What Experience Was It When You Felt Badly Embarrassed?

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  1. Embarrassment is one of the worst experiences we do get. You may want the world to open and swallow you but that is an impossibility.

    Here is my experience. My wife called me from work. He had a surprise for me.

    "When you arrive in the compound, don't come in. I will come to fetch you," she warned.

    My heart was beating like the Ashanti drums when I pulled my car into the compound. Different anticipated surprises floated in my mind. Was it an anniversary I had forgotten.

    My wife soon floated into the compound and opened my car door. Her eyes were shining with mischief. I tried to peep hard into her eyes for a glimpse into the hidden surprise but she avoided contact. She had a black headkerchief which she proceeded to blindfold me with. She then led me inside. She blocked any communication and we proceeded like a funeral procession. We moved quietly and slowly. I was breathing hard. The snack I had grabbed and gobbled greedily as I entered my car was taking a toll on my stomach. It occasionally grumbled but we moved on.

    I guessed we had arrived in the sitting room when our bedroom phone rang. My wife excused herself and went to answer the call. I was left standing in the middle of the room.

    My stomach took that opportunity to torment me more. I felt like farting. I could hold it no more. I let out a loud fart. It was followed by another and yet another louder than thunder. I felt slightly relieved.

    My wife entered the sitting room, unblindfolded me.

    "Surprise! Surprise!" She shouted happily.

    What I saw froze me. Sitter in the sitting room were my parents-in-law, all my three sisters-in-law and my two brothers-in-law with their wives and children.

    I fainted!
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    my worst experience is when i enter my bedroom ,and i saw my partner having sex with another woman

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