What foods did you hate as a child, that you love now?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Natalyatarasenkova, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. ImaFish

    ImaFish New Member

    When i was a kid i used to hate lettuce, i totally rejected them, i even used to hide them in my hamster´s food or throw them out of the window whenever my parents got out of my sight, a real ninja :ninja:. Nowadays i love eating lettuce salads and i am able to confess my parents those little tricks i used to do.
  2. Icarus-esque

    Icarus-esque New Member

    Broccoli. I used to abhor broccoli as a child for no other reason besides its being a green vegetable. In fact, I can't actually remember any occasion when my mother bought and cooked broccoli so I think that my hate for the little trees must have come largely from word of mouth. Recently this year I've been on a healthy eating stint, so I've decided to incorporate a large amount of broccoli into my diet; I figured since everyone seemed to love it with cheese it couldn't be that bad. I have no regrets! My favorite manner of cooking broccoli now is stir fried with a bit of meat and onions mixed in and a healthy serving of mustard splattered all over.
  3. ughavrea

    ughavrea New Member

    As a child, I had always hated bananas. I hated the taste, the texture, and the smell. The smell in particular always made me gag because it's so strong. Now, I eat them almost every day. I wouldn't necessarily say that I love them, but I do like them now. Strangely enough, when I had hated them, I had liked banana flavoured things like banana popsicles, banana Mini Go, banana candy, banana bread and muffins. I actually have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like banana bread. It's just delicious.

    Anyway, the smell of banana peels still makes me gag a little, but I can tolerate eating bananas.
  4. Vidaren

    Vidaren New Member

    As a child, i hated vegitables. Now i cant stand a meal without them. The taste and texture of vegetables are a must in almost every dish.
  5. KiefKief

    KiefKief New Member

    As a child I absolutely hated anything involving meat. For some reason I couldn't tolerate it and I always ended up throwing up after having meat of any kind. I started being able to eat meat at the age of 11, I still have no explanation for as why I did not like meat. All I know is that currently I couldn't go a day without a piece of meat on my dinner plate.
  6. unmap

    unmap New Member

    Oh goodness, there are quite a few... I've actually made it a point lately to try things I used to hate because most of the things I'm giving a second chance have been things that I'm surprised I didn't like before. Thanksgiving was the perfect opportunity for my new food crusade, of course. I tried pumpkin pie, despite my strong dislike for it and thought it wasn't so bad. Also added to the list: stuffing, turkey (shocker, I know!), yams, and vegetables. Actually, my dad likes to tease me by saying I refused to eat anything that was green when I was a kid, haha. I have to admit, he might be onto something.

    I have come to the conclusion that most people I know, after asking them, hate the things that their mothers craved while pregnant with them. For me, pumpkin pie and peanut butter. I despite both. As aforementioned, I decided pumpkin pie wasn't so horrible, but I still haven't warmed up to peanut butter. Unless it's accompanied by its soulmate, jelly. :)
  7. senji

    senji New Member

    When I was a kid my mom used to make this strange poppy seed mix every week. I despised it so much that I complained every chance I got. But my parent kept serving it every Sunday for dinner and for some strange reason that my child brain couldn't work out, they loved it! But slowly as I was made to eat it over and over again, I developed a taste for it. I didn't really have a choice. Now, it's no longer a taste, it's a craving that I have to have every other day!
  8. Comicody

    Comicody New Member

    As a child a had a deep dislike of apple juice and peanut butter, I found apple juice to be too tart and peanut butter dried out my mouth. As an adult I have found that these are now among my favorite foods. I'll often grab an apple juice and a peanut butter sandwich as a midday snack, laughing at my previous hatred of these delectable treats.
  9. holly zattau

    holly zattau New Member

    As a kid I hated broccoli and cauliflower. Now I love them both mixed with cheese and rice. It is strange how you do not like something as a kid then grow up and love it.
  10. Patches2Stitch

    Patches2Stitch New Member

    I absolutely hated mushrooms. If it had mushrooms on it, I wouldn't touch it. The pizza had mushrooms? I guess I'm not having any of that pizza. And by that, I mean, just simply picking them off wouldn't do. I had to make sure none of the food that I was going to eat would touch ANY piece of mushroom.

    You see, because at a very young age, I learned something that everyone learns eventually...Mushrooms are a fungus. And when I hear fungus, I think mold and when I think mold, I think death. Eventually, I overcame my logic based assumptions and let mushrooms in and now I love the things.

    Oddly enough, I was one of those kids that NEVER hated brussel sprouts. I'm just going to throw that in there. I'm not weird.
  11. miss1975

    miss1975 New Member

    When I was a child, I hated vegetables. With time, I've learned the numerous benefits of eating vegetables. As I care about my health, I have progressively accepted them and now I do not mind eating them. I even learned to like most of them !
  12. marky

    marky New Member

    I used to hate Brussels sprouts. They were bitter and just tasted absolutely horrible. My mum used to mash them up with potato and carrot but I always knew they were there. Over the years I made myself eat them as I knew they were good for me. Now I love them and look forward especially to have them with my Christmas dinner.
  13. Niyev

    Niyev New Member

    I've developed a liking for peas, which I hate to admit. I hated them as a child, so I feel like I should hate them now also.

