What inspired you to write?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by StardustNebula, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. rubylyndivi

    rubylyndivi New Member

    My children inspired me to write. I've written a few stories for them that they shared with their friends. So whenever I write, I make it for sure that it conveys moral lessons for them and others.
  2. msg17

    msg17 Member

    Honestly my cousin inspired me to write. She was in high school when she started writing. And I really admired her passion for the said activity. (writing) As I saw her creating her own stories, it made me want to create my own as well. And that is the reason why I started to try writing. The experience that I had was very good. And my works were also complimented by various people. That is why I love writing more, now.
  3. Faith Lacy

    Faith Lacy New Member

    I get inspired to write when my brain gets cluttered and starts to make me stress. I get a feeling in my stomach that let's me know "okay, it's time to go write." Even if i'm in a happy, sad or scary mood that all inspires me. You can change a thought into anything, what you can do with that anger, happiness or even love in the real word you can always do it with a pencil and paper. I trained myself to write when there's little to no inspiration around, just write the first thing that comes to your mind and make it into a poem or story. The end results always come out better than I expect.
  4. RaiKaizu

    RaiKaizu New Member

    For me its a combination of creative thoughts and experience in life im not really a writer or someone who is knowledgeable in these fields its just simple knowledge i have. Because people tends express themselves through writing they describe something through artistic way because of the experiences they have in life that inpires them to do so.
  5. Kyle Lavarias

    Kyle Lavarias New Member

    My inspiration for writing are my experiences. They made me inspired everyday to write different stories and blogs and as well as poems.
  6. Nowadays my hobby is reading Wattpad stories its an application in some android phones. After reading many interesting stories I was able to come up different plots on my own. I am motivated and inspired in doing my own writing since I was able to observe some of the skills and styles after reading different genres.
  7. mgclaban

    mgclaban New Member

    What inspires me to write is what i feel and see everyday. its like doing my journal. Related to what i feel and see is what i also read...
  8. Paschell

    Paschell New Member

    Being A victims of ABUSE i was never really Vocal about my thoughts or feeling because i really didnt know or even understand how i felt at the time. So i began to Read alot of book and i came Across Maya Angelo books and i began to read her books and listen to her story and she just inspired me to find my voice in writing and music, and with in writing i found my voice which is what inspired me to write.
  9. Kukububu

    Kukububu New Member

    Reading fictional Wattpad stories inspired me to write stories of my own. I wanted to create fanfictions of those stories that I've read and then eventually, "original" (if there is still such a thing) stories of mine based on my own experiences. I've always wanted to finish the stories that I write but they just end up in places I could never imagine. Gladly, I was able to finish one, and it is just a one shot, which I'm quite satisfied with because that is my first ever "finished" story after years of trying. I'm onto manga these days so I'm trying out a different medium of telling stories. It might work out well this time, hopefully.
  10. judemartin

    judemartin New Member

    For me writing is fun, I try to expand my creativity through writing, my career also demands good communication skills, so I level up by brainstorming, writing is the very place I engage my thinking abilities. I've seen a lot of books and most authors have their style of writing, so it's fun to engage myself in groups where different writing styles and skills is exhibited. The reward that accompanies writing is also a punch line, because you can make millions easily by writing spectacularly. Writing a good essay can also help secure a befitting scholarship.
  11. Michelle G.

    Michelle G. New Member

    I started writing when I was very little, just silly notes or cards for my mom and my aunt. Then, as I grew older and started thinking about what career I wanted to pursue, or just what I really wanted to do with my life, I came to the conclusion that I loved movies and I loved writing. So, after studying Advertising in college, I applied to film school and was met with my first existential crisis: should I major in directing or screenwriting? Tough one, let me tell you. I took both tests and ended up being selected by the Screenwriting Department, much to my surprise and relief. Now, after writing mostly screenplays for TV and Films, I'm beginning to dabble in fiction writing; short stories and novels. I love the adventure that awaits me every time I stare at the blank page.
  12. payaknapagiisip

    payaknapagiisip New Member

    I like to read a good story once and a while. It is a way to escape reality and go to a place where you can be the hero and be indestructible. With that, I am tempted to write something. The problem is, I am not a good writer and my vocabulary is not that broad enough. That is the thing that is stopping me to pursue that. I guess I am one of those people who can only dream.
  13. kenneth juaniza

    kenneth juaniza New Member

    My own experiences help me to write a story. If you based it on your own experience I'm sure that you can write it inspirational even though its fictional because if you base your story to your own experience and add some imagination your story will become interesting and inspirational.
  14. May311995

