What does it take to be a good nonfiction writer?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by billwaf2, Nov 6, 2018.


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  1. billwaf2

    billwaf2 New Member

    I have always dreamt of becoming a good non-fiction writer. The problem is I don't know how to and I really need some help from someone in this forum who is familiar with the subject am talking about.

    Another problem is I can't finish a story am planning to write because of so many disruptions. I feel like I can write good non-fiction but the problem is that I lack a mentor.
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  2. Ariel312

    Ariel312 New Member

    Relatibility is what I look into when I pick books of the non-fiction genre at the bookstore. When the author narrates the story, the personal familiarity they exhibit with their topic creates a relatability between the author and the reader, and this is what makes non-fiction books work most of the time. Understanding your audience is paramount, but being able to write in your own unique voice is even more critical in making them see the reality through your personal lens. A book that can imprint the topic at hand in the reader's mind by adopting friendly and relatable terms can go far in getting the topic, as well as your voice, heard far and wide across the globe.
  3. greenwood88

    greenwood88 New Member

    You must relate to life's reality especially the current happenings of the society. What appears to be relatable back then is no longer relatable today or has lesser impact now. The best thing to do is write from experience and travel. In that way you are able to understand life and the world not as you see it in the news but based on your experiences. the world is so huge that we learn from it everyday from people, to animals, the environment and the changes daily.
  4. UnAngst

    UnAngst New Member

    You need a subject. Is the subject you? Perhaps a memoir? It is a cliche but it is a good piece of advice: "Write what you know." If you are writing a true crime story or a biography you should be an expert on the subject. Good writing is timeless and will remain relevant. If you are writing about actual events then you're writing becomes part of a historical record. You should realize that whether you write fiction or non-fiction you will be a part of the story. That means that no matter how much you try, absolute objectivity is an elusive and unrealistic goal. You will put at least a little of you in the story merely because of the way you choose to write, your style. The words you choose and the structure of sentences in your work will, and should, bear your trademark.
  5. johngreen6651

    johngreen6651 New Member

    you must have the ability to convience people with your write up,it must always look real at all times
  6. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    Here is one way to become a non-fiction author. ... Become good at something or some subject. ... others do endless research, others take courses, and some do not become writers.

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