What if the world end's today?

Discussion in 'Magazine Article Writing' started by Allen's, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Allen's

    Allen's New Member

    What would you do?
  2. jmart0318

    jmart0318 New Member

    If the world ends today, I would remember.

    I would remember my firsts: my first kiss, the first time I held my wife's hand, the first time I held my daughter, and the first time I felt like I knew why I was put on earth.

    I would remember my favorites: watching my favorite team in person for the first time, finding my favorite camping spot tucked away in the quiet North Georgia mountains, and cueing up my favorite song to play for 1,000 people at the biggest DJ event I'd ever played.

    I would remember my family: the good times shared while my parents were still together, the tough times that followed separation, the conflict that was bred through drastically different lifestyle choices, but ultimately the familial bonds that were impossible to break.

    I would remember all the ups and downs, the easy days and the hard ones, the long, beautiful, arduous path that has gotten me to this day. If the world were to end this very day, I would be saddened by the experiences and memories that were unattained, but ultimately thankful for the journey I was privileged to embark on thus far.
  3. Jorezabautista22

    Jorezabautista22 New Member

    If the world ends today, I will say everything that I wanted to say to my family friend and even people that surrounds me. I might have say there how import they are to me, I would be thanking them for all the moments we shared and memories they left in me, for it strengthen me through out living on the same land. I will thank them for all what I have learned in the process and I will tell them how they made my life so easy in this miserable world. With all the heart I will say thank you.
  4. lovelyknows

    lovelyknows New Member

    If the world will end today, firstly. I will have a heart to heart talk to God. I will thank him for allowing me to live in this world. I will thank Him for giving me a good life and a lovable and very supportive family. For always guiding me and my loved ones and leading us to the right path. Second, I will tell to my Family how thankful I am because they are the family that God gave me. I will thank them for raising me as a good person. And most important, I will tell them how much I love them. How happy I am with my life because of them. Lastly, I will ask forgiveness to those person whom I hurt unintentional or intentionally. And I will say thank you to those person who hurt me because they made me stronger. So at least, in last day of earth. I will have a peaceful mind and heart.

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