What foods did you hate as a child, that you love now?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. amberworley2011

    amberworley2011 New Member

    Okra! I am so weird though. I do NOT eat any vegetable what so ever. But I can now eat Okra. Fried okra to be exact. (I am from the south hehe) And it has to be more breading than okra, but hey! I am still eating it right?!
  2. Milly83

    Milly83 New Member

    I really don't remember hating something. Maybe peas. But today I find it hard to believe that people hate certain kinds of food, I do have culinary experience also, so maybe that influenced me to enjoy every kind of food that i can get my hands on.

    Eat everything, surprise yourself.
  3. doritopope

    doritopope New Member

    As odd as this might seem, I used to absolutely detest onions. That slimy repulsive topping that seemed to be so popular among chefs set to ruin my day.

    Or so I thought, turns out that the issue was the way the onions I've been eating were made. Once I’ve tried some properly cooked onions that weren't so oily, I've fell in love and now all I eat are onion rings, onion samosas and other onion-stuff.
  4. andrewt

    andrewt New Member

    To circumvent the consumption of vegetables, I would scrape them off my plate and hide them in my pockets (even when they were soaked in creamy chive sauce). At the end of most meals, my trousers would often be full of broccoli and peppers - I would then scurry up to my room and dump them in an empty biscuit tin under my bed. Every Monday morning, I would transfer the haul from the tin to my Thomas the Tank Engine school bag, whereupon reaching the safety of my school I would empty them into a bush. My Machiavellian plan worked like a treat for months, until my cousin who was visiting from Sweden discovered my vegetable tin and told my mum. I tried the Clinton defense and denied having ever seen the tin before in my life, but I eventually crumbled under cross-examination and was forced to forgo my bike for two weeks. All because my cousin decided to open her mouth.
  5. thevirtualtraveler

    thevirtualtraveler New Member

    I would have to say that I really hated most of the greens and vegetables and stuff. I also disliked many of the fruits and vegetables back in the States but when I came to live in Nicaragua I discovered that they are actually really good. (A lot of my distaste for some foods was simply because back in the States a lot of the foods are really not that Tasty)
    Nowadays, you could probably get me to eat just about anything as long as I am hungry!

    One thing I absolutely abhor and wouldn't eat then, won't eat now, and may I say hope to never eat in the future is SP@M canned stuff! Disgusto!!!
  6. ishaansengy

    ishaansengy New Member

    Up to the Last Year ,I was a sworn 'Vegan',Hence I would not even taste cakes with egg in it.I had a Fancy for Fast Food,Street Food and Unhygienic Food.But a few months later I was notified that I was suffering from Tuberculosis and I was advised to eat as much of 'Animal Protein ' as possible.At first,I had to Squeeze my nose and directly swallow whatever Non Vegetarian I came across.But Now I can eat anything 'Red dotted' like a Barbarian.
  7. Likethepear

    Likethepear New Member

    As a kid, I used to lie and tell others that I was allergic to chocolate because I got sick of explaining that I just didn't like it! Now, not a day goes by without a bit of a chocolate fix, especially since my pregnancy with my daughter!
  8. Matija Turk

    Matija Turk New Member

    As a kid i ate everything. Only one food was my eternal enemy. Only one could make me barf every time I was ordered to it it.

    15 years latter cabbage rolls is one of my favorite food and I even enjoy making it myself:)
  9. Kita

    Kita New Member


    As a child I did not care to much to see anything green on my plate. However now that I am older I realized how good most of those "green" vegetables taste and how nutritious they are for me and my body. My children eat them with no problems and love them.
  10. ReinaDiambista

    ReinaDiambista New Member

    I'm not really sure why but I hated black eyed peas. It might've been because I thought one of my cousins didn't like them and I wanted to be like her but I refused to eat them. Now, I love them and eat a big bowl full any and every time I get a chance. Give me a side of Jiffy cornbread and I'm good.
  11. nilennovy

    nilennovy New Member

    Vegetables! I hated all kinds of vegetables when I was a child, now I love salads.
  12. JHK

    JHK New Member

    I used to be extremely picky. I hated cream cheese for some reason, but I tried it a few years ago and now I love it.
  13. Neve Steele

    Neve Steele New Member

    I'm another reformed spinach hater. Cooked spinach used to make me gag, but my husband introduced me to a way that makes it absolutely delicious: just add some garlic salt and Tabasco sauce. I also love uncooked spinach in a salad.