    May311995 New Member

    Reading and watching true stories really inspire me to write.Also listening to inspirational songs while writing can give you ideas on what to write.
  15. ptarkryen

    ptarkryen New Member

    When I first read to Twilight I thought "Well, I can do this!" so I tried and failed. It's very easy to judge some books and say that you can do similar or even better than it. Some years passed by and I started reading poetry and this is what really inspired me for writing basically anything that comes out of my head, I just grab a paper or whatever it's close to me and write, no matter if it is good or terrible, writing is like a therapy section.
  16. Leratobabedi

    Leratobabedi New Member

    Aren't we all taught to write in Nursery School, Pre-School and Primary School? I think writing is an inherit human quality in order to express ideas, whole thoughts and emotions. We all do it at some point, it depends on who we are and what we have to say whether or not we go into writing either as a hobby or professional career.

    There's nothing special about writing, everyone does it, great writers however are the people with the most imaginative and enterprising ideas.

    What inspires me to write (fiction) is myself and my perspective.

    KINGWIN New Member

    What really inspired me to write are just my own experiences towards life. I experience different things each and everyday which makes me think of different things to write upon. I've read many books of all sorts of topics and I just like to infuse my own twist or take into a topic that I thought about. I personally am a poet and I love to draw things from outside and incorporate with my experiences. There was a time that I was really down, I felt alone, depressed, a time wherein my emotions are in its lowest peak, and I just wrote about it. For me, experiencing something and then referring that to something that you have read but didn't really experienced creates a new dimension that you would think you can never create. It is very fun to be inspired from your environment, observe and feel the vibe of each and everything. With this method, you can be inspired to write whenever, wherever.
  18. angelization

    angelization New Member

    I was that awkward kid in school with no friends to tell stories with. I was most alone and always eager and desperate to talk to someone else because I felt like I had too much to share. I felt like I had many stories to tell. I felt like I wanted to tell them about the adventures I had but as usual, I got no one. And then one day, I chose the most beautiful pen out of all the pens that I have and bought myself the most beautiful diary I could find. Right then and there, I scribbled words, told my stories, shared my adventure, and showed the wonderful world I had been keeping for myself. Since that day, I was always in my right mind not to stop.
  19. glenfordjay

    glenfordjay New Member

    At an early age of 9 or 10 I was already fun of reading short stories from a story book that I got from my mother as a gift. I was really fascinated on the stories I’ve read and wonder if they were true or if I could also do the thing that happens on the story. I also wonder how they came up with those stories and dream if I could also write something that would fascinate other people.

    At the age of 12 I have written my fist short story about a friendship of a fire dragon and a talking little bird. My charters might sound funny but those are the charters that I can think of as a kid. I let my friends read the story and they love it. I love the way my friends reacted on the stories I made and it feels great in my end. I love having that feeling of being praised out of your creation and that’s what’s inspires me to write.
  20. borkbarkbork17

    borkbarkbork17 New Member

    My dad liked to watch whatever he wanted on tv when I was growing up, regardless of how old my siblings and I were. I grew up watching a lot of shows and movies that weren't entirely appropriate, but they had deeper, more intricate stories than the more appropriate shows I should have been watching. I wanted to create my own. So, in the second grade, I wrote my first horror story. Instead of sending me to a counselor, my teacher bound the book and displayed it in our little library corner. It was so cool to have her read it and be proud. My classmates read it and called it creepy. I had done something cool with only words. Since then, I've branched off into other genres, but horror is always my first love. I guess the creep factor hasn't changed much since the second grade.
  21. Adesuwa08

    Adesuwa08 New Member

    To answer this I would firstly say that I was much of a bookworm while growing up too, my grandparents built in me to always read because I will always get first in class, if I didn't get first in class I will always get the whole world crashing down on me because I know what they all can do. I am trying so hard to search my memories and recall that book that really gave me that push, was it my grandparents books that was giving to me? Or those books my father owned and never allowed us to touch because he saw it as an adult content. O! Boy! I read a whole deal of books that I can't remember my first book that pushed me into writing.

