What game system would you choose for a 5 year old?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Mae30, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Mae30

    Mae30 New Member

    Ok, so my 5 year old son has an obsession with games and game systems of all types.
    But some of the game systems he is asking for like the playstation 3 and xbox I feel are way to advanced for him.
    I would like to pursue him into wanting and enjoying something else that would be more age appropriate for him but know nothing about games and game system.
    Any suggestions?
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  2. wilhem silverio

    wilhem silverio New Member

    i would recommend Portable consoles like PSP, Nintendo etc., its accessible whereas your son can bring it along anywhere he goes, and there is so many games you can chose in this type of consoles. I think your son while going to enjoy that.
  3. DefunctTyke

    DefunctTyke New Member

    Perhaps you should look into Leapfrog, they make portable games for kids that age that also teach them how to read and do other basic skills like count and add! They are geared specifically for children and cost far less. Also, no need to worry about your child being exposed to graphic material or breaking your favorite systems. If you really want to get them a "real" gaming system, try the 2DS from Nintendo. It's designed to survive the wear and tear that naturally comes from being handled by a child.
  4. als625

    als625 New Member

    When my kid was 5, I ended up choosing the 3DS. 2 years later, still going strong.
  5. andrewb658

    andrewb658 New Member

    Honestly I would go with a more kid oriented "tablet" sort of system. Although it may not be a console, it will suffice and teach your kid in the process. That is probably, in my opinion, the best bet for a 5 year old.
  6. Jesse H

    Jesse H New Member

    As a child, my Gameboy was my loyal companion - it came with me everywhere and kept me quiet and entertained. As a current owner of a Nintendo 3DS, I would highly recommend that system for your son. Games such as those found in the Pokemon series provide hundreds of hours of fun and, for children, encourage reading. Of course, there's also the matter of teaching your son when it is appropriate to play on his system, regardless of what you choose.
  7. gadin210

    gadin210 New Member

    Hm when I was that young I played my nintendo 64, but I guess that doesn't relate to now. I would definitely choose a nintendo ds/3ds. I personally love those devices and I have had several. The games go from childish up to grown up. The console itself is easy to maneuver.
  8. bel1408

    bel1408 New Member

    I would go with Playstation 4 ou Xbox One. Kids learn fast. And both (PS and Xbox) has a lot of games for kids!
  9. vintagetalks

    vintagetalks New Member

    I would recommend the Wii or something along the line of a V-Smile product. I'm not sure what the latest V-smile product is but my kids had the v-smile handheld and the one to hook to a television. The games are fun for that age range and educational. They won't encounter inappropriate things. The Wii is what they got next and it has fun age appropriate games. If he is careful with things and not rough like my son was, I'd recommend the Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS. My son had these and actually broke them but my daughter still has all of hers. Now they are older and have gotten the PS3, but I do find it sort of difficult to get age appropriate games for them but they are available. My advice is give it a few years before you get a PS3 or Xbox just because of the availability of appropriate games.
  10. Leonardo DeLima

    Leonardo DeLima New Member

    I have a 4 year old brother who is great at superhero games. He can do alright on my PS3, but I wouldn't recommend investing in a big console for someone so young. I would go for an Nvidia Shield gaming tablet. Not only would you have access to gaming apps, you could also download emulators and gain access to an almost infinite library of games.
  11. nekoromancy

    nekoromancy New Member

    The game system you're looking for would probably be a handheld console like a Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo family of consoles is generally a great start for younger kids because they're user-friendly and most of the games are also family-friendly. Start small and work your way up towards more "advanced" consoles (Playstation, Xbox) as he grows up.
  12. yragcom1

    yragcom1 New Member

    How about this: Go with a older system. You can still find refurbished old systems like Nintendo 64, the original Wii or even the classic system at places like GameStop. If he's five, he probably won't know the difference anyway, and you can have some fun reliving your youth with those old games with your kid as well. It'll save you some cash as well. The Wii allowed you to purchase old games ROMs through their WiiStore portal for only $5 a pop. You can get your kid a used Wii and about 10-15 games for about $100 out of pocket!
  13. fsj1979

    fsj1979 New Member

    A Wii, and Nintendo is very kid friendly. It really has a large selection of non-violent genre in games. Though some games may be for mature audiences. Its generally family/kid friendly, and seems to be cheaper due to its slightly less impressive system specs, but it it still delivers very nice graphics. Nintendo has been in the industry since I was about 9/10 years old I am now 35, and if Nintendo is still around when I have my little one--that's what he will get until he can handle and take care of more sophisticated expensive consoles.
  14. Daxxer

    Daxxer New Member

    I think this age he should be sticking to the Leap Frog type games/pads. This is the age where they absorb so much; take advantage of it! For kids, video games should be a reward, not a routine at such a young age. The more interests you can cultivate in them, the more their mind can expand. Include thing with music, art... build stuff together! I am a gamer also and will get my kids into it as well, but I would make sure they experience as many things within their reach. We, as parents, have the opportunity to help them see possibilities around them before they start seeing the limitations we see as adults.
  15. RobotFolkSinger

