What foods did you hate as a child, that you love now?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Nickac98

    Nickac98 New Member

    I completely agree with you, it slipped my mind that other than tomatoes, I absolutely hated fish. It was te strong flavor and the odd texture that I hated. It was that or when I was a small child, I accidentally bit a bone and chipped my tooth. But over the year I learned to really enjoy the flavor and I gained a taste for more mature foods.
  2. Delvina

    Delvina New Member

    I really hated fish when i was a child. The smell was disgusting. The eyes! I couldn't imagine eating something that had eyes staring at me. My mother always cooked for us a type of fish that is usually the smallest size because she said that they had no bones and were good for kids. They had a bitter taste and an awful smell. Today, fish is one of my favorite dishes. Most of my friends come from communities where fish is a staple food and they encouraged me to start eating it.
  3. naveeda

    naveeda New Member

    I used to eat white rice and I loved it in my chilhood. But now I came to know that brown rice is more tasty than white rice. Nowadays, my regular diet is brown rice and love it so much.
  4. CurbsideQueen

    CurbsideQueen New Member

    Pretty much everything that's healthy. I lived on PB&J's as a kid. I was convinced I was going to eat them all my life. I mean, I still eat them, but now I have more variety. I hated broccoli, spinach, grapes, avocados, cauliflower, pickles, beans, basically anything on a salad. Now, I love them all!
  5. Zachary

    Zachary New Member

    When I was a child I hated salad and ranch dressing. The taste of lettuce use to make me vomit, but now I eat salads almost everyday. Ranch has now become one of my favorite dressings for salads and dips.
  6. chjery

    chjery New Member

    I absolutely hated mushrooms and black olives when I was a kid. My mother used to get supreme pizzas that had them both and I would spend forever picking the mushrooms and black olives off of my pizza.

    Now I order pizzas with mushrooms and black olives. It is strange the way tastes change. My son has always hates garlic and last week he asked if I could put garlic in the alfredo sauce for our linguine chicken alfredo. I was shocked but I did and he loved it. :)
  7. Brittnee

    Brittnee New Member

    I hated most vegetables as a kid and have now grown to like them, especially broccoli. I also love olives on my pizza, tacos, and subs now and hated them growing up. When I was younger I would get no veggies on my subs now I get almost all of them but lettuce, I still hate lettuce and never get it on anything, it just tastes like grass to me. Green peppers I also really hated but now love in dip and on subs, but hate on pizza. It's crazy how our taste changes and sometimes I wonder if it really even does. If we would have liked these food as a kid if we would have only given them a chance, or if as adults we just choose to eat more of these things because we know it's good for us. We know vegetables don't taste as good as chips and cookies, but we just eat them because we know we should.
  8. JulieJ

    JulieJ New Member

    Broccoli. I couldn't stand it when I was little, but I love it now. However, I only like it one specific way: steamed. No salt, pepper, other spices, butter or cheese. It must be plain for me to like it. My husband thinks I'm crazy for not wanting melted cheese on it, but this judgment comes from a man who would put cheese on ice cream if he could. :)
  9. AprilDawn720

    AprilDawn720 New Member

    I hated lasagna. But I liked spaghetti which has the same ingredients. It must have been the way it looked or something... I don't remember why. Now I love it and I had some a few nights ago.
  10. monica17

    monica17 New Member

    I just found out that I like sour cream. I have never liked the stuff and one day back in May, I tried it on my potato and suddenly realized that I like it! But some foods, I have never liked: mushrooms, black olives, and bananas (I like the flavor, not the banana itself). I'm a texture type of person if you didn't notice :p
  11. BlancaV

    BlancaV New Member

    I was very much against meat as a child. I hated it with a passion and would actually drop it under the table. Well, I would throw it, actually, so that it looked like it was my sister dropping her meat on the floor. :p Such a brat.
    While I'm still not a huge fan of some meats, I do eat it now from time to time. I also eat spinach with gusto and that was something I couldn't stand when I was little.
  12. kebby

    kebby New Member

    Wow, too many to list just like most kids! I will say that my parents were persistent and persuasive in getting me to try new foods and retry ones I didn't like. There were a few I never got past but it mostly had to do with texture rather than taste in most cases. As an example, I love raw peas but to this day I can't tolerate them cooked or from a can, yuck! Other than that I hated beets, most fish, grainy breads, porridge, goat cheese and the list goes on. As an adult I enjoy all these foods in my diet and have grown to love most of them. I even love brussels sprouts now provided they are shredded before they are cooked. Preparation is everything!
  13. elrenia

    elrenia New Member

    I really used to despise tomatoes as kid. Whether in salads or on their own, I was really put off by them and would feel sick when my parents forced me to eat them. Now I absolutely love them and cannot imagine a salad without them! Funnily enough, anything tomato-flavoured never used to bother me as a child though!
  14. kavya.s

    kavya.s New Member

    Spinach and mushrooms! I really disliked these when I was younger, and no matter what my mother did, she couldn't make me eat them. But now that I've discovered yummier ways to incorporate these veggies into my meals, I love them. They're so nutritious too!
  15. Ksims

