What if tommorrow is the end of the world?

Discussion in 'Magazine Article Writing' started by Graceraine Sarte, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Graceraine Sarte

    Graceraine Sarte New Member

    I give hug and kisses to the people i loved and we pray
  2. Anonymous04

    Anonymous04 New Member

    If tomorrow is the end I will surely buy all the stuffs that I want. I will bake a cake the will surely loved by the most important people in my life. I will go to church with the one I love and say my prayers and thank you's to God that he gave me a beautiful life and a great family. Watch the night sky and stars before it ends, and I will compose a song by just starring at the beautiful stars. It's really terrifying to know that tomorrow will end and all you can do is wait as to what happens to the world. For me we cannot do anything to stop the world from crashing but we CAN do all the things we like before tragedy struck earth. We can't stop just knowing the world will end, we need to move forward and keep pushing to live our live to the fullest with no regrets.
  3. edisut

    edisut New Member

    If tomorrow the end of the world I surrender to the God, and pray for forgive blazing.
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  4. zeap21

    zeap21 New Member

    why wait for the end of the world to do it? you can do it now. just saying :whistle:
  5. zeap21

    zeap21 New Member

    If tomorrow is the end of the world, i will still try my best to survive. lol but if the time i knew i won't survive, i will definitely call every single one of my loved ones and thank them for everything. God is watching, people. It's not too late to repent. God bless us all
  6. Diana Jeane Baquing

    Diana Jeane Baquing New Member

    unnamed (5).jpg

    If tomorrow is the end of the world, here are the things I would do:

    I would go to a nice place savor the sunshine, the fresh air, the nice surroundings together with my family. We will have a picnic in the garden and eat all the delicious food that we want to eat because it is our last meal.

    We would exchange words of endearment to each other, ask forgiveness for wrong doings, have a good fellowship with one another. We will enjoy the day with singing and dancing until nightime.

    Before the end of the day, we will do some soul searching and prepare ourselves to meet our Creator. Surely tomorrow is the most exciting event in our lives, so sleep is nowhere to be found!

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  7. janamila

    janamila New Member

    Ask yourself this question every morning. And then do at least one thing you would certainly do if tomorrow was the end of the world. It could be a good exercise to become aware of what really matters to us in our lives. I believe it would be refreshing in everyday life!
  8. ediehabal

    ediehabal New Member

    If tomorrow is the end of the world the first thing I am going to do is to talk to God and ask for his forgiveness. I would tell him that I would offer my life to him. I am not scared and I would be thankful if this is according to his plan. :)
  9. yennx

    yennx New Member

    If you would ask that question to people personally, typically they'd say that i'll tell my family and loved ones i love you or show their love through different things like hugging or kissing till the world ends, but for me it's not just that, i'm not saying i don't love them, instead, i'll do everything with them, everything we've ever wanted to do that we still didn't experience, life's just short, after a year ends you'll realize it's too fast, so, if tomorrow is the end of the world, i' would like to make memories with my loved ones, a lot of them, because for me, spending time with my family is the most precious thing i could give them, sharing laughter, happiness, care, and especially, love.
  10. Divine Soriano

    Divine Soriano New Member

    I will pray if its the last day of the world I want to repent to God and worship Jesus the whole time I think that would everyone should do
  11. Clemensau2

    Clemensau2 New Member

    Once somebody used to say: " The end of the world is the day I finally die", so I think it 's true, because you actually never know if "tomorrow" will come by sure; then we face everyday a little "end of the world" without dying in itself, what would make us to think better of which actions or which kind of behaviors we could achieve to be better persons even to give others the best of us, specially the children.
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  12. Lianne Goreo Horan

    Lianne Goreo Horan New Member

    I would keep all my memories (pics, letters, etc) in a box and dug it in on our backyard. Hope somebody would see it on another world. SKL.
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  13. Leejohn123

    Leejohn123 New Member

    I spend time with my family even in the last days together and remember all the fun memories that happened to our family
  14. Ants79

    Ants79 New Member

    I will spend it with my loved ones & consume all the best food. We will die happy & full.
  15. rhanda

    rhanda New Member

    I will spend time with family and friends, I will ask god to forgive me. And I will eat my favourite food.
  16. livity6900

    livity6900 Member

    First of all I will give my life to Christ and that is not negotiable. It is invoice that we are in the End time and as a matter of fact we must all seek salvation so if the whole world is coming to an end tomorrow then I think the best thing to do is to ask for forgiveness and pray that you will go to heaven. I will give out everything I have to the poor and needy and then wait on the Lord to destroy the world. I believe that will be a fulfillment of the prophesy because when the time come your money will not be able to save you. Oh that reminds me of poor man Lazarus and the rich man.
  17. Sunny Tones

