What is an everyday thing that people do that greatly angers or annoys you?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by hristihomeboy, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. hristihomeboy

    hristihomeboy New Member

    For me it would have to be loud eating. I might love the person that is doing it but when they start I leave the room.
  2. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    I'm residing in a province and my community is just small. To live in this kind of neighborhood is good because everyone knows each other. However, there are some annoying things my neighborhood are doing everyday.

    Housewives are on the road every morning while cleaning their surrounding. They gossip other people's lives and anyone who passes by. I can't imagine myself doing the same even I'm a part of the community. I also don't feel good when someone's chewing a gum in public places and chewing so loud like a goat! And the worse is those people who acting feeling rich but not, also known as "social climbers". Why can't they just act normally instead of pretending.
  3. tinenapadaingmeow

    tinenapadaingmeow New Member

    For me it's being angry with no logical reason or pouring out your anger onto someone who's innocent. If you're angry to someone, then tell it to them or just simply let it out onto something not someone. If you're mad, then don't let that be the reason to be mad at people who don't even have an idea why you're mad. It's very illogical and senseless.
  4. emarcilla

    emarcilla New Member

    I usually go to the market to buy foods and unfortunately I always encounter some people who coughs and spits everywhere. It is disgusting and rude! It is their filthy habit that can possibly transmit infectious diseases. Why they can’t do it in a proper way by using a tissue or hanky? Or just go to the corner and expectorate their impure saliva so no one will catch it.

    These people should be taught on how to be aware of what danger they might bring to others by spitting everywhere.
    They should be cautious and careful in not doing that in public places. They need to learn that everyone, specially, children easily gets infected with their wrongdoing.
  5. teremisuu

    teremisuu New Member

    There are a lot of things that greatly annoy/anger me so I am just going to write them in bullets:
    • When people don't properly throw their trash. I think that it should be basic decency to throw trash in the trash bin. If you can't find one, I'm sure holding on it for a while will not kill you.
    • When people cut in line. Again, this is basic. You may be in a hurry, but don't think that you are superior to others. We all have precious time.
    • When people have a short temper and they think that they can solve a situation by shouting. I know that life can be very infuriating, but please, let's all be rational. Proper communication and respect is key.

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