What foods did you hate as a child, that you love now?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Natalyatarasenkova

    Natalyatarasenkova New Member

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  2. marinarose

    marinarose New Member

    I personally don't remember this, but my dad told me that I hated chocolate when I was younger. When we went trick-or-treating I gave all my chocolate candy to him. He was more than happy to take that burden off my hands. If I remember the story correctly, when I eventually started liking chocolate, my dad was slightly disappointed because that meant no more chocolate for him from me when Halloween came around. Fast forwarding to now, I love chocolate! My favorite are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  3. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane New Member

    I really hated vegetables as a kid, like most children do nowadays. My mother couldn't make me eat my veggies and I'd always prefer meat and fish dishes. Now, I've learned to love vegetables and they have been part of my daily diet. I feel much healthier because I know they supply the nutrition that my body needs.
  4. RoxysMadHouse

    RoxysMadHouse New Member

    Butter. Weird, I know, but I used to hate butter when I was younger and would refuse to eat my sandwiches. I remember my father used to try and reason with me in order to convince me to eat it. Thankfully, I like butter these days.
  5. theazzz

    theazzz Member

    Well I honestly do not love it now, but I remember that from childhood up until my mid 20s just the whiff of sausage would leave me feeling nauseous and a bit faint. I actually started eating sausage 2004 - 2005 when I became my nephew's caregiver for a while. He was a picky eater, and sausage was the only thing we were sure we could pick up from the store and know for sure he would eat. Somehow I started eating it then.

    I have never had a hot dog. That's how much I hated the smell or sight of sausage. I still have no idea why I had that response to it, but it was the same for cheese and cow's milk. I remember having to stop my breath and trying to move away from the smell of these things. I hardly eat sausage, still do not drink cows milk, and can tolerate white cheese, but I think the older I get the more tolerably my system becomes to those foods I used to find repulsive.
  6. umhogans

    umhogans New Member

    Funny enough, I used to hate spaghetti. I believe it was because my Dad made it with a no-name brand tomato sauce, and that was all. When I got older, I then had a great tasting spaghetti with meatballs, and realized I actually really enjoy it, and that it was the cook who needed some work.
  7. Marklar

    Marklar New Member

    Green beans. I used to hate them as a kid. Now, I can't imagine a week without them. Maybe my mom was just a lousy cook. Hahaha!
  8. TempestSnow

    TempestSnow New Member

    Stuffing. I just could not stand the mushy bread texture, and when I was made to eat it.. well, you can vision the rest. Although I wont say that I love the stuff, but I don't have much of an aversion to it anymore.
  9. mckenziema

    mckenziema New Member

    There were several foods that I did not like when I was a child. I hated squash when I was a kid but I love it now. I also did not like fried okra but I couldn't imagine not eating it today. I did not like green beans, broccoli, and watermelon. I guess I just never really gave these items a chance until I grew up. I have them all on a regular basis now and couldn't live without them at this point in my life.
  10. kringe

    kringe New Member

    I remember that when I was younger I hated onions and garlic, it is funny because now as an adult, all my meals must be cooked with onions and garlic, heck even my cream cheese is garlic flavored!
  11. Khanh.Hoang

    Khanh.Hoang New Member

    When I was a kid, I really hated chilli. I hated spicy food so much that I would not my meal if there was chilli in my food. But now, I must say that I love chilli. I enjoy chilli and spicy food to an unhealthy level.
  12. StarStruck

    StarStruck New Member

    Asparagus! As a kid I would vehemently refuse to eat it, but now I love it. It is a very versatile veggie.
  13. Scerakor

    Scerakor New Member

    There are two things that come to mind immediately when considering how my tastes have changed over the years. The first time I tried sushi as a child, I literally ran to the washroom and threw up. These days I can participate with the best of them at all you can eat sushi restaurants. The second food is olives. I frequently add them to food I eat now yet couldn't stand them as a kid.
  14. Parsley

    Parsley New Member

    Sushi for me. As a child and teenager I could not imagine ever wanting to voluntarily eat Sushi. I think my problem lay with the seaweed and assuming that it tasted horrible. Then I was dating a guy and starting eating it because he did. The things you do for love...... but I love sushi now!
  15. amylou

    amylou New Member

    For some reason I hated peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Imagine a kid hating that! I don't know. It was something about the gross color it made when it mixes together on the sandwich that made me scared to even try it. When I'd see someone mixing the peanut butter and jelly together before even putting it on the bread, it grossed me out further. I never put two-and-two together and realized that if I like peanut butter.. and I like jelly.. and I like bread.. that they probably taste good together!