    RobotFolkSinger New Member

    If you are thinking about a new eighth generations console, I would suggest the Wii U. Despite its weaker graphical fidelity than the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, most of its games have a cartoony aesthetic that really appeals to young children. Nintendo focuses on producing first party games that are appropriate for children, such as Mario and Kirby. I'm sure he would love to play New Super Mario Bros U.
  16. xSentaru

    xSentaru New Member

    I strongly recommend going for a Wii. My little brother who's 7 now loves his Wii! It's casual fun and enjoyable for the whole family! I've recently bought 1 more controller for my dad so we can enjoy Wii Sports to the maximum! I tell you, you'll never get bored of it. It might fade out when he gets older, but the memories remain.
  17. RobotFolkSinger

    RobotFolkSinger New Member

    If you are thinking about a new eighth generation console, I would suggest the Wii U. Despite its weaker graphical fidelity than the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, most of its games have a cartoony aesthetic that really appeals to young children. Nintendo focuses on producing first party games that are appropriate for children, such as Mario and Kirby. I'm sure he would love to play New Super Mario Bros U.
  18. TheBoss0567

    TheBoss0567 New Member

    I would get him a Wii U. It's got plenty of great kids titles like a new Legend of Zelda game (I believe) Pikmin 3, Mario, and most importantly, you don't have to fret about watching what he plays!
  19. Wolflord

    Wolflord New Member

    For young kids, I would personally recommend either a handheld system like a gameboy, or a Wii. Those are probably going to be the best age-appropriate platforms for him in terms of game selection, as they have a lot of cartoony/educational games, whereas the Playstation and Xbox franchises are more geared towards adult/teenage consumers. Or at least, that's the intended audience.
  20. Krernil

    Krernil New Member

    For a child, I honestly wouldn't. Video games are addictive no matter how we see it, but if I had to chose, I'd chose something like a 3DS or hand-held. Harmless games like Animal Crossing or Tomodachi Life can be easily monitored. My ex did a test on his nephew by giving him a regular hand-held and his nephew couldn't figure out how to play the games, then, he gave his nephew a Leap Frog which has shown to suffice.
  21. Henchman21

    Henchman21 New Member

    I have been a avid gamer since I was 6, and I would recommend a Nintendo ds,dsi or 3ds if you're looking for a easy handheld console. If you looking for a standard console for your TV I would go with the wii or wii U as it has the most simplistic controller schemes or the new generation of consoles and has many games for children that are pick up and play oriented.
  22. BitPost

    BitPost New Member

    Preferably a Nintendo DS, 3DS or 2DS would be perfect for your 5 years old son. Generally I think handhelds are a far better option for young children over consoles. They can be taken with you, when travelling or outdoors. Games are cheaper but more importantly they are better suited for kids. A lot of console games are adult-orientated and therefore too violent for children.
  23. RomanDay

    RomanDay New Member

    Way to advanced ARE YOU CRAZY im 10 and i have a PS3 XBOX 360
    3DS and a PC
  24. psterjj

    psterjj New Member

    I agree with the other suggestions of a portable device, such as a DS. They have games for all ages available and he could take it almost anywhere which could help you get some peace! haha
  25. simonheimer

    simonheimer New Member

    I would definitely recommend going with any Nintendo products such as a Wii U console or a 3DS hand held. My daughter started out with a Nintendo DS (hand held) when she was five and she and I both loved it. I even bought one for me. We now have a Wii U, Wii, 3DS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Of all of these systems, the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS are the most family friendly gaming systems. The game selection for the Nintendo systems that are age appropriate and family friendly way exceed the PlayStation and the Xbox brands.
  26. LadyCygnet

    LadyCygnet New Member

    I think your best bet would be a Leapster or a Nintendo 2DS. Both systems have good libraries of affordable, kid-friendly games, and they are also quite sturdy. My daughter has a Leapster Explorer GS and a 2DS, and both of them have survived a number of adventures and mishaps beautifully!
  27. Jesse93

    Jesse93 New Member

    Super old fashioned, but I need to recommend the Super Nintendo. I grew up on it. When I was his age, I'd play hours of Super Mario World with my brother and our neighbor who was also our age. For something a little more modern, the Nintendo 3DS is pretty great. Nintendo is probably the best for games that are kid friendly.
  28. ik1ng

    ik1ng New Member

    Any Nintendo gaming system, they're by a wide margin the most family friendly systems, and they also have a great variety of characters to grow attached to during their childhood. I'm in my twenties and still play Nintendo games simply for their pure enjoyment.
  29. RafaelWillis

    RafaelWillis New Member

    I would definitely go for a 3DS. Portable and built very strong. Lots of fun children oriented games like mario, zelda, pokemon, etc. Either that or a Microsoft Tablet as they are very useful but fun as well. Either of these I could easily reccomend to someone gifting something to a five year old.
  30. Brit333

    Brit333 New Member

    Hands downs my top 2 choices are the Wii/ Wii U, Or a Nintendo DS/Lite/3DS etc. The Wii has an endless selection of age appropriate games for this particular console. Plenty of single and multi-player games to choose from, compared to some of the other consoles that have more mature based audience games. I got a Wii when it first came out and I still have it to this day and I still play it almost everyday. Having kids are in my (near) future and I plan on this being their starter console, unless technology pulls a fast one on me in a few years. A second really good choice is a handheld system. The Nintendo DS and its other franchises have a wide variety of age appropriate games and also have educational ones too. Definitely a plus in my book!

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