What inspired you to write?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by StardustNebula, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. StardustNebula

    StardustNebula New Member

    Which series/comic/book served as that little push for you to say: "Hey, I could try this myself too!"
    We all have different types of muses in the back of our minds, waiting to get noticed and help us achieve some story of our own.
    I have a hard time making up my mind since I have been a hardcore bookworm since I was a kid, but the first book to REALLY get my gears going was Harry Potter. I remember pausing in between of chapters and thinking all sorts of "what ifs."
    Even now I still have the most fun thinking of magic-related universes in my mind! (Because come on, we all have our little imagine spots in our minds, I know that.)
    So? What gave you the itch to grab a pen (or your keyboard) and write something of your own? :rolleyes:
  2. VintageRose

    VintageRose New Member

    I was often frustrated by certain scenes or endings in my favorite cartoons.

    No, seriously.

    As a kid I used to get upset when certain characters turned out to be evil, or even when my favorite character didn't get enough attention and my despised ones stole the spotlight. So I decided to make my own version of the events. where I would fix it all.

    Since then, the rest is history. I became a nerd.
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  3. Michele Diamond

    Michele Diamond New Member

    For me writing is fun, I try to expand my creativity through writing, my career also demands good communication skills, so I level up by brainstorming, writing is the very place I engage my thinking abilities. I've seen a lot of books and most authors have their style of writing, so it's fun to engage myself in groups where different writing styles and skills is exhibited. The reward that accompanies writing is also a punch line, because you can make millions easily by writing spectacularly. Writing a good essay can also help secure a befitting scholarship.
  4. todak

    todak New Member

    Writing has been one of the ways I can express myself to the world. More so, I realized that there is so significance attached to writing as it brings to bare thoughts, actions, stories of the past, the present and future. It is a powerful tool for imagination. I have read books that have changed my life for the better. I strongly believe I can pen down something tangible that can affect life positively and imprint my name in the sands of time.
  5. melmarfalcon

    melmarfalcon New Member

    I write because I have to. Never thought I'd say that as it sounds so wanky but it's true. I get edgy and down if I can't write or make something, so I am always working and happiest when I have a deadline. Some of my favourite jobs have been when it's all gone totally pear shaped because a writer has walked or been fired. You get the call to rush in and do rewrites. The pressure's massive but if you can make the insane deadline you walk away with a fat cheque.
  6. zappd

    zappd New Member

    I started reading pretty early. By the time I was 9, I had quite an impressive library stack. But I can precisely remember who inspired me to want to write and be world famous as a novel writer. A female author by the name V.C (Virginia Cleo) Andrews. She wrote the popular Dollanganger book series. I was instantly drawn and hooked into the magical world of imaginative writing when I read "Flowers in the Attic". The story stuck in my mind for a very long time and I often find myself unconsciously referencing some of my favourite characters in the book when I was writing my first novel.

    So, sometimes, all it takes is that one book or that one author!
  7. munchi

    munchi New Member

    I love writing scary stories.Yours might be different because your inspiration comes from your likes and hobbies.Personally I love scary movies and pictures,so putting it down is more easy and fun for me.
    Just find out what you like and can talk about without getting tired and write.
    Examples: animals, sex,relationship matters,politics etc
    The fun of putting down my imaginations inspired me.
  8. Hassam786

    Hassam786 New Member

    Love inspires me to write. All I know is that if a story is in you it has to come out.You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.Writers sees the world differently. Every face we see and every voice we hear is a unique character for us. Writing is painting the voice of the heart.
  9. lawal

    lawal New Member

    Reading which precedes writing is always meant for a purpose. I read for academic and religious purposes since childhood. Personally I am always seeing myself as not qualified to write. However, challenges from time to time made writing inevitable for me. I often criticize books that I have read and wiah I had what it takes to rewrite those materials. The more I learnt the more unsatisfied I get with the write-up. Sometimes also I have to help people out in writing. The need to express reality from my own point of view motivated me to start writing and put aside my fear of quality.
  10. Veronica2886

    Veronica2886 New Member

    What's inspired me to write has come from my very own passion for expressing my thoughts and feelings through communication and words. I've always been a person who speaks their mind, and I 've always been interested in the world and other people in it. From a very young age I would go up and down my neighborhood block and I would pretend I was Harriet the Spy (from the movie) and I had a little notebook and pencil and I would hide and spy on my neighbors and document everything I witnessed them doing. Writing for me is freedom, freedom to speak my mind, freedom to motivate others, freedom to change someone's perspective, freedom to examine the world around me, freedom to express how I feel, writing gives me the power to say what I believe, and the power to be heard. Because somewhere out their, someone is waiting and hoping to hear what I have to say.
  11. Annozou

