What foods did you hate as a child, that you love now?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy New Member

    I do appreciate eating any kind of vegetables when I was child except for Bittermelon because of its unpleasant taste and that is its bitterness. And I really hate it that time. But now since I grow up and became an adult and after realizing the health benefits it will give to our body, I am now eating Bittermelon and enjoying it most of the time because I know it is good for my health. :)
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  2. lovemwaf

    lovemwaf New Member

    I really used to hate tomatoes. I think that they were tasteless and had this really mushy nastiness to them that made me not want to eat them. I really do not know what happened and what changed but i eventually started to enjoy and love them. Now you cannot really keep me away from them.
  3. heyjude93

    heyjude93 New Member

    I absolutely hated mushrooms and onions as a kid. Several years later in my late teens, I ate onions by accident. I ate soup made for dinner that I didn't know had onions in it, and I actually enjoyed eating it! I've also started like mushrooms spontaneously. I just started liking it. Makes wonder if when we don't like a food, how much of it is just mental.
  4. livinglife4today

    livinglife4today New Member

    As a child I did not care for any green leafy vegetables such as collards, kale, spinach, or cabbage. At the expense of sounding melodramatic, tears would instantly flow at the sight of any green leafy vegetables. You know those parents that required one to eat everything on the plate? Well, I had one of them, but luckily I had a dog that loved leafy green vegetables as much as I loved him. My love grew for him more and more as he continued to devour the vegetables off my plate.Today I am a health nut that loves all green leafy veggies. I consume spinach, kale, or collards daily without fail. Green leafy vegetables are now my friends.
  5. Bictor

    Bictor New Member

    Onions were definitely the vegetables that I had a lot of problems enjoying. They would just be spicy or have a strong scent that deterred me. The spiciness of the onions also left me tearing, which I did not enjoy. Nowadays, I rely on the high vitamin C content of onions and how they help enhance the flavors of dishes. I cannot imagine any dish that does not use onions as an aspect of flavor. Onions also help to enhance the color, texture, and taste of salads as well.
  6. ignite77

    ignite77 New Member

    I hated green onions when I was a kid. It seemed like they were in every food I ate at home and my parents were not the type to let me not eat them. I'd pick them all out and scoop them up in one big mouthful and eat them first while holding my breath before eating the rest of my meal. I love them now, I guess I just had to grow into the taste.
  7. ISUTracyG

    ISUTracyG New Member

    I hated anything hot, or rather anything that I thought was hot. I wouldn't even eat barbecue flavored Shake and Bake because I thought it was hot. I finally tried salsa at 16 years old and found out what I was missing. Hot wings are a favorite now, but I wouldn't have touched them as a child.
  8. tenterprise

    tenterprise New Member

    One thing that I hated as a child was salad! I said I didn't like it before ever trying it. When I finally tried it, I still didn't like it. It wasn't until about three years ago that I decided to make myself eat it and I actually learned to love it. Salad is one of my favorite things to eat now, especially when I'm pressed for time.
  9. msnerd

    msnerd New Member

    Almost everything I hated as a child, I have grown to love now. Growing up, I was a very difficult child who refused to eat even some of the most simple of meals. My parents had a true struggle with me which till this day they remind me of. I've always celery, raspberries, mushrooms, and many green vegetables; now, they happen to be some of my most favorite items to eat. I don't know why I hate the foods that I hated. I felt like it was more a mental issue as opposed to physical. I had set my mind on not liking it and refused to change. Now I love trying new foods at least once! There are so many great and healthy vegetables and fruits out there to try and I am determined to try them all! One item I refuse to like till this day is horseradish. Just the smell alone can cause me to lose my entire appetite.
  10. Arrow123

    Arrow123 New Member

    I hated beef as a child mainly because my mom was such a bad cook. Come to think of it, I didn't really like any foods because that woman didn't know how to cook to save her life. However, I have since grown up to become a better cook than my mom and can actually make edible foods, beef included! There are just so many different recipes out there that call for beef especially chowder pot roast! I eat much healthier now that I can cook homemade meals everyday instead of eating at fast food restaurants.
  11. MrsWilson2012

    MrsWilson2012 New Member

    I used to absolutely despise peanut butter, but now it's a staple in my diet. Also, I hated fish, though I can now stomach certain types of fish filets (not many). My diet/taste hasn't really changed much- I know what I like, and I'm not good with trying new things.
  12. Dolson910

    Dolson910 New Member

    Sometimes I look back at the food I would not eat as a child and I smile! In comparison to my children's "will not eat" list, my diet included a lot more foods than what my own children will eat. Yet, there were still some foods I refused to eat. On occasion, my mom would make liver and onions. There was no way I would eat that then or now! I remember hating mustard and blue cheese. Now I love both. I guess my parents did a better job exposing me to foods and making me try new things than I have with my own kids. I guess I better get working on that!
  13. chrissyhme

    chrissyhme New Member

    There are so many things I wouldn't eat as a child, but love now. I feel like as I get older, my taste changes more frequently to where I have the overwhelming craving for something I have never liked before. When that happens, I know that I am going to love it now and it will be a regular part of my diet. The foods that this has happened with are lasagna, sushi, oysters, crab, tuna salad, egg salad, beets, radishes, etc. I could go on for days! The only thing that hasn't ever changed is, I can have milk with cereal, chocolate milk, milk shakes, pretty much anything with milk in it but I can not drink milk straight from a cup.
  14. PeekabooRose