    However, as I was growing up my family ate a lot of corn, because that was something my sister and I would both eat. After years of corn I'm really starting to become tired of it and have actually been craving peas.

    Never in my life did I think this day would come.
  14. Lizzy04

    Lizzy04 New Member

    As a child, I hated mushrooms. Sometime around senior year of high school, my sister made me try something with them and I discovered that I absolutely loved them. I think a lot of commonly disliked foods are actually just a result of poor cooking. For example, brussels sprouts are absolutely disgusting when steamed to a mush, but expertly roasted brussels sprouts are delicious. The same can be said about kale, broccoli, etc.
  15. ebiz81

    ebiz81 New Member

    I'd have to say Mushrooms. When I was little I used to absolutely hate them. Then one day when I was in my early twenties I had a taste for them. Now I love them. I eat them on my pizza and I really like them fried. I'm glad I started eating them when I got older.
  16. dlawes

    dlawes New Member

    Stuffin. Weird right. I use to hate stuff in when I was a kid. Now I can not get enough of the stuffin. What is more funny is my kids are now suffering from the same problem. They think stuffin is yucky.
  17. archubbuck

    archubbuck New Member

    As a child, I was very open to the idea of trying new foods, but I could never get over onions or sweet peppers. Now that I've matured, I've acquired the taste for both. As a matter of fact, just the other night I had sausage with sautéed onion and sweet peppers.
  18. GiaM

    GiaM New Member

  19. GiaM

    GiaM New Member

    I hated coleslaw as a child because I believed it caused bad breath; however, I love it as an adult. This is a perfect example of a child’s irrational thinking!
  20. plungedplummer

    plungedplummer New Member

    I used to hate onions as a child. The idea of having to eat onions made me cry. Cutting onions made me cry. It was a lose lose situation for me. Over time I began to compliment how onions compliment meals, rather than focusing on onions by themselves. Onions and sausage on pizza is delicious. Diced onions and mustard on a hot dog. Beer onion soup. There are so many delicious meals that use onions to enhance their taste.
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  21. ibce

    ibce New Member

    I have a weird history with pumpkins. I used to LOATHE them with passion when I was a child. I hated the smell, the taste. I did like the color, though, but as a food item there were regarded as something from hell. Yet, for some unknown reason, I ate them like there was no tomorrow whenever my late grandpa pickled them. I still hated them with passion, each and every cube I took and put into my mouth - I hated it.
    Now I don't though. Gramps, send me some! ;<
  22. lavetta24

    lavetta24 New Member

    Food that I hated as a child is black eye peas but love it now made the way I like it made with bacon fat and fried bacon bits with corn bread the only reason I eat it now is because my doctor states that I need more iron in my system so she recommend all forms and kind of beans.
  23. inkuisitive

    inkuisitive New Member

    I absolutely hated onions as a child. I remember having to pick out all of the onions out of my burger before eating it but now if I eat a burger without them it just feels so empty! Now I eat and cook with onions all of the time.
  24. Kelley Schepper

    Kelley Schepper New Member

    As a child I hated vegetables, such as tomatoes, squash, eggplant and anything else that was relatively healthy. As an adult I find myself turning to theses foods to compliment my healthy lifestyle. However, I also used to hate mayonnaise and now eat it occasionally, which does not go well with my healthy lifestyle, but is something I eat a few times a week.
  25. Nanami Kimoto

    Nanami Kimoto New Member

    Shiitake mushrooms! They were awful and my parents would put them in my lunch all the time when I was younger. However, as I got older, I really started to love them. I use them in stir-fry recipes now.
  26. Natural13

    Natural13 New Member

    As a child, I always hated collard greens. Now when I taste a hot, seasoned pot of flavorful greens, I become a ravenous fiend! Also I hated sweet peas as a kid. Now when I make a pot of buttery pretty peas, I just can't wait to eat! I still have to ignore the smell, sadly. I used to think beans were boring and smelly and gross when I was a kid. Now beans are all I eat and I keep perfecting the seasonings.
  27. Tasha14

    Tasha14 New Member

    I wasn't a big fan of mushrooms as a child, and had to rediscover them as an adult. Now, I love them! If I want a light meat alternative in any dish, I will incorporate lots of mushrooms. It turns out that I just didn't like the way that they were cooked. I cook them with lots of herbs, and sometimes I cook them in sauces, delicious.
  28. Lokita

    Lokita New Member

    As a child I could not stand eating any type of salad. I know that sounds really weird but its true! These days I can't get enough of it. I discovered it was not the salad I disliked but the ranch salad dressing. As long as I have some Italian salad dressing then I could eat salad daily.
  29. Maddie100

    Maddie100 New Member

  30. Mary Beth Caires

    Mary Beth Caires New Member

    I absolutely hated broccoli and spinach as a kid. Now, at age 23, I cannot seem to get enough of either one! I serve broccoli with almost every meal. Spinach can also be found on my plate almost daily. I love putting spinach is salads, smoothies, wraps, rice dishes, whole-wheat pasta dishes, and even on pizza!

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