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  1. johnmarvin

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    I curius about freelancing how to pay too
  2. joshua123

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    Freelancing is a way of independent earning from many projects and assignments that are available on freelancing websites. Freelance means that the worker is not bound by the policies of any company rather they are bound by the project they have been provided with. When you except a project on any freelance website, its your concern to complete that project within given deadline, otherwise the employer will cancel your project. On the other hand, the employer bound to pay a decided amount on the completion of project by you. You can also define milestone payments where you announce a certain amount for a certain percentage of work done by you.

    There are many freelancing websites on the internet like freelancer, Odesk, Guru, and Elance, where you can make your profile and bