What foods did you hate as a child, that you love now?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. x-Breeze

    x-Breeze Member

    Oh and Beka, I don't like chocolate now for some reason. Haha. Used to like it. Maybe had too much as a kid.
  2. GopherTwosies

    GopherTwosies New Member

    I actually hated ALL foods, except fried chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and oranges. I couldn't eat grapes or apples because the skin just took forever to chew! I hated rice and anything spicy. However, I married a Haitian man who is an avid rice eater, and, though it took him 9 years to succeed in convincing me to eat it, he turned me on to it when I became pregnant. Now, my daughter is the same way. She wont eat of her own accord, no matter how hungry she is, and I find myself having to force her. Otherwise, she will go the entire day without eating, and she is tiny enough, as it is.
  3. Jessi27m

    Jessi27m New Member

    I guess it's not just a single food but a category of it. I really hated meat. I was a born vegetarian, and now I love it. I used to hide my meat in plants, and my mom and Nana would find it and get mad at me. One time they found it rotted a month later, and I never hid it again; I just fed it to the dog. Now you would never catch me giving my dog anything other than her own food. :D
  4. dparent

    dparent New Member

    As a kid, I would not eat any kind of salad. Now as an adult, I would eat one every night with my dinner. I will not usually eat only a salad but I do enjoy to eat side salads.
  5. Sarah3

    Sarah3 New Member

    When I was younger I based a lot of my meals choices on looks rather than taste. So when I got given this new food to try, which looked like a baker had gotten a piece of cardboard and had scattered random chucks of other food and cheese all over it, I said no to pizza without hesitation.
    I am so glad that 7 year old me was peer pressured to at least give it a try; I ended up having a new favorite food for years to come, and I still love pizza now.
  6. Buckeye

    Buckeye New Member

    I don't think there's a food that I hated that I love now but there are foods that I didn't like that I like now. Caramels and salad come to mind. I didn't have my first salad until my early twenties. I could not imagine how leaves could taste good, but then I found ranch dressing and it all started to make sense. I was a very picky eater. I didn't like pizza or cheeseburgers, even. So I imagine there are many foods that I will eat now that I would not eat then but none that I absolutely despised.
  7. Ashley Botts

    Ashley Botts Member

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but... your father taught you that you didn't like chocolate! He just wanted it all for himself! Hahaha. I can definitely imagine that happening.

    As for the thread - I used to not like chicken nuggets for some reason. No idea! I love them now.
  8. amay

    amay New Member

    I honestly have always loved all the vegetables that other children seem to hate. Broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, etc. - I love them all! I think seasoning is very important. I like to use soy sauce and cook them until they are very soft.
  9. Ashley Botts

    Ashley Botts Member

    I still don't like brussel sprouts... Or asparagus. My mouth just gets so unhappy! Does anyone have any good recipes for these vegetables?
  10. Ashley Botts

    Ashley Botts Member

    I don't like oatmeal... The store-bought kind or my own. Maybe I need to try a different recipe. I only seem to like it if I douse it in cinnamon.
  11. michaela2013

    michaela2013 New Member

    I used to hate most vegetables but the moment I hit 20 years old and got serious about the gym I suddenly liked them. Most vegetables I will now eat happily, peas, carrots, broccoli, asparagus etc.
    Asparagus is the biggest change, I used to hate them and now I'll eat them with just about anything!
  12. scrn

    scrn New Member

    Avocado. Whenever my dad would put avocado on toast and asked if I wanted any, I would scrunch up my nose and say no. I didn't understand why he loved it so much. I thought it tasted gross because it tasted like huge chunks of butter. It was even worse when I saw him cut avocados in half and scoop it out with a spoon to eat. But as I got older, I started to really like avocado. I haven't gone as far as scooping it out of its skin and eating it with a spoon, but I just love eating it with toast, in a sushi roll, or with Wasa crackers.
  13. naturalb

    naturalb New Member

    I used to hate brussel sprouts when I was young. I love them now, they remind me of christmas. I also used to love the crusts off my sandwiches but I would never eat them because my dad told me they make your hair curly and I wanted straight hair so it looked longer!
  14. SilentPhantom

    SilentPhantom New Member

    I used to hate eggs as a kid because I thought they looked really odd. Nowadays of course I absolutely love them and have them regularly!

