What interests you in a travel blog?

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by mpros1, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. mpros1

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    I've been writing blog articles for a while now on how to live and study abroad and would like to know what readers are predominantly interested in. Is it the "what it's like" experience that does it for you? Or is it perhaps the practical tips that you may not get from a general travel guide?

    For example, if you were planning to come to the UK to work or study, what is it that you'd want to know before leaving your country? If you have any experience regarding this type of writing, feel free to chime in!
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  2. honeylaosanchez

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    Before traveling, I always make sure to research about the place through vlogs on YouTube and read blog websites. I tend to look for a blog where it gives me tips on how to save during my stay there, like a cheap hotel or a cheap restaurant. Also, since the writer of the blog has been there or is a local, I would like to know what his experience was during his stay, was it worth it going there, where did he go or what did he do. Lastly, I would like to find out if I need to bring something in case of emergencies like should I be wary of mosquitos and bring a repellent, or should I be wary of my things when traveling since there are a lot of pickpocketers.
  3. tintvmint

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    It interest me to read a travel blog because it is the reality that made a person sharing his or her own experienced. It is updated, it comes with a short cut of story... i mean specific sharing of experiences.
  4. jenaiken

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    Travel is a personal experience and when you write a travel blog you must be a traveler that have experienced the sites, the culture, the food .... so you can write about this experience and what your readers should expect from visiting that country/city, you can add money saving tips, what to do and not to do, what to pack, best time to visit, places to visit and avoid and so on. People always research online before visiting an area or country and I myself have done it countless time, being a world traveler, 35 countries and counting :). In regard of what do I need to know before lets say visiting UK? I would like to know what best bars/ coffee places local use in London for example or what best time to visit or what best areas to view the country side for example. Another thing is for me particularly I always like to know how far my money would go, like if I'm here in US I know what $10 can buy me, a day in LA if I'm a tourist may need at least $20-25 but in London I may need help so I can manage before my travels, plus I like to know where do locals buy their groceries, what are the most popular supermarket names, this IMO save me tons of money when I travel since I buy at least two of my meals from these local groceries.

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