    Speaking of Tabasco, I was so afraid of spicy foods as a kid that I actually ate ketchup on my tacos instead of salsa. But now I eat it with everything from pinto beans to sauerkraut to fried chicken and French fries (just mix it with a little ketchup).
  14. ptaylor

    ptaylor New Member

    Might be a bit unusual, but I absolutely hated dragonfruit as a kid. My parents would always bring home exotic foods and generally, I was happy to try anything. However, I always found dragonfruit horrible and didn't eat it again until I was 20 when an asian salad at the market totally changed my perspective.
  15. Christof Railey

    Christof Railey New Member

    I hated oysters as a kid. I tried it once and i was hospitalized the next day. It was such an unpleasant experience. My stomach turned upside down. But now, i am eating oysters already. I believe it is just on the preparation or the way of cooking them. I specifically like adobo oysters (Filipino cuisine).
  16. mimi_0312

    mimi_0312 New Member

    when i was younger i hated tofu, now i know that it is a healthy food, i love eating it.
  17. aduronia

    aduronia New Member

    Most vegetables, I'm afraid to say, and any/all ethnic foods. I had such a limited diet and was a super picky eater!! Now I LOVE vegetables (I'm happy to have a whole plate of asparagus or brussels sprouts for dinner), and I eat Indian, Thai, and sushi regularly and love them all. I'm so happy my tastes changed as I grew up - definitely makes it easier to eat more healthfully! :)
  18. Omar Rodriguez

    Omar Rodriguez New Member

    I remember that for a period of time I didn't like eating pasta at all. I think it had to do with the fact that I was got sick after eating some pasta. Besides that, the only food that I recall not liking as a kid that I absolutely adore now is eggplant :D I believe I was 24 years old when I started eating eggplant, and since then, I always look forward to eating them.
  19. eruvande

    eruvande New Member

    I have to say I, also, hated mushrooms; I think it had something to do with the cream-of-mushroom soup my mom used to eat every Sunday after church. After becoming a vegetarian and discovering all the wonderful different varieties I'm crazy about them. A portabello practically melts in your mouth after simply marinating it for an hour or so and then baking it in the oven for 10 minutes!
  20. kari_g

    kari_g New Member

    As a child I was never fond of green beans and squash but now that I have matured I've come to the idea that I shouldn't be picky about what I eat because I want my daughter to like as much fruits and vegetables as possible.
  21. sharonyap

    sharonyap Member

    I used to hate bitter gourd (ampalaya in our local dialect), because it was, well, bitter. I outgrew my dislike eventually, and realized that it's a yummy and nutritious vegetable.
  22. savbee

    savbee New Member

    I hated green beans and steak when I was younger. Now steak is one of my all-time favorite foods, and I can tolerate fresh green beans if they're cooked right. Bananas, however... I don't think I'll ever develop a taste for those.
  23. xXPanasXx

    xXPanasXx New Member

    When I was a kid, I used to despise onions. Perhaps their flavor was pretty intense, or at least that's what I thought back then. But as I grew up, I took a liking to them. Nowadays, every single one of my favorite recipes contains onions.
  24. YolandaL

    YolandaL New Member

    Beets was my enemy as a child. And I could not get up from the table until I eat all those beets. My mom was serious about those beets. Started eating beets about 18 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first born. Oh my son hates beets.
  25. Cynthia Martinez

    Cynthia Martinez New Member

    I used to hate carrots, because my grandmother put them in almost everything she cooked. Now, I love them and try to put them wherever I can.
  26. wulandzabaryn

    wulandzabaryn New Member

    I just realize it this afternoon when I had my lunch. I was having fried fish in my menu. I was wondering how come I can be such a big fan of fish culinary, that I used to hate it before. May be my sense organ send the different message of " fish taste" to the brain. Well, enjoy your favorite food guys.
  27. Ginny

    Ginny New Member

    I used to refuse to eat anything that had even touched an onion or celery. If there was even a whiff of garlic scent in a food, I wouldn't touch it. Now, I'll eat celery raw as long as there some sort of topping and onions cooked in certain dishes. While I still don't like things with a lot of garlic, I'll cautiously taste things to see if the level of garlic is acceptable.

    I still don't eat mushrooms though. It's not the taste I dislike. It's a texture thing for me. I don't like the way they feel in my mouth.
  28. laustin

    laustin New Member

    When I was a kid, I hated spinach, broccoli, salad, basically anything that was green. Now I love it all!

    Most kids outgrow the "picky eater" stage by the time they're twelve or so, at least my child did, and before she was twelve she only ate 5 things!!
  29. x0beka0x

    x0beka0x New Member

    When I was younger I hated mushrooms on or in anything, I would not eat pizza with mushrooms, or spaghetti with mushrooms in the sauce. Now I absolutely love have sautéed onions and mushrooms, they are so delicious. My mom also told me that I didn't like chocolate all that much, not I love Reeses and snickers chocolate is delicious, I don't know what kind of kid would not like chocolate, I must have been crazy.
  30. x-Breeze

    x-Breeze Member

    For some reason these things:
    milk, sweet potatoes, green beans, fresh spinach.
    Although, there's a lot of things I used to not like that I still don't eat. :D

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