What does music mean to you?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Bailey, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    Share what song means the most to you and why!

    Mine would have to be Piece of Mind by Kehlani. I can connect with this song unlike any other because of the struggles I've gone through in past relationships and my current one.

    Whats your song and story? What does it mean to you?
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  2. wow22

    wow22 New Member

    Music gives me reason to be happy whenever I'm down, music boosts my morale, music speaks to me a language that only I can understand, music quenches my thirst, music is my comforter, music is like a weapon that must be handled with care. "Music and Me" no one can part us. Music means everything to me.
  3. rogue1

    rogue1 New Member

    Music is the craft of sound as art that stimulates our mood in relaxation, motivation, and sometimes frustration if in case it irritates you or doesn't match your taste. Music also affects the attitudes and culture of people dependent of its style and genre (like hip-hop influences a person to wear swaggy dressing).
  4. zapht_renotae

    zapht_renotae New Member

    Music has been very important for me throughout all my life, even as a young child. It's the language of emotion, the place where words help to clarify but aren't always needed. Humans have used music since long before recorded civilizations.
  5. Jerome Mendoza

    Jerome Mendoza New Member

    Music means everything to me. When words fail, music speaks. Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind , and gives rest, heals the heart. Without music the world is so silent. Music is life, it gives hope to the hopeless and love for the loveless. Next to the word of God, music is the greatest treasure in the world. Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
  6. Christer1986

    Christer1986 New Member

    For me, Life is boring without Music, it means everything to me, it gives life to our lives, through music we can express different emotions like happiness, loneliness, aggression, calmness, heartbreaks etc. Music can help us get through tough times, it makes us realize, it has the power to influence people, and to motivate anyone, celebrations become more lively with music. Some Musicians have died, but their Music lives on..
  7. John El Psy Congro

    John El Psy Congro New Member

    We can say that music is just an art, a way of expressing yourself. For me, music is not just a form of art but it is life. I do agree that when words fail, music speaks and that when action fails, music touches. For me, music is one of the greatest hero of all time. I've seen countless people who were saved because of music. It gives life to the people who wanted to die. It gives hope to the people who fall. It can make you bleed when you're wounded and it's necessary. It can make you feel love. It can unite everyone. The power of music is too strong that all these are possible and that what music is for me.
  8. romnick

    romnick Member

    Music is life!!
    why? all music what ever genre is that is all about the story of one's life.. Famous singers wrote a songs about their lives.. they can show their feelings by means of writing songs..
  9. RainbowMama17

    RainbowMama17 New Member

    Music is such a big part of my life. It finds a way to give me a song for whatever mood I may be feeling. Music can heal you or burn you. It can make you cry, laugh or rage. It's what I turn to when I am done with the world for a moment. It gives me hope in the future and let's me reminisce about the past.

    Yiruma - River Flows In You is a song that will always speak to me and mean everything to me. It's pure and beautiful and will get to your heart.
  10. sayeah

    sayeah New Member

    Music is like a best friend telling me different things and sometimes advice. People tend to listen to a specific genre alongside with what is happening to their life right now. The lyrics is the voice that telling me things that I want to here while it's rhythm is the hands that soothe me when I'm sad and the power that give me more energy when I'm happy
  11. panemorfimi

    panemorfimi New Member

    What is music for me?
    For me music is a way of expressing your emotions when you cannot express it in words or in normal manner. Music also is a soul for me, without it I feel empty and incomplete. Music is a medicine a relaxing activity when you are too stress of your life,work and other stuff in this world. Music also for me is a way to communicate to one other, to reach everyone inspite of the differences we have. To unite one another to spread love, peace, advocate, to hear one's feelings and emotion. to bind one other. Music is tool to be understood. Without music life is too melancholy to live.
  12. Jabar Wright

    Jabar Wright New Member

    Music is everything to me. I know that when life starts to fall apart or when I am depressed I can count on music. Music also speaks the words I fail to say.

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