    Annozou New Member

    As a child, I always envisioned myself entertaining people with a good fiction story that I wrote. The thought of successfully creating something that others enjoy brings a smile to my face.
  12. francis22

    francis22 New Member

    Ayn rand once said,"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by desire to beat others".I think about "writing" that way too,its a personal passion.knowing you can't be perfect,no matter how good I am,i cannot convince everybody.Once am writting ,I get my inspiration from.
    CHANGE OF ENVIRONMENT: If your a writter and you dont travel,its bad.I move from the urban area to the country side,it gives the old land scape inspiration.Watching the birds fly,insects crawl on tress,the type of houses and the lifestyle it gives me a great inspiration writing.
    PERSONAL DISCOVERIES:As a writer I try extreme things,just to get an experience.Some writers might cook up a stories right inside there study room,but I use my personal experience to write,its gives me the inspiration I need to put down my feeling about a certain situation as related to my writings.
    STUDYING:I study very hard as a writer,no one knows it all.I read up similar articles on what I want to write.short movies, seminars are no expections.I try to gather knowledge to put down the best.Reading is no substitute in this modern world,everyday sonthing new is out there.
    SPENDING SOME TIME ALONE:I go up the hill or river side with my jotter and pen,Cracking my mind over a topic alone up there,I must come up with something great.The calm environment helps me a lot in concentrating especially if am adding about nature.Feeling relaxed alone give me inspiration.
    PASSION: Writing as a passion gives you the advantage of converting any incideny ,accident or happenings around into write up.A passoniate writer writes about any thing he encounters and puts it where it belongs.
    When my puppy(Flocky) fell sick for a month and later died,I wrote about it.
    Rip to Flocky.
  13. LogicLaughs

    LogicLaughs New Member

    I learnt so much about the world as a kid just by reading fiction.

    I noticed a trend in many novels that writers were really trying to convey their own theories about the world into words. I found that it's impossible to lie in a book because at the end of the day you're selling an idea. Also, I think it's reaaaalllyyy cool that something a person wrote hundreds of years ago can still resonate with us today.
  14. SeanPyle

    SeanPyle New Member

    Mostly the accessibility. Video games and movies tell incredible stories, but few of us will ever have the opportunity to realize our worlds through these mediums. On the other hand, anyone with access to a computer can flesh out their ideas with writing.
  15. PenAuthor

    PenAuthor New Member

    I've often wondered how certain authors are able to paint very colorful ideas and make their readers have a feel of what they're portraying. The best fictional book I've ever read is the Harry Potter series. I must say it was this that prompted me to begin writing.
    I started writing when I was 11 years old. It wasn't the best of books but my friends liked it and that gave me the impetus for more. As can be expected, I'm drawn to the Magic corner. I wrote "The Magic School" when I was in Junior school and I'm currently working on one which I'll publish before the year runs out.
  16. PenAuthor

    PenAuthor New Member

    I've often wondered how certain authors are able to paint very colorful ideas and make their readers have a feel of what they're portraying. The best fictional book I've ever read is the Harry Potter series. I must say it was this that prompted me to begin writing.
    I started writing when I was 11 years old. It wasn't the best of books but my friends liked it and that gave me the impetus for more. As can be expected, I'm drawn to the Magic corner. I wrote "The Magic School" when I was in Junior school and I'm currently working on one which I'll publish before the year runs out.
  17. Blisscom

    Blisscom New Member

    Like most here, I read a lot as a kid and I'm inspired by the authors who have captivated me, too. Writing calls to me and while I can imagine myself pursuing it as a vocation, I've yet to actually sit down and commit to writing a novel.

    I'm interested in seeing the answer to questions like, "am I actually a good writer?", "will people even enjoy my stories?", etc.

    I finally started a few weeks ago on a story that's designed to teach the reader Japanese as they progress, so I'll find out soon enough I guess
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  18. ciaotrae

    ciaotrae New Member

    I feel like my start was in playing video games. Those stories were always the most immersive to me, and touched me more than a love of the early novels did. (Which, I mean, come on. The Magic Treehouse Series and Goosebumps were great and I loved reading as much as your next writing-crazed kid, but they can only get you so far emotion-wise.) There's a power to losing yourself in a book (or game!) that I find is completely magical, and is now something that I would love to replicate.
  19. Alythia101

    Alythia101 New Member

    Fanfiction was what inspired me to start writing. I discovered it while I was a preteen and after reading dozens of fanfics, I felt the urge to join in. It was like becoming a part of this huge online community, full of people that shared my interests and loved the same characters I did. I enjoyed the communication between writer and readers, enjoyed how so many unique interpretations could spark from the original work, yet still be instantly recognizable to me. I wanted desperately to experience the author side of that relationship, and so I took up writing.
  20. premiumholmes

    premiumholmes New Member

    I am always so inspired to write when I read a good, funny memoir. Jenny Lawson ( Furiously Happy) and David Sedaris always leave me wondering how to kick off my writing career. I love to laugh, and I love to think about how people manage to keep joy alive despite life struggles. Jenny and David both have invoked curiosity about how I can help others do the same.
  21. UnicornHeart

