What do you use as motivation to lose weight?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by bairesgirl, May 7, 2017.

  1. bairesgirl

    bairesgirl New Member

    Hello everyone!!
    I am about to start eating super clean again in order to lose a few pounds I gained while I was pregnant and another few I gained after the baby was born due to anxiety ( He was at the NICU for a bit over two weeks) and the fact that my parents are visiting at the moment and we had been going out to eat a lot...
    I would like to know what do you use as motivation to lose weight and get back in shape..
    Do you look at old pics of yourself? Do you follow fitness accounts on social media ( Instagram, Facebook, etc)?
    Or simply decide that you want to get back on track not only to look again but in order to be healthy and strong?
    I would like to hear what helps you achieve your goals; in my case I usually do a bit of all the things mentioned above :)
    Thank you so much for reading my post!

  2. Panther G

    Panther G New Member


    I have just started on a healthy living journey myself. I particularly don't like to call it weight loss, because in the process it usually changes your life in some way. My motivation is pretty simple.... I don't like the way I feel. I wake up and my back and knees hurt; and I know that is due to my weight gain. I want to keep doing the things that I enjoy doing, and then some without hurting every time I do it. So, that's my motivation. To stop feeling pain, and enjoy life.
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  3. bairesgirl

    bairesgirl New Member

    That is great Panther :)
    Health should actually be the main reason why we want to get in shape.
    I remember when I was younger it was all about looking food, fit, etc but with time I understood it is much more than that and being healthy should be the number one reason why we eat clean or workout.
    Thanks for commenting!
  4. Eric Chatman

    Eric Chatman New Member

    Don't lose hope, just work hard for it, with hard works and efforts one can do every thing,there are lot of motivations videos and topics available where people lost so much of weight just by efforts.So keep your efforts up.
  5. gabblessyou

    gabblessyou New Member

    I've noticed that I feel motivated to respect my diet and working out, when someone is doing it with me. For example, two months ago I tried a different diet from the one my husband was doing and I failed miserably. But now, we are doing the same diet. And now it is easier for me to respect the meals, count calories, and working out. I am sure that because we push each other to achieve results. Maybe if you partner up with someone it would help.
  6. PB&Chelsey

    PB&Chelsey New Member

    When I am eating unhealthy I personally start to get headaches and body aches. I also feel bloated and I absolutely hate to feel this things, so I usually will binge eat for a couple days until I feel fully disgusted with myself then I somehow get the motivation to get back on track.
  7. peachy714

    peachy714 New Member

    i motivate myself to lose weight by stalking my boyfriend's ex. i would look at pictures of her flaunting her toned body in social media and think to myself that i should look better than her. lol i know it's shallow but it works for me. everytime i get tired from a workout, i just keep on thinking about how toned her body is then i get pumped up again.
  8. neko

    neko New Member

    I imagine how I want to look in the future and use it as motivation but the main factor that motivates me the most is the feeling of accomplishing my objective. I hope this was helpful. :)
  9. Deezawadi12

    Deezawadi12 New Member

    We all know that looking good is very important thing in our daily lives. Most people in this world have that one person, the motivate them to look the way they look and in some cases scenarios it's not a famous person, it's just a regular normal person and something about them that that person likes. In my case scenario I like more, with the fitness models because of how well they are shape, toned and directly my mind goes 'yep that's the kind of body I want to have' and that's my motivation when comes to losing weight.
  10. FaziEnthusiast

    FaziEnthusiast New Member

    I started running and it just clicked for me. I stopped caring what my body looked like and started appreciating what it could do. Once I stopping caring how I looked I started being nicer to myself. I stopped beating myself up every day and started to like myself. Liking myself was such a high that I started running every day to capture that feeling. The more I ran, the more I craved good, clean foods, so I started eating better. It just became second nature and once I realized what was happening it had already become habitual.
  11. Didimalang

    Didimalang New Member

    I am 6'1". In my adult life I have weighed as little as 140lbs (not a good look for me) and a little over 253lbs (also not a good look) all in the space of two years. Here is my story.

    I woke up one day and realized that I was a little tubby. I had ways found it effortless for me to maintain 180lbs in the past and had never though of myself as being overweight. I was supposed to meet up with my friends for drinks later on that day. In the process of getting myself ready to go out, I tried on my favorite pair of jeans. They wouldn't fit. Angry, I tried on other clothes I wore when I went out. Nothing would fit me. I was in denial and blamed everything (including the drier) for shrinking my clothes. In the midst of my fury, I happened to catch a glimpse of my self in the mirror, in the nude. What I saw shocked me enough to kill whatever anger I may have had and what filled the void were feelings of despair that came crashing down on me like wave, each one bigger than the last. When I finally gathered myself, I decided that I had to jump on the scale. When I saw 253 I nearly cried.

