What genre of music do you like when you are tired?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Leiforeveryoung, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Leiforeveryoung

    Leiforeveryoung New Member

    Mostly I like classical music when relaxing
  2. agbuyahapon

    agbuyahapon New Member

    I love listening to chill type of music to ease my tiredness especially after a long day from school. I need to fill my head with some relaxing vibes and leave my head blank. I always make sure to take a break in between my work or tasks to avoid breaking down.
    I usually play Ed Sheeran's songs.
  3. Meann

    Meann New Member

    When I'm tired, I usually listen to Kpop Songs.
    It soothes my nerves and relaxes my brain.
  4. mesamis

    mesamis New Member

    I listen to reggaeton. They are singing in Spanish so I can understand a lot. When I'm really tired I put some reggaeton on Chromecast and start dancing. I recommend that to anyone who has anxiety isssues.
  5. james1414

    james1414 New Member

    I listen to metal bands (slipknot, metallica, killswitch) into metalcore bands other than kse. Sounds like relaxing.
  6. Meann

    Meann New Member

    I love POP music.
    Whenever I heard those kind of music, I feel relieve and happy.
  7. kreyyoung

    kreyyoung New Member

    I listen to jazz music especially when I'm tired. It makes me calm and I do fall asleep.
  8. anachoret

    anachoret New Member

    Something mellow and acoustic.

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