    PeekabooRose New Member

    Let's see, the foods I didn't like as a child would probably include anything that wasn't sweet! But now I like to eat vegetables, fruits, and meat with my sweets. Not liver, though. I still can't stand liver.
  15. benderjl1

    benderjl1 New Member

    Brussel sprouts!! I wouldn't touch them as a child, but now I love them.
  16. zombiemiko

    zombiemiko New Member

    I really used to hate mushrooms, onions, and peppers when I was younger. But now, I actually kind of enjoy all of them, especially together! I still really hate mayonnaise, though... I don't think my mind will ever change about that one!
  17. Bella1121

    Bella1121 New Member

    I wouldn't touch spinach as a kid, but now I love it. Mayonnaise is up there too. I wouldn't eat anything with it in it, on it, or touching it on my plate, but since I met my husband I love it now, I don't actually think there's any correlation between my husband and mayo, besides that he enjoys it on his sandwiches. I was lucky that I wasn't too picky of an eater as a child because I grew up in a house where if you don't like what's served to you; you don't eat.
  18. SleeplessinChi

    SleeplessinChi New Member

    When I was a kid, I would sneak my veggies onto my sisters plate. Now that I have grown up, I have fell in love with vegetables. The mushrooms that I would pick out of everything are now the main course sometimes. I've also found a way to love Brussels sprouts.
  19. maryguin

    maryguin New Member

    I'm with Natalyatarasenkova, except, I don't love broccoli now, I tolerate it lol. The story goes that I used to happily eat it as a child until suddenly, one day, I refused. It has taken me 20 years to include broccoli into my weekly menus lol. And the funny thing is, I came back to as the same way I left it; suddenly for no reason, it wasn't that bad!
  20. namaste203

    namaste203 New Member

    According to my mother, I am eating all foods I used to hate. I personally only have memories of hating liver and I still hate liver, but now I don't eat meat so its a moot point. I enjoy broccoli, spinach, peas, zucchini, eggplant and am a kale addict so I think I have gotten over those supposed awkward years. Supposedly our body craves what you need so that can help us also if there is any doubt.
  21. purplekitty

    purplekitty New Member

    I was never a big eater when I was younger but I remember particularly disliking spinach. Now I love it so it was probably just me being a typical kid and disliking anything green and leafy.

    Olives, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts are a different story. Still gross.
  22. Brambura

    Brambura New Member

    When I was young I wasn't a very fussy eater. My mother was very happy as I used to eat everything. She remembers how I used to eat raw onions imagining they were apples, when I was two years old. However, I never liked olives because I thought they were too bitter.

    Now I really love any kind of olives, thanks to a friend of mine who initiated me in tasting olives.
  23. sandmoran

    sandmoran New Member

    It is ironic to me that one of the foods I hated most as a child was eggs, and now that I follow the Atkins diet, eggs are a staple food for me. I really make a fantastic omelet! I remember being at a friend's house when I was sixteen after staying up all night and being very hungry the next morning. My friend's father went out and brought bacon and egg sandwiches back for everyone, and I was so hungry I took one without complaining and ate it. It was delicious! Who knew?
  24. beautiful2014

    beautiful2014 New Member

    When I was a child, I detested tea for some reason or another. But, now, I love tea. I simply cannot do without a cup of tea every day.
  25. Connie McKinney

    Connie McKinney New Member

    I also like vegetables. They're healthy, and tasty too.
    I grow my own vegetables and love eating them fresh from the garden. Let's hear it for vegetables!
  26. Stephanie Boucher

    Stephanie Boucher New Member

    I absolutely HATED tacos -- when my family had taco night, I would make my mom prepare a special plate for me in the design of a smily face with a banana for a mouth, shredded cheese for hair, cucumbers for eyes, etc. It was pretty darn cute, and tasty, too. I don't know what my problem was all those years! Now I love tacos, and its usually the first food cart I look for when I'm in a city!
  27. Techteacher

    Techteacher New Member

    I grew up eating potatoes and meat every night, I rarely remember eating anything that veered off this path. I married a man that had grown up vegetarian. He eats meat now, but I have been introduced to a ton of new foods and I am 30 years old!! I love asparagus, artichokes, and green tomatoes.
  28. amberk42

    amberk42 New Member

    I hated tomatoes and onions. I don't know if it was me growing up or going through a pregnancy, but I looove them now. I used to give my parents so much grief about them, but I have to have them now.
  29. cherza

    cherza Member

    I hated to eat vegetables. I really hated spinach and beets. My mother tried everything to make me eat my vegetables. I disliked how vegetables tasted. She brought ranch dressing and it helped. I eat ranch dressing on my salads. I prepare vegetable salads with beets or spinach. I drank fruit and vegetable smoothies.
  30. lorielkins

    lorielkins New Member

    When I was a child, I would not eat any meat with the bones still in it. I could not stomach it being on my plate, and would not eat anything that was served on that plate! As an adult, I don't mind a bit! In fact, I absolutely love baby back ribs now!

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