What Game Are You Currently Addicted To?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by obliviona, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. obliviona

    obliviona New Member

    Lately I've been addicted to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and to be honest I did not start playing the game out of my own free will, my friends encouraged me to try it out and honestly, I didn't like it at first. Mainly because I couldn't discern what was going on and I felt stupid not knowing how to use the game characters well. Gradually, I grew out of my dislike and I ended up playing the game almost everyday! Now that's a change compared to how I was at the beginning lol. I think I owe it to my friends for keeping up to the current trend in gaming. Mobile Legends is very popular in our country nowadays. How about you? I wanna hear from you!
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  2. Since 2012, I still play Skyrim! The game is just a master piece in my opinion. It is the best, well for me, role playing game out there. I downloaded countless mods as well which made me want to play the game even more. I played the game more hours than I played it vanilla when I first got the game at the store. To know how I addicted I am to Skyrim is that I left my job and went straight up 3 months worth of Skyrim gameplay! Now I still play it but not so much when it first launched as I am now anticipating the new Elder Scroll 6 and saving a lot of money so that I can (may not though) quit my job again and play whilst still having money to spare. So yeah, FUS ROH DAH!!!
  3. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I like to play Time Crisis. I get a high wielding a gun. I prefer playing in an arcade. It may cost me money but it is worth it. It's a good stress reliever after a long day at work.
  4. Frenetic2510

    Frenetic2510 New Member

    Soy adicto a free fire ya las reglas de supervivencia.
  5. I only play mobile games but this game is a RPG.
    And this game is Last Day on Earth
  6. Dledg

    Dledg Member

  7. Strip100

    Strip100 New Member

    Red Dead Redemption 2. I love all Rockstar games. Didn't do nothing for 3 weeks playing that game. After i beat it i been scared to touch it, because i have a life to live.
  8. yungjanmark

    yungjanmark New Member

    Currently and always have been. DOTA either the WAR3 mod or Steam's baby DOTA 2. I've shredded thousand hours of my life just to climb up the competitive ladder.
  9. Osias27

    Osias27 New Member

    I am addicted to NBA 2k19
  10. Osias27

    Osias27 New Member

    I am also addicted to GTA V, Fall out, Far cry 4, WWE2k19 and other RPG games
  11. Jonkustes

    Jonkustes New Member

    I love Elder Scrolls Online and am addicted to it. It is one of my favorite games of all time and it doesn't help that it is extra experience right now.
  12. gabzkie22

    gabzkie22 New Member

    I love to play mobile legends it so addicted and can relax you from a depression.Its so nice to play cause you can play with your friends too. I've shredded couple of hours just to climb up to the competitive ladder.
  13. JayCar

    JayCar New Member

    As of the moment mobile legends. Allow me to connect with my friend and family member to play against other people around the world. I'm also watching the current tournament which is mpl season 3. I'm also playing NBA 2k19 allos me to be more familiar with NBA players dunk and moves. I'm also playing tekken 3 and learning the combo of King as a wrestling master it is really powerful on combo.
  14. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    i am currently addicted to hitman video action game
  15. chamielita

    chamielita New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I'm playing Onmyoji Arena now. It's have the same concept of DOTA and Mobile Legends. I chose this over Mobile Legends because you really need to study it first to level up. Unlike on Mobile Legends, I noticed that even a kid can play it. Also, I'm in love with the graphics of this game. This is more exclusive than the other games.

    I'm also playing Honkai Impact 3rd. This is a role-playing game that I really love because of the graphics, effects, fighting scene and the story line.

    Yes, I almost play everyday.
  16. rawrffy

    rawrffy New Member

    There's no other game that I love than Dota 2. This game keeps on popping up on my head every time I wake up. I mean, I played lots of games but I keep coming back for this game. I think the mere reason is because of its competitiveness and the time playing with friends.

    I've played this game for over 7,000+ hours and up until now I still play it. This game will forever be the lifetime game that I will play because I never get tired or get bored out of this game. Each and every update of this game makes me want to play it more.

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  17. Fazon

    Fazon New Member

    Europa Universalis 4, I just love grand strategies, once I start playing I just can't stop, you don't even notice how much hours had passed, you just keep playing, always something to do, just as I wanted to stop, a new war is started, also there are so many countries you can play as, I love to play as Portugal, just colonize the whole world. I was also pretty much addicted to WoW for a long time, throughout my whole high school.
  18. Ysoscel

    Ysoscel New Member

    I have been playing way too much of Darkest Dungeon in anticipation of the sequel release, sunk a few hundred hours into it already and i still cant get enough, what gives it such replay potential is the difficulty of it, it always feels like a challenge to get your guys out alive... but maybe that extra gold for staying is worth the risk? The game being mod friendly is very useful as well, if you ever get bored just install a mod and you have a few more extra hours of entertainment. All in all if you have something really important you need to get done you shouldn't start playing it... its a rabbit hole you can hardly get out of.
  19. tjmay

    tjmay Member

    candy crush.jpg im on level 2010
  20. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    Well for now I play DOTA 2,kind of addicted to it hehe more than 4000 hours in my book for the game and its an interesting game also.More competitive by the day and the community is huge in the game,almost every country plays.I can't wait for the internationals to take place this year,its fun.
  21. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    Hey DOTA 2 players,high five hehe,glad to see more people here like DOTA 2
  22. TheNirariGabrielle

    TheNirariGabrielle New Member

    OMG! hehe, lately Dragon Ball Xenoverse is taking almost all my time. My favorite fighting and special effects game of all time. Tomb Raider is also a great game to play, very fun adventure & storyline.
  23. Novak20

    Novak20 New Member

    The game you all have heard of "League of Legends"... I can't say that I am literally addicted to it right now because I am not playing 10h a day but it is a game which I've been playing since 2011.That makes it 8 years of playing the same game and not getting bored of it.Of course there were some times I uninstalled the game but I kept going back to it every single time.Right now I am playing when I don't have to study for my college. All in all you can call it long lasting addiction.
  24. Serapiel

    Serapiel New Member

    Since I'm too busy at work, the only game I'm addicted is on my phone is Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void

  25. Fernandorom890

    Fernandorom890 New Member

    I am addicted to clash royale is a very simple game but with which you can spend a lot of time of fun there are always rewards and you can create clans with your friends and seek to be the best clan
  26. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    I love playing call of duty world at war for my interest in history, Stronghold crusader it makes me entertain building castle, managing the economy, gathering troops, and going to war, GTA San Andreas because it makes me thrill being hunt by policemen, Asphalt airborne where I love playing cars and the last is zombie catchers it is also funny seeing zombies being afraid of you where you would catch them and turn them into juice. These are the games that I love playing and makes me addicted.
  27. git531

    git531 Member

    These days i am completely immersed in Pubg. I start in the morning and i don't know how time flies and suddenly its time to go to bed. Any the next day the same story continues...
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  28. kerrwheil

    kerrwheil New Member

    I play a wide variety of Video Games. Some are from Paradox Entertainment which mainly focuses on Strategy and Simulation. And some are more "mainstream" such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
    At the moment, I am addicted to Crusader Kings 2 and has invested at least 1000 + hours in the game.
    The game appeals to me because I particularly enjoy studying history and historical people. I enjoy the Dynasty aspect of the game as I also enjoy studying family trees.

    About Mobile Legends, the game is very popular in my country right now and has been for at least two years.
    At first I wasn't planning on playing the game because I don't really enjoy games like that (i.e. DoTA2) reason being I do not like the "item" or "build" part of it. However, after giving it a try on my friend's computer I immediately got hooked.
  29. LiamPosts

    LiamPosts New Member

    Recently, i've been addicted to a steam game called Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Honestly I love FPS games but I am against paying or buying games and buying virtual items because I see no profit in buying them. I was naive in my high school days. But now I think about it there is really a big market for virtual item trading.

    I would really like to know how to trade but dont have a big budget for it. The steam market is a really good way to trade if your a beginners. Trying it instead of only just watching tutorials, u can't really lern from it.
  30. nabel86

    nabel86 New Member

    league of legends and apex , when am tilted from league of legends i go to apex to have fun i hope apex don't open the rank mode so people play casual all the time.

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