    Ksims New Member

    I was a very picky eater as a child - but I've definitely branched out! You wouldn't have been able to convince me to eat beets, artichokes, or asparagus as a youngster, but now they're on my "fave foods" list!
  16. RaptorMegan

    RaptorMegan New Member

    I used to despise kale, but as an adult, I realized how delicious it is. You can really do so many things with it, from plain to chips.
  17. concreteriver

    concreteriver New Member

    As a child I never ate my vegetables, against my mothers wishes, I just couldn't stand the taste compared to sweet treats. Now I love all sorts of vegetables such as peas, broccoli and asparagus with melted butter on top. Another food I disliked was carrots unless they were drenched in caesar sauce, but now I love to have them for a snack during lunch.
  18. yanbelton

    yanbelton New Member

    My daughter loved lemons as a young toddler. Though she would make a face while eating them, which was adorable, she begged for more. Now, at 5 years old, she does not care for them as much, and in fact, she hates lemonade, says it is too tart. I kindly remind her of how she loved to eat plain, raw, lemons at 2 years old, and that she is being inconsistent!
  19. Ctechguy

    Ctechguy New Member

    Brussel sprouts always had such a strong, overwhelming flavor. Steak was not a favorite of mine either, nor was tomato soup. we were raised to at least try a little of everything that was put in front of you, and that it was a grave insult and slight to reject a meal.

    Ironically, I love all of the foods mentioned above today. In fact, there is not much that I would reject as a food item. I'm willing to try anything once, and try to stay open to whatever someone has taken the time to prepare and offer me, or what I may have prepared for myself.
  20. emmiedahl

    emmiedahl New Member

    When I was younger, I hated mushrooms. This is hilarious in retrospect because they are now my favorite food. I like them cooled or raw, plain or in a complicated dish. I simply adore mushrooms of all kinds. When I was young, they looked and smelled like poison!
  21. dotzkie00

    dotzkie00 New Member

    When I was a child, I really hate to eat vegetables. I also hate to eat raisins. Sometimes when I saw a raisins in a food I hide it under my plate. But now, I can eat them without regrets.
  22. iMatt

    iMatt New Member

    I think the only food I really hated that I can say I enjoy (maybe not love) is broccoli. As a kid, I had to eat it raw or boiled because that's the only way my grandma prepared it (my mom never did because she hated it, too). I think it was just the flavor that was a turn-off. But now, I like the texture and I know lots of different recipes to keep it interesting (broccoli cheddar soup is amazing!). Plus, I know it's good for me and that's always a plus.
  23. jkim7118

    jkim7118 Guest

    I remember I really disliked cauliflower. Strangely enough, my favorite vegetable was broccoli. No matter how many times my mom tried to tell me that those two veggies were related, I just wasn't buying it. In my 6 year old mind, broccoli was pretty and green and cauliflower looked like mashed brains... Weird, I know.
  24. Patruska

    Patruska New Member

    I used to hate beets, mushrooms and peas. Now I love all of them. When I was in my teens I got on a macrobiotic diet and ate so much broccoli, brown rice and adzuki beans that I ended up hating all of them for years. Now I can eat them again, but I'm still not fond of broccoli. When I picked strawberries for a year or two during the summers, I grew to hate strawberries. Now I love them again. :)
  25. ioana rada

    ioana rada New Member

    Tomatoes... It's quite unbelievable, but I didn't eat tomatoes until I was in my early-twenties. Now, I like them very much. I adore tomato-salad with cheese. Yummy...
  26. kelumhgkh

    kelumhgkh New Member

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  27. Seafood was repulsive for me as a child. Just the smell of it would make me run for the bathroom. Then one day as a teenager in Florida, I decided to order a lobster tail with steak. Dipped it in hot butter and I was in love. We have been in a relationship ever since.
  28. sunkist1

    sunkist1 New Member

    The foods I tried once, hated, and never ate again, were watermelon and spinach.
    I also disliked casseroles, but only because they were not prepared properly-- especially when they contained overcooked pasta. These days, though, I like casseroles, and often make them myself.
  29. Superjoy

    Superjoy New Member

    Caesar Salad - I always thought it tasted like, well, sorry to say, vomit......somehow over the last 15 years I have grown to like it and it is now one of my favorite salads.
  30. mjrllb

    mjrllb New Member

    Vegetables was the food that i really don't wanna eat at my childhood, I don't know why but I really just can't it them. Now that I'm a grown up I often it vegetables especially in the morning cause I already know what I have been missing when I don't eat them.

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