What Game Are You Currently Addicted To?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by obliviona, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. DjafteKurafte

    DjafteKurafte New Member

    Apex Legends ,has to be,i've been a huge fan of "Battle Royale" games,and this one fits me the best since it has no "animated" stuff like building,but isnt too reliant on "camping" hence being slow,Apex is the best of both worlds and i recommend it heavily.
  2. NMac

    NMac New Member

    I love to play any of the Mario games. I have a Nintendo Switch that I play two Mario games on. One of them is easy, and it did not take me long to get all the way through. The other one is a little harder, and it takes starting over lots of times in order to be successful.
  3. avensis

    avensis New Member

    "I play fortnite, it's just excellent. The ""cartoon"" graphics make really good!
    With friends it's really fun to play"

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  4. Kiyen96

    Kiyen96 Member

    I love basketball so eventually if basketball is your game you will get addicted in playing nba 2k. Now i'm addicted in nba 2k19 specifically the one of their feature called "My Career" this is the best here you can make your own player to an ordinary player to a superstar player. love it so much making your dream come true if your basketball lover. ^_^
  5. luffylop

    luffylop New Member

    I am curently addicted to Mobile legends. The game is so wonderful and exciting. It drives me crazy sometimes when i get defeat on the game. Heroes are very nice and artistic too. The trick is at the time of playing the user should be the right position at the time of play Because it determines how fast the user shy away from the opponent attack and attack the opponent. I do recommend this game, because I’m a huge fan of MMORPG games and Mobile Legends is very close to them. It is a fun game, very addictive and simple.
  6. blackstarter7

    blackstarter7 New Member

    I'd have to say Conan Exiles. It's still full of glitches but overall really enjoyable to spend ages building castles and then, if you get bored, running off and taking on a random boss somewhere.
  7. For me its mobile legends and PUBG. But most of the time I played mobile legends.
  8. jaepeels

    jaepeels New Member

    It was so unexpected when I became addicted to PUBG Mobile. At first, it was just curiosity that made me download the game. But as I played and played every day, I became so easily attached to it just because it was so easy to adapt to the gameplay itself. Now I just can't get enough of it. I become uneasy when I don't play once in a day and it's a bit worrying, actually.
  9. Rudy2

    Rudy2 New Member

    I love playing CS:GO when I have the time to do so.
  10. ravac

    ravac New Member

    I wouldn't say there's a single game I might be addicted to but gaming in general is what takes quite a bit of my time.
    Right now I'm usually playing CS:GO, not the normal game or general types, but mostly surfing and similar fun mods, then there's League of Legends, obviously, I'm pretty decent, however I didn't play for a couple of months so I am only getting ready to start ranked games again, once I get up to date with the meta and such.
    Last but not least, I play two other games from time to time, Trackmania 2 Stadium, for some quick and easy fun, and for more prolonged and strategically oriented games I play Civilization 5 BNW, usually with some added mods.
  11. itsJD08

    itsJD08 New Member

    The game I'm currently addicted to is Mobile Legends it's really popular in our country it's like everyone is on it even the younger ones play it. Mobile Legends is very addicting its a team play kind of game you have to defeat the other team in order for you to rank up it's a really cool game because you get to fight other teams from different country.
  12. Eirlys

    Eirlys New Member

    I'm addicted to Red Dead Redemption 2! I loved the first game so much, it was hard waiting approximately eight years for the second instalment but it was well worth the wait. I have finished the story, which I enjoyed. The characters and storytelling was excellent as usual by Rockstar. Now I play online in a posse with friends and although there's not much content available at the moment, it's still enjoyable.
  13. CorgiLord

    CorgiLord New Member

    My friend recently got me into Apex Legends, and it's really addicting. I'm not a huge fan of battle royale games and I'll be honest, I haven't played a FPS game since Borderlands 2. But Apex is just insanely fun! I've also found that it tends to be less toxic than other games though I still make sure to mute my team every game. I just wish I could switch to a controller instead of mouse and keyboard, but it's been far too long since I've even held a controller.
  14. boopbutter

    boopbutter New Member

    OMG who's not gonna be addicted to The Sims??? Like, you get to build houses, customize your sims, cheat for money. I mean, it's everything I love doing!!! Plus you can live your own dream life in there.
  15. sarveenrad

    sarveenrad New Member

    My friends and I are still heavily addicted to Fortnite. It is so much fun, especially playing with your buddies!
  16. mohit26

    mohit26 New Member

    Currently I am playing Clash Royale a lot.I was always a console player but with work and other things in life it became difficult to consistently find time for console or PC games.So I was looking for a mobile game which I can play while at work or while I commute.I had played Clash of clans before so I knew about clash royale but never tried it.But I'll admit I've been extremely addicted to the game since I started playing it 3 months ago.It's a tower defense game where you have to build your decks from 8 cards.It's strategy based and has quick 3 minutes matches which is perfect for me.
  17. RaderH2O

    RaderH2O New Member

  18. maxtorbz20

    maxtorbz20 New Member

    I am addicted to mobile game called Auto Chess.
    Auto Chess is an addictive turn-based strategy game that uses heroes from Dota 2 to “automatically” battle on a chess-like board. It’s a mod for Dota 2, but you don’t need to know anything about Dota 2 or Chess to be good at it. You can play Auto Chess for free by downloading Dota 2 on Steam and finding the mod in the Arcade tab.

    The object of the game is to build a powerful team of Dota 2 heroes (pieces). Each round, your team will battle against another player's team until one side is defeated. The AI controls these battles and no micro is required, hence the “Auto” part of the game’s name. Winning a round will reward you with additional gold (the currency used to purchase new heroes and upgrade your team) while losing a round will reduce your hit points. You lose the game when your hit points are reduced to 0, and you win the game by being the last player standing.
  19. bbeach

    bbeach New Member

    I'm just getting done with Elder Scrolls Online, prior to that was World of Warcraft (Legion, BFA is... not as good). Currently playing with FFXIV. Outside of those, I'll occasionally play Minecraft, Elite Dangerous, Factorio and other strategy games similar to that.
  20. 01356manish

    01356manish New Member

    the game i am currently addicted to is Marvel Future Fight.It is a great mobile game which combines strategy with talent .It is rewarding to both free to play and paid players which is a nice change .That is what makes it interesting u can complete along side with top players who have invested in the game with just investing time in the game.The golbal event in the game are just great which keeps a certain motivation level for ever player.
  21. nathan1991

    nathan1991 New Member

    Currently, i'm playing Mobile Legend. It's an interactive and strategic game in which you have to team up with with four players to fight another team with five players also. I know lots of people here know this game. You must have a good strategy and chemistry with your teammates to win this game. It's a time consuming game to the point that one game can last up to 20 minutes depending on how good your teammates and enemies are. It's not bad to be addicted on games, you just have to balance your time.
  22. zedph123

    zedph123 New Member

    League of legends , i played lol since 2012 until now. i reached "Master Rank" and thats the happiest moment of my life . but sad to say i got demoted and got hardstacked on Diamond 3.
  23. raffff

    raffff New Member

    Well I am currently addicted to Mobile Legends and PUBGM, I am hoping that Valve is developing a mobile version of DOTA 2, I am sure that would be awesome.
  24. Kalantiaw

    Kalantiaw New Member

    Tekken 7 PC online. Lots of competition out there. Fighting game enthusiast ever since. Although other genres interest me too I don't have time for those hour-long sessions anymore at my age, hehe.
  25. jhemjeff

    jhemjeff New Member

    im not sure if you are familiar with RAN ONLINE. ive been playing that game since 2005! i love doing quest and collecting rare items and accessories
  26. jylemmm

    jylemmm New Member

    If you wanted a short but thrilling battle arena, I can recommend you what I've been playing right now, Brawl Stars. They are continuously improving right now by having new brawlers and skins. Also, they are opening tournaments. Many exciting updates are still coming.
  27. Natasha20

    Natasha20 New Member

    I am a cricket fanatic. That's why, my vote would go to EA Sports Cricket 2007.
  28. anshu0021

    anshu0021 New Member

    i think yu can guess the game ;);)

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  29. vlmrspns

    vlmrspns New Member

    Mobile Legends is the game I've been playing for more than 3 years now. This is the only mobile game I've been addicted to ever in my life. I thought at first that this is a complicated game. But then as I play, I discovered that I am excelling at a certain forte of hero types.
  30. Raykeep

    Raykeep New Member

    I love athletics more than any other games, I can watch my television during Olympics or athletics championships for hours without getting bored.

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