    UnicornHeart New Member

    I know this might sound silly, but life inspired me to write. The sadness and the despair I experienced in my life made me want to write down how I felt. I just needed an outlet to express myself without judgment, so I started a journal and decided to let myself go. I let the words flow out of me and before you knew it I was writing every day, and I felt so inspired to write more than my own life but about lives of the fictional characters I created. I started to just come up with ideas and concepts; I began to build worlds in my head I had yet to explore. I was very excited to write every day, and I felt a yearning just to write the things I felt and saw in my minds eyes. I feel so inspired by nature and music. When I go outside and put on my headphones, and I shut off the world, I feel this sense of peace overflow me. Real inspiration hits me when I least expect it to and when I am not even looking for it. I honestly feel the best ideas come to you when your not looking for it like serendipity. No particular author or writer inspired me to write, but I can say I have had people around me in my life that encouraged me to write. When I was a child, I used to read ABC mysteries, Cam Jensen, Junie. B. Jones, Judy Moody and much more. Reading was my first love before I started having an interest in writing. I guess you could say that reading was a major inspiration for my own stories. Like what Carol Shields said, "Write the book you want to read, the one you cannot find." I love this quote because it's so true to who I am as a writer. I write because I want to read it myself. Real inspiration comes from life experiences and what you consume on a daily basis. If you ever have any problem finding the inspiration you must think of what you should write from the perspective of a reader. What would you want to read? What story do you wish existed? These questions spark a lot of ideas for me. "If there is a book that you want to read, but hasn't been written yet then you must write it- Tori Morrison. Toni's quote is even truer because If you write what you want to read you never run out of inspiration. There are so many things in which you can gain inspiration from like pictures, movies, games, news, music, etc. I can't just say that one thing inspired me to write and that's why life experiences are the best way to describe my inspiration process. Everyone is different in the way they find ideas from various things. The unique thing about being human is that when you find something it's special to you and when you write a new story is in your voice, and it's in your style.
  22. Aubrey Cana Laine

    Aubrey Cana Laine New Member

    I get really inspired to write when a lot of ideas come into my head. When I think up a perfect scene that I just need to get out of my system, I immediately grab a pen and write it down. Also, when I'm in front of the computer, I can't stop typing until I'm satisfied with what I've written so far!
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  23. hoypete

    hoypete New Member

    I feel the urge to write whenever I am experiencing something different from what I have been through in time past. It could be love on another level or depression in a different way.
    Also I feel the urge to write about things around me. Could be people, nature, animals and so on.
  24. michaeemeka

    michaeemeka New Member

    well the answer is i always like to write and i also have a lot of imagination what inspired me to write was movies .i started to write at the age of 12 years then i was creating comics ,i am also determined to create a comic and a story book which would reach all parts of the world and also write movies which touch the heart of many people all over the world.
  25. Khalil A

    Khalil A New Member

    Happiness isn't always a source of inspiration. I can say that I am fully inspired, that I can write without stop, when I am sad and pissed of, because what I am good at, is to write essays about existential questions and the injustice of life. I am an over-thinker so basically everything can inspire me, even the smallest details of a situation can lead me to analyze through so many lines a comportment or a way of thinking.
    What inspire me too, is the difference, I mean that what makes us different makes us think and ask ourselves questions about these divergences, and I talk here about positions when it comes to different topics.
  26. wisepost

    wisepost New Member

    Writing is a passion and gift that not everyone has ! When one reveals the creativeness within it opens up a whole new imagination for the writer . For myself writing eases the pain of everyday life struggles . Especially when I produce content that will make a positive impact on someone else s life . Also it opens a world creativity that you never knew was inside , which makes it addictive and passionate !
  27. jamestafolla

    jamestafolla New Member

    I can honestly say that I do not think that I have ever actually completed a story that I have written, or tried to write. I get so far and then I just stop, I've gotten some to something like 150k words and just stopped. I only write when I want to, and sometimes that can go pretty far in between. It's more of a stress relief for me than for any kind of money or overt desire to write. I always keep telling myself that I will finish that novel one day, that it will get done and I will submit it, but then maybe I just have this fear that if I do submit it, it will get turned down and I will be faced with the fact that my writing really sucks!
  28. Yiskah

    Yiskah New Member

    For me it was life, dreams and feelings that drove me to write. I tend to work through stuff when I sit down and let everything pour out. Poetry is the simplest way for me but to stories are the long hard term struggles. I have started yet never finished novel after novel for this reason, perhaps on day when I finally do I will have concord my demons!
  29. inked

    inked Member

    At a young age Amy Lee inspired me to write and play piano. She is a very creative emotional person. Amy lee is beautiful inside and out. Alot of things can inspire me to write like the wind and the rain.
  30. x021

    x021 New Member

    I started writing in 4th grade. Around that time, I got really into reading. There was a popular book in my school called Among the Hidden, and I got really into it like everybody else. I read through every book in the series whenever they were available. Shortly after that I began writing fiction about things that I was really interested in.

    Since I loved cartoons and comics, one of the first stories I wrote was about kids with super powers. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't that good considering the fact that I was only about 9 or 10 at the time, but I remember posting it online, and a few other kids wanted me to update the story.

    I'm not a frequent writer, but my interest in writing has definitely surged recently. Most of my time spent writing happens in very long writing sessions. I've also taken up journaling as a way to reduce stress.

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