    On the flip side and something that happened quite recently: I used to absolutely love eating beans as a kid, but as I grew up I started refusing to eat them. This kind of persisted out of habit as I got older, but very recently I questioned why I didn't like them and gave them a try again. Turns out they're delicious.
  15. FloatsRound

    FloatsRound New Member

    This is the opposite of the title, but I absolutely loved green beans as a child and now I can't even stand the smell of them. They smell like blood mixed with metal, ugh.
  16. Monique Jordan

    Monique Jordan New Member

    When I was a child I was very picky. I did not like to eat anything. I remember always being the last person at the table trying to finish my dinner. The only thing I liked was Shrimp, I hated chicken skin, beans, rice.,, everything you name it. Now, in my adult years I eat things I never knew existed as a meal for example Rabbit and goat.
  17. Karen Scales

    Karen Scales New Member

    The food that I hated as a child and love now is spinach. Is that not a trip? I still will not eat the canned spinach because it is way to slimy. I will only eat it fresh or frozen. I never thought that I would love spinach one day.
  18. herbalsister

    herbalsister New Member

    I thought hated Chinese food as a kid. I think because I had never really had anything other than the school hot lunch "chow mein" or the stuff in the can. My husband convinced me to actually go to a good Chinese restaurant with him, and I have been hooked ever since.
  19. dariofr8

    dariofr8 New Member

    I was incredibly picky as a child (it might be my fault if my mom's hair started to go gray at 45?), so there is PLENTY of food i eat now that i previously found disgusting. But the biggest surprise, to me, came when I started to enjoy fish. As a kid I would only eat canned tuna - I despise that stuff now - and maybe, maybe, smoked salmon. A couple of years ago I went to Japan and tried sushi. Then I tried it again. And again. And... well, I think it's kind of weird to start eating raw fish before cooked fish, but here I am now, eating fish at least twice a week :D
  20. majorlove

    majorlove New Member

    Celery..I remember in elementary school they would give us a big gulp of peanut butter on the celery. so it turned me off to celery until recently.
  21. nomibucha100

    nomibucha100 New Member

  22. mrslmdsmith

    mrslmdsmith New Member

    It's amazing how the body craves things as you get older that you would not dare eat in your younger days. As a child, I would not eat brussel sprouts or salt fish. When I go grocery shopping these days I find that I always have a bag of brussel sprouts in my shopping cart. And from time to time I crave salt fish. But no matter how old I get okra will never be something I will like.
  23. Daniel Dunn

    Daniel Dunn New Member

    I really hated green peas when I was a kid. I swear I eat them at almost every meal now. My mom used to mash them up so they would be easier for us to eat. I am pretty sure that is what turned me off to them. I also did not use to eat brussel sprouts either. They are okay now but I rather prefer other types of vegetables.
  24. JarrodJoestar

    JarrodJoestar New Member

    It would be easier to name the foods I hated then that I still hate. I used to be an extremely picky eater but now I'll eat just about anything I get my hands on.
  25. Awesomebats

    Awesomebats New Member

    I hated olives but now I love them! The first time I tried olives I nearly threw up. I didn't try them again until I got older. Now I use them in pasta, salad and on pizza.
  26. firelily99

    firelily99 New Member

  27. firelily99

    firelily99 New Member

    Most of the vegetables I ate as a child were of the canned variety. Potatoes in any form were okay, green beans were tolerable, Brussels sprouts were the pits of the earth - still are. Spinach ranked down in my bottom five of "I'll never eat that" ranking yet having experienced it raw I can't get enough of it. I didn't like eggplant or asparagus either but now I absolutely can't get enough of it!
  28. Mindful7

    Mindful7 New Member

    I used to totally dislike plantains but I now thoroughly enjoy them. I could easily eat a whole one by myself, but guilt tends to get the better of me :0)
  29. Falkner

    Falkner New Member

    All kinds of vegetables, as probably everyone else. Especially brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli. All of which I love now. I even learned to tolerate olives, which can taste great in the right context.
    Two things that I grew tired of however are pineapples and potatoes. I can eat them, but I don't go out my way to include them in my meals, even though I loved them as a child.
  30. nilespacman

    nilespacman New Member

    I absolutely hated lettuce. I loved other vegetables, so I'd always ask the restaurant to give me a salad with no lettuce. None of them obliged, but I asked every single time, hoping one would give me no lettuce. I eventually grew to love lettuce, and it's an essential part of all salads I eat now.

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