    On the opposite side of things, I used to eat green beans all the time as a kid but not now!
  16. loopnalin

    loopnalin New Member

    Because of brown color and unfamiliar taste I hated young jack fruit curry when I was a kid.My mother cooked that curry once a week because there were lot of fecund jack trees in our estate.Every time when I reject to eat curry, my mother forced to me eat them and explained the value of that food so I had to eat little bit.Afterwards I lost my distasteful nature with young jack fruit curry.
  17. JTLewis93

    JTLewis93 New Member

    Thinking back, there really aren't any foods that I flat out despised as a child. If I had to say a least favorite food, it would probably be spinach. Nowadays I don't love spinach, but I can tolerate it in my salad since I know how healthy it is.
  18. jules0309

    jules0309 New Member

    I hated mushrooms as a kid and would refuse to eat it whenever it was served. I remember hating the smell and texture of mushrooms. I think eating a mushroom swiss turkey burger in my teens changed me completely and I like mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms.
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  19. thor9876

    thor9876 New Member

    This is the opposite of the title, but I used to love black olives but now I hate them. I used to only eat mushroom and olive pizza but now I can't stand anything with olives in it.
  20. Mariely

    Mariely New Member

    I used to despise avocados growing up. Now, whenever I get the chance I incorporate them to my dinners. Sometimes I'll go out of my way to prepare or buy some guacamole. On the flip side, I used to love red meat as a kid, now I hate it and I can only stomach meatballs. Steak, pork chops, lamb, sliced ham... I cannot stand at all.
  21. manvij

    manvij New Member

    I used to hate cheese when I was a child but grew fond of it when I became an adult. Now, hardly a day goes by without munching delicious cheese sandwiches and my fridge is always stocked with a variety of cheeses.

    I also hated mushrooms but when I had hot mushroom soup I got hooked to it and my hate turned into a lasting fondness.
  22. Eliza

    Eliza New Member

    I dreaded dinner whenever my parents would grill. The dry, chewy steaks or pork chops, even chicken were nearly inedible! I doused everything with A1 sauce to cover the grey meat and would choke it down. I just thought I hated grilled foods. After trying medium-rare steaks and juicy pork chops that my husband grilled I learned I really loved them! Now during summer we grill pretty much everything, from seafood to veggies and even fruit.
  23. mamajune

    mamajune New Member

    Sauerkraut. I couldn't stand the smell of the stuff when I was small, but now I love it! Also, cooked greens like spinach or collards would have gagged me as a kid. Now, I could eat them everyday. Weird, how people's tastes change like that.
  24. Carobnut

    Carobnut New Member

    I've been hearing it from my mother all my life: "You say you hate mushrooms now, but just you wait! I hated them too when I was your age. Now I can't get enough of them!"

    I had to begrudgingly admit defeat, when my tastebuds changed as I headed into adulthood and I suddenly found myself enjoying this horrid thing chopped and fried and mixed in with all my favourite meals. I don't understand how it happened. This fungus once made me feel sick just by the sight of it.

    I suspect black magic may be involved.
  25. sodawithlime

    sodawithlime New Member

    Seafood. My parents never gave us seafood when we were growing up. I have no idea why, we just never ate it and so I never developed a taste for it and ended up hating it. I couldn't even stand the smell, it just grossed me out. I didn't really start giving it a chance until I was in my 20's. It was like a serious breakthrough for me when I stopped being disgusted by shrimp & started liking it, lol. The whole experience kind of leads me to believe that you can develop a taste for pretty much anything if you just allow yourself to get used to it.
  26. VioChai

    VioChai New Member

    I was repulsed by fish for the longest time when I was a kid. I started eating sushi in my teens and as the cravings started to occur, I resolved that raw fish was okay, but cooked fish was still off the menu. A few more years of pushing back and I finally caved in and gave grilled salmon a try. It was all downhill from there!
  27. msico

    msico New Member

    I used to be an extremely picky eater. I remember being a toddler at a family gathering, and my great-grandmother asking everyone if we would like strawberry shortcake. Having never had strawberries before, I figured I didn't like them. But I was smart enough to recognize the word "cake" and so I decided there might be something to these funny-sounding berries.

    Flash forward twenty-plus years and just about the only thing I won't eat are oysters.

    Side note: I discovered that I was no longer a picky eater the day I tried my hand at making spinach-stuffed mushrooms, two foods that until that very day I was against, but somehow that combination just sounded so interesting...
  28. Christian David

    Christian David New Member

    Pretty much every vegetable you can think of. Nowadays I would stop at nothing to get myself red cabbage as a side dish, or to get myself asparagus with boiled ham and potatoes. There are still a lot of vegetables I don't like, but I find it amazing and how much your taste can change during a few years.
  29. goobie

    goobie New Member

    Beansprout. I don't love it, but I do not mind the taste anymore. Before, anything that contained beansprout was a horrible meal, nowadays I can tolerate it in meals and will eat it. However if it came up as an option I would not select it in my meal.
  30. Pandalei

    Pandalei New Member

    The biggest one for me, and I know it's a common one, is Brussels Sprouts. I absolutely hated them, until one day my mum burned them a little...and then added a tiny bit of raw sugar to say they were 'caramelised'. We all loved them so much that she kept on with that recipe and I never looked back!

    I wasn't a big fan of beetroot or asparagus, either. All changed! My mum always made vegetables fun, though. Fashioning salads into smiley faces and things like that. I know I ate more vegetables than my classmates did when I was little.
    Oddly, I've come to really dislike things that I used to adore. Tomato being one, and corn being another. A shame too, as they're such versatile ingredients.

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