k? I can't believe it! :(

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