What does your writing space look like? ...Does it matter?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by mysteriousem, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. mysteriousem

    mysteriousem New Member

    I can't seem to settle into a "dedicated" writing space. I've done everything that the experts say to do. I staked my claim in a corner of my bedroom, and set up a desk and comfortable chair. I have plenty of writing utensils at hand, good lighting, and a shelf for my reference books. Yet, more often than not, I find myself writing with my laptop on the kitchen table, or even on the couch!

    Let's hear from the literary vagabonds out there. Am I the only one that needs to shake things up frequently to feel creative? Or are you loyal to one space, all the time?
  2. SpaceReal

    SpaceReal New Member

    I think that the place where you find yourself writing is the place where you should be writing.
    Sometimes we spend so much time trying to make things just right before we start, that we lose focus of what we actually want to do.

    I mostly write poetry, so I write in short burst at a time, and I don't have a space, I write when something interesting pops in my head, as soon as possible.

    So, if your mind works nicely just writing in the kitchen, go for it, the less you worry about where you are, the more you can think about what you want to do
  3. infinite_horizon

    infinite_horizon New Member

    My writing space really is just where I can look at things and feel delighted that they're laid out in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Right now, the space that fits that description for me isn't my home but my dorm room in college. Probably odd but I'm an odd person, haha.
    I feel more expressive when I'm there and more in tune with my muse. That sounds really pretentious, I know but I don't really know how else to express the feeling like you're in sync with yourself? Other than saying that yeah I feel like...like the version of me I'm comfortable being in that moment.

    The flow you get when you're typing away like some mad Dr. Frankenstein at a worktable is the best thing in the world to me and like you catch yourself admiring the precision of your fingers and how you've had the keyboard layout slowly ingrained into your memory so well that you can look up from your work and still hit all the right keys. Or even drink from the cup of hot chocolate you poured yourself while typing with one hand without even flinching!!!

    So yeah that's what does it for me ^^

    Aesthetically pleasing settings. Preferably surrounded by plushies and a steaming mug of sweet goodness. Little lightbox signs, polaroids on twine, a sweet b&w vinyl player and fairy lights are always a nice bonus.
  4. adhuc

    adhuc New Member

    I don't have specific space set up for my writing, but I do have rituals and requirements that make me feel more comfortable.

    I write mostly at night, when everyone else is asleep. If the bug hits me during the day - I often grab my tablet and go outside. I take my glasses off - and if I'm at my desktop, I go so far as to turn the screen off.

    The quieter the world is, the quieter my mind is, the better I connect to that quiet little voice inside that is trying to share a story with me. I'm easily distracted by other activities, objects, people. I find it difficult to work around them - definitely not an extrovert, here. So the more minimalist my space is, the better I am at letting go and doing my thing.

    If that means I'm sitting on a rocking chair on the porch at 3am with only the faint porch light ... well, honestly, that's ideal. There's nothing about that situation that I don't enjoy.
  5. tewritesforums

    tewritesforums New Member

    I hoard notebooks and fancy pens. Easily, 20 of each. Black ink is my guilty pleasure ha ha! My desk is a white chipboard Ikea standard which I waited 2 months to assemble because Ikea didn't include a screwdriver. My sister and I had to put the desk together. Ok, it was really my sister while I oooh ahhhed and took pictures and cooked lunch:)
    I'm an old school writer. I use the pads to jot down ideas or interesting turns of phrase, draw mind maps of my plots and characters. This short story compilation will be written, I say!
  6. kehallo

    kehallo New Member

    I need a structured space, routine, and a cup of coffee to get out my best work. I can write in a variety of places, but I feel like I do my best work alone, in a coffee shop, blasting the latest pop hit on repeat through my headphones. My laptop is my only writing device. With every other tool it's too easy to lose drafts or ideas during the editing process!

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