    Sunny Tones New Member

    They say when a man is about to die, his loved ones flash before him as well as his regrets. So if tomorrow was the D day, then I'll make peace with my loved once, show them how much I really love them, forgive anyone who has wronged me and seek for forgiveness from those I've wronged.
    Then I'll make a list of my regrets and try and correct or fulfill the ones I can.
    Hopefully i die with no regrets, or in the best case scenario travel to another planet because I don't really want to die now.
  18. Dexterperry06

    Dexterperry06 New Member

    If tomorrow is the end of the world, I definitely go my love ones especially to my family and spend the rest of my life with them. We will pray together and seek for God's forgiveness for all the sins that we've made. I will cherish every moments with my family and to my better half. I will thank God for giving me this life that I prevail and also thank my family and friends that contribute a great part of I am today. I wanna die filled with happiness, hope, peace and love.
  19. deen123

    deen123 New Member

    If tomorrow is the end of the world, I will spend my time with my family and love ones, I will cherish every moment and every single hours left in our lives. We will spend our time at the beach and having a good time, we will eat all the foods that we love and we will all pray together to thank God for giving us a such a wonderful world, life and experiences. Everything in this world is not permanent, if God decided to take it back to us, we should still be thankful to him. Life is a gift of God, we should be a good follower and a servant of God, this serves as a return for all of the kindness that he given to us.
  20. phansize007

    phansize007 Member

    Thanks to you Graceraine Sarte for your intriguing intriguing topic. Just like Deen123 has said, spending your last days with family and loved ones would outweigh anything else; you'd have all the company you need.

    Lastly, I'd like to be in close proximity to the best foods in existance if the World was ending tomorrow.
  21. Analyn026

    Analyn026 New Member

    Apologize to everyone whom I think I have hurt and thank everyone for handling my mood swings.
    Tell my mom,dad, sister and brother that I love them enormously and ask them for a group hug.
    Call all my friends and thank them too.
    Pack my secret diary,photos of me and my family ,and phone in a plastic pack securely so that if life again occurs on Earth anyhow, then someone can have a idea of the previous people.
    Ask my family for sleeping together so that if world end while we are sleeping then we can die together. And lastly
    pray to the supreme power that if he form another world then they allow me to take birth in it so that I can again experience beautiful world.
  22. Davicha

    Davicha New Member

    Well, first of all, I would probably apologize to people I love and even people I despise, I just want to die with honor and respect. Secondly, I'd spend my time with my family and my significant other, to be sure that we're all together for one last time.
  23. mostafa1970

    mostafa1970 New Member

    If tomorrow is the end of the world, I will plant a tree in the garden of the house. In the hope that the good will remain on the earth. To grow these trees and remain after us a witness and evidence that life will not be destroyed even after the end of the world.
  24. yosleve

    yosleve New Member

    The first thought that would cross my mind would be how well am I prepared to leave...
    The end of the wolrd might connote different meanings, if it really means all humanity dying, then, I would only wish that I be in the best place after death, but for the remaining time, I would make peace with my present life and eat alot.
  25. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    If the world is to end tomorrow and you wonder what you will do while knowing that fact, then it follows that the reason for the world ending is also known to you.
  26. dene728

    dene728 New Member

    For me I will go home to my hometown to be with my family, I like to be with them when the world ends. I will ask for forgiveness for those I have done something bad and forgive those who had wronged me. I want to end my life peacefully . I want to do everything I wish to do just like eating my favorite food, dressing my favorite dress and petting my favorite pet. If we have the privilege to travel before the end of the world I love to go around the world to see the sites I'm dying to see in an instance. The truth is, for now, life is still beautiful that that question is not being entertained in my mind yet.
  27. Divinelyrich

    Divinelyrich New Member

    If tomorrow is the end of the world, I'd thank all members of my family for being always there for me, ask for forgiveness for my shortcoming, and say goodbye.
  28. Jeedae

    Jeedae New Member

    If the world is going to end tomorrow, I would go to my bank, withdraw all my money and share it with the needy. I would endeavor to tell people about Christ and lead them in the prayer of salvation. I would pray to God to forgive all my sins and spend the rest of the night reading my Bible, praying and praising God. I would spend quality time with my loved ones and make them see that I love and care about them so much.
  29. Markjim

    Markjim Member

    If tomorrow will be the end of the world I'll choose to do everything that I want to do like travel around the world,eat all I want,drink some liquor and hug the people that I love because you can't do anything because god decide it so I choose to be happy
  30. bencherik

    bencherik New Member

    If the world is going to end tommorow, I think I will apologize to everyone whom I think I have hurt and thank everyone for handling my mood swings, and I will sk my family for sleeping together so that if world end while we are sleeping then we can die together.

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