    The first book that pushed me into writing was a book which was being recommended as a must read book, that book was 'things fall apart' by China Achebe it was my stepping stone. I wrote a flash fiction after reading it, it was some how like 'things fall apart' much of a copy work with different characters and plots, it was regarded to me much like a copy work because from then on all I did was copy works I read on novels but change characters and plots. My real break through was when I had stolen one of those my fathers sacred books and taking it to school, in was in senior secondary then at age 15+ I only got to read the first few chapters of it before it got seized in school, that book was 'Fools Die' by Mario Puzo. It took me years to get this book again to read but before I finished it, it ushered me into the world of writing, when I got another print later and finished reading it I was glad that it took me so long to finish reading it, because it thought me how sacred writing was.
  22. MahleeVouge69

    MahleeVouge69 New Member

    Sometimes when someone tells story about their life they inspire me to write. It's important that you surround yourself with positive people because they can help you to write a good story.Movies,Books,Music also inspire me.
  23. Barnel

    Barnel New Member

    I have always been interested in writing but what gave me that final thrust towards writing I would say is not the book but in fact the writer. The struggle of J.K. Rowling and her ultimate success filled me with that drive that I should come up with my original piece of writing.
  24. Saba Khan

    Saba Khan New Member

    Recollecting incidents regarding the most depressing parts of my life inspires me to write.... When I am going through some traumatic phase in my life.... I write... I make up quotes on life .... I don't usually write except when I am sad....
  25. Jepoyrains

    Jepoyrains Member

    I remember someone when I saw this question. It's not what but who inspire me to write. I make many poems and I complete a one notebook full of poems, every page has drawings and poems. I write the things I love, the things I want, the things that makes me strong. I give that notebook to my ex girlfriend.
  26. Bitrate

    Bitrate New Member

    Usually, my inspiration was stress and sad music...
    I know that it's weird, but really after a deep stress, it feels like I am reborn with new ideas and a new personality. Or after watching a movie and putting myself in the main character's situation.

    One idea attracts another idea and this is the way it works for me. But if I don't do something then my ideas go in a trash bin, even though they had a good potential.
  27. MommyH5

    MommyH5 New Member

    My inspiration to write comes from the depths of my heart. Where, once, a special seed had been planted, metaphorically. In all actuality, some time before my grandfather passed, he read a poem I had written. He was astonished with the visualization the details provided him with. He told me I should continue to write. Not anything in specific, but he told me, "We all have something to say, but if you never speak from the heart, why say anything at all? Why carry on through life being meaningless. A meaningless life is pointless and a waste of perfectly good time. So always speak from the heart."
  28. rosealie

    rosealie New Member

    I learned later in life I wanted to become a writer. Just tried content writing for the Triond site when it was up and running. I also am a poetry writer on the site Allpoetry.com where I have written over four hundred poems. I also like to write about life experiences. These periods of time helped me to become a better writer.
  29. CasRose

    CasRose New Member

    Most of my inspiration comes from odd dreams I have. For some reason, my dreams tend to be very cinematic, and while it's saturated in a bunch of, y'know, regular dream weirdness, there can sometimes be some compelling story behind it. From there, I expand and refine constantly.

    As for what inspired me to start writing in general, while I can't say any one thing got me to want to write, I actually realized that I could when I wrote a fanfiction. Embarrassing to admit, yes, but I wrote over 80,000 words into this fan story, before I realized I was literally writing something the size of a book, and I thought "if I can do this with a silly fan story, why can't I do it with something for myself?"
  30. If putting your emotions into words that can create a good writing then I can say I write and loves to write when I am happy especially with someone either a friend, a family member or someone dear that I want to express my thoughts and feelings on that same day through wordings, elaborate and deepen more what I feel that I cannot show and have the courage to let it out via pen and paper and give it that person. It's not always happiness that I feel when I write. When I am troubled, in pain, I am crying, I am angry or just want to escape my thoughts from other things I write.

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