What Does Your Name Mean? 0.o

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Norikasonei, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Norikasonei

    Norikasonei New Member

    My name is of a latin origin and it means "Worthy of Love." Apparently my name was also not a very popular one back in the 1950's in West Virginia. The meaning of my name to me is pretty interesting. Do you know the meaning of yours? If so what is it and what do you think of it? Hopefully you like it!!!
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  2. roseblossom

    roseblossom New Member

    My name means treasured one, of great value, not to be wasted or treated carelessly. I don't think my name is very popular, however, I have seen it in different movies used in different ways. I used to dislike my name, but I love how unique it is now and can't believe my parents would ever name me this. FYI, my name is Precious.
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  3. saizo6

    saizo6 New Member

    Well, my name is Sophea and it means "Wisdom" in Greek. The name is actually quite popular although people have many ways of spelling it. It's usually spelled "Sophia" or even "Sofia" most of the time. I think my particular spelling is a Cambodian thing because I know of a few others whose name is spelled the same way. My dad was very insistent that his first born daughter be named this for some reason. I can't remember the exact detail but my mom always tells me that my dad really wanted a daughter so he was happy when I was born.
  4. Kegan Piper

    Kegan Piper New Member

    My name is Kegan. It was actually originally supposed to be Thor. They saw my name in a baby book and fell in love with it. It is a german name meaning firey one or one who loves fire. Which they say I live up to because of my love for fireworks and the Fourth of July. So seems they picked the perfect name for me.
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  5. Norikasonei

    Norikasonei New Member

    Awwww that is very cute how your father wanted a baby girl. About 70% of men usually want a boy.
  6. Norikasonei

    Norikasonei New Member

    That is a really cool meaning. Some names and their meanings tend to live up to them which I find to be really awesome.
  7. seafaringstranger

    seafaringstranger New Member

    "Seafaring Stranger" - A person traveling by sea with whom one has no personal acquaintence.
  8. Eno Amog

    Eno Amog New Member

    Awesome names are awesome. I don't know what my name means. Even my mom doesnt know.Hahah
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  9. quercitron

    quercitron Member

    My name is mainly derived from my grandfather's name. However, after being curious for a long time, I did some digging on the origin of my name.

    Simple put it, it means "peaceful ruler".

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