    In the months that followed, I managed to get my weight down to 180lbs, but I had cheated my way using pills and potions. A while later I had gone down to 140lbs with out pills or potions, this time I basically starved myself for literally weeks at a time. I took things too far and ended up in the hospital. That is when I realized that my goal to lose weight was the wrong goal to begin with.

    At 253lbs, my goal was to get thin, but it should have been to get healthy. The one thing I wish I knew before I got started is that the number on the scale is irrelevant. Another thing I wish I had known is that by focusing on having a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating right, getting the right kind of exercise and such, that my weight would inevitably go down to a more desirable level without causing myself harm.

    Avoid my mistakes. Make living healthy your priority and you will not need motivation. Make healthy choices and the weight will follow.
  12. Tarquin

    Tarquin New Member

    I usually feed my self positive feed back about my progress. Make sure that i have a target date and target measurements listed, once i have achieved those, i gave my self a reward. The harder the task the better the reward will be.
  13. Utah

    Utah New Member

    I see people who I haven't seen in a while haha. Usually, they are either surprised by how much weight I have lost or gained. It's either a good pat on the shoulder or a wake up call.
  14. poisongirl

    poisongirl New Member

    I tend to get a little chubby during winter, so waking up call usually meets me in spring.
    Just as Leslie mentioned, my best motivation for losing weight is looking at my pictures in times I was fit and had flat tummy with little abs showing. Then I think to myself, if I could do it once, why couldn't I do it again. I remember the first time I gained few extra kilos, my inspiration was to look at transformation pictures of other girls, or to buy one piece of clothes (usually skinny jeans) that currently doesn't fit me and I set up my goal - to get into those jeans before summer.
    I don't measure or weigh myself during the first month, cause I don't want to lose motivation, but after I start keeping track, every gram I lose becomes best motivation to keep up good work. I also take care of what I eat. Sure, pizza, kebab, or hamburger looks and smells great, but I have my mind set on my goal. I allow myself some of these once or twice per month, or make myself healthier versions of it :D
    Fortunately, I never had any health issues connected with weight.
  15. StardustNebula

    StardustNebula New Member

    Cute clothes, definitely.
    I love to eat and I'm also guilty of stress-eating, but even then you have to set yourself some limits.
    I do not like the idea of imposing myself a terrible diet regime though, make no mistake. I like to find a middle point in which I work hard for what I want and how I want to look while also enjoying myself a little :D
    By all means, be kind to yourself! Keep your eyes on the goal but don't let yourself faint out of hunger on the way.
  16. ElisabethNL

    ElisabethNL New Member

    I am at an age where losing weight isn't easy anymore. So what I do to not getting too overweight is thinking of my health most of the times (I am no angel). If you don't know yet that obesity is a health risk you must have been living under a rock. So I eat healthy food, seldom take desserts or sweets. I work out in a gym 3 times per 2 weeks; it's great, it's called mahec and you work out 20 minutes with elektrodes on your body. They give you light "shocks" when you use your muscles. Twenty minutes of that stands for 2 hours at the gym. So my motivation: my health.
  17. Mike23

    Mike23 New Member

    I have a pair of jeans one size too small for me in my closet, and I stare at them when I'm craving snacks. I keep a few hard boiled eggs in the fridge to kill cravings. Carrot sticks and fruit help too. Exercise and sunlight also help kill cravings. I just keep reminding myself that healthier means happier. Another trick is meditation, meditation builds willpower. And lastly, if your really desperate, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day kills some of the yeast in your stomach. The yeast sends cravings for sugar to your brain. But the vinegar tastes terrible. REALLY terrible. So, it takes a lot of determination to use that tactic.
  18. tealea

    tealea New Member

    Whenever I want to lose some weight I find some old clothes when I was younger and when I was in the best form and I put on every day in order to motivate myself to lose weight and to be ready to wear it as in the past. It motivates me a lot and when the result is here I buy some new clothes as a reward.
  19. chumzybabe

    chumzybabe New Member

    Motivation comes in play when we have in mind what we desire to achieve, So I get motivated to lose weight when i remember the reasons in which I have decided to lose weight, especially if is on health groud, also i get motivated when I have someone who is always encouraging and reminding me on what i have to do to lose weight.
  20. chumzybabe

    chumzybabe New Member

    Motivation comes in play when we have in mind what we desire to achieve, So I get motivated to lose weight when i remember the reasons in which I have decided to lose weight, especially if is on health groud, also i get motivated when I have someone who is always encouraging and reminding me on what i have to do to lose weight.
  21. lararichard

    lararichard New Member

    Well there is something i usually use when i try to lose weight , there is always this thing about being healthy and avoiding sicknesses , however there is also a power inside wou that wou need to extract. Choose for example an actress and tell yourself why can't i be like her? it does not decrease your self-esteem , it just makes you more determined to lose weight . You can also choose a guy in your environment and tell yourself , i would like to make this guy fall for me , thus i will start exercising ..... and so on . Actually nobody can make you motivated more than yourself , so just stand up look at the mirror and find your own motivation ;) Best of luck !!!
  22. Goldeng123

    Goldeng123 New Member

    Focusing on the desired end result is a great motivation for me in anything I try to achieve.
    In losing weight, keeping close pictures of people who have your desired size, also writing it down and reading it to yourself everyday can work wonders.
  23. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    Motivation for me its hard work, it’s a result of habit, routine and doing. It does not come easily. You really need to work for it to get it; you could even say you need to foster it. Then you can start using it to lose weight or anything you want to achieve in your live ... When I manage to "find it", specifically to lose weight, I generally start by imagine how I would look if I lose some weight, then I begin a research to figure out how I would do it, I value the things I can do and the things I could not do (I know you put your own limitations but you have to be honest with yourself and know if you are going to keep up a plan or not) like meal plans, exercise routines and even my rewards after I finish my week goal. That’s some other thing I make goals on a short term because you can see the results easily on them, and eventually they’ll turn in long term goals. Also to keep motivation is really helpful to exercise daily; it’ll get you endorphins that’ll keep you going… Keeping up with that, after I finish my mental preparation to get motivate to lose weight I feel better because I actually know where to start and that gives me a hint of “ok, lets do this”. I also watch tons of fit people pictures. I don't recommend looking at old pictures because now, you are a different person, we change every day and the past is the past, you need to need to achieve a new body for your present life, not living in the past... well, I hope this works for you too.
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  24. jprecaa

    jprecaa New Member

    The best motivation for me is asking a friend to join your weight lose goals and motivating each other, setting goals, research and giving opinions, either way it gives us a boost on achieving the body shape you want challenging yourself to do more if you see your friend improving and consistency by making it a habit is the secret to keep you moving.
  25. Doadex

    Doadex New Member

    Keeping the motivation high all the time is tough. It takes a lot of willpower to discipline me. Sometimes if someone close to me comments on how much I have gained weight, then it makes me realize that I need to do something about it. Support from friends and family is important for me. And other times I just have to imagine how I used to be when I was younger, so it helps for me to stay in shape. The older we get the more difficult it gets to stay in shape. I always hated it when I gain weight, I have cheek fat and a belly. That is enough for me to want to lose weight. I guess focusing on the desire and the 'why' keeps you motivated to do it.
  26. Flex

    Flex New Member

    I am also trying hard to lose some weight and become physically fit. As I read all the post here, I know I am not alone in this fight and I suggest to everyone who always try their best to lose weight is to not to be too hard on yourself. This is because you will be burned out any time. Now, I always find pleasure in my workout by making sure that I enjoy it so that I can do it regularly. I did some variation from running around my area to playing badminton with my friends. I also opted for a staircases rather than escalator when I am in a mall because small effort can make a big changes. I am motivating myself by reminding that I am doing all of these stuff for my own body to prevent any lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension that my father could have been prevented. Loving my own body type and never ever compare myself to anybody is my mantra. Like our fingerprints are very unique in each in every one of us.
  27. JoyceEstorias

    JoyceEstorias New Member

    My only motivation to lose weight is myself. I want to be better. I want to unleash the best I can by being healthy. I want to be free from those sucking disease because of weight. But you know gals, it is not really about the number, it is how do you feel about your health. You can be at 200lbs but healthy and you can be in you 100lbs but sickful. Matter of how our body talks to us. Matter of how we love our body. Matter of how motivated are we. Just keep in mind that whatever your motivation is, Stay Healthy!

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