what game did you play the most as a kid

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by cakehatzombie, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. cakehatzombie

    cakehatzombie New Member

    video game are one of the top 3 most biggest things of my childhood beside music and animation and i played so many games on my game cube Wii Xbox dsi and they always made me so happy all the memory's with my brother and friends really shaped me i would play games like halo reach Mario minecraft fallout call of duty
    i would say ether halo reach or minecraft is the one i played the most
  2. AwesomeHero

    AwesomeHero New Member

    I was playing a lot of games from "Cultures" series. It's not very popular but apart from games like GTA or so it was really good for low price. I still remember these hours put in it while playing with my sister. I really recommend it!
  3. russell

    russell New Member

    When I was a kid I always play basketball, it's my first love. Always wake up early in the morning and stay late in the evening playing basketball during weekends. Sometimes, I need to cut classes in school just to play ball, we went to different places to play ball with other teams. Now I am still lucky as an adult for having 2K sports, I can still play the game I love most using my PC.
  4. i would like to play again the game 300. wherein you can play 300 games in one cd.

    I will never forget games such as super mario, contra, adventure island and battle city.
  5. hideaway

    hideaway New Member

    When I was a kid I always remember that game ghost fighter in my family computer I always use yusuke and kurama I never forget that game I miss so much old school computer games is best more fun and easy to learn
  6. osmokero

    osmokero New Member

    when i was a kid? hmmmn, i can only remember playing snake on my moms phone.
  7. 3lectrolytes

    3lectrolytes New Member

    when I was I kid, I play more of FPS games like special force and some facebook games back in the days. it is the reason why I created my facebook account because of its free play games.
  8. jmart0318

    jmart0318 New Member

    When I was a kid, my favorite game to play was "Super Smash Bros" on my Nintendo 64. It was the first fighting game I'd ever experienced, and the mix of 1-player story mode paired with the player-vs-player battle available created an unforgettable gaming experience.

    While I was heavily involved in sports growing up, my younger brother tended to enjoy sitting on the computer or playing video games instead of going outside to play basketball. Therefore, this game gave me a great bonding opportunity to be able to hang out with my brother, while blasting his Star Fox character far off the map with a well-timed Donkey Kong punch.
  9. joaomgarrido91

    joaomgarrido91 New Member

    Back in my childhood days, I was a huge platformer fan. And when it comes to plaformers, in my opion, the best developer of this genre of games was Naughty Dog with it's Crash Bandicoot series.

    I loved them, the second one in particular, spent hours on end playing it, great gameplay, soundtrack and atmosphere. Obviously it has a huge replay value for me.
  10. lockhard41

    lockhard41 New Member

    When I was a kid, which has been some years, we were made to play outside all of the time. Anything from basketball to softball. Until one day my dad brought home an Atari system. We played that thing all of the time but we were still made to play outside to.
  11. Asumodeus

    Asumodeus New Member

    For sure was Pokemon (Red version). I remember the day that my parents pick me to our town mall to buy me that Game Boy cartdrige, i was reading tons of information in video games magazines (late 90's), and talked about it with my school's friends. I think it was the game that changed my perception about video gaming and started a passion that persists nowadays.
  12. KaneMcLane

    KaneMcLane New Member

    The games that I played the most as a kid were Warcraft 3 and Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. I liked Warcraft 3 because it gave me the ability to control an entire army. Meanwhile, Mafia was my first foray into open-world gameplay. Both games made me appreciate good story-telling and world-building since both featured numerous cutscenes.
  13. alucardboi

    alucardboi New Member

    Most games that I played in my childhood are RPG games in Playstation 1. Just to name a few, Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Wild Arms, Arc the Lad, Thousand Arms, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Mana, Harvest Moon and lots more.
    Playing these games makes me feel absorbed into their world while playing. It's like a story-telling but with the benefit of controlling the characters and interactively choosing the path they have to take, helping the "younger me" relate easier to the character I'm playing and be absorbed in the world they're in.
  14. still

    still New Member

    Earlier versions of need for speed. the kind which had like really poor graphics. and also some game called contra i doubt if it still exists. lol!
  15. Jenx

    Jenx New Member

    Whether you are an avid gamer with kids or have never picked up a controller, there's something here for you. Knack 2 (PS4) Splatoon 2 (Switch) Osmo Mind Racers (iOS) Lego Ninjago Movie Video-Game (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) The Legend of Zelda
  16. Matilac

    Matilac Member

    Whether you are an avid gamer with kids or have never picked up a controller, there's something here for you. Knack 2 (PS4) Splatoon 2 (Switch) Osmo Mind Racers (iOS) Lego Ninjago Movie Video-Game (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) The Legend of Zelda:
  17. whatisawig

    whatisawig New Member

    When I was a kid. I don't have any video console, so I always play outside with my friends. we play chinese garter, tumbang preso and hide and seek.
  18. pjer177

    pjer177 New Member

    I know that this will sound like a really generic answer, but Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo (NES). I remember visiting my cousins abroad when a neighbourhood boy brought his NES to show it to me. Coming from a poor country, I had never seen one of those before. I couldn't stop thinking about Mario for days! The boy borrowed the console to me and I enjoyed it for a couple of days, playing non-stop with my aunt and uncle, mostly trying to beat world 2. When the boy came for his Nintendo, he showed me that he could beat the game with a blindfold (I kid you not). Basically, my first game is one of my dearest childhood memories. It still makes me feel fond of Nintendo. I never managed to beat SMB with my eyes closed, though.
  19. zevante

    zevante New Member

    Definitely Halo. My dad got us an Xbox when I was three years old and I never wanted to stop playing. When Halo 3 dropped I wanted to spend my whole day playing matchmaking. I played Halo 2 some, but we didn't have Xbox live back in those days. I was probably too little for online gaming anyways, haha.
  20. fellowbud

    fellowbud New Member

    Sonic on saga man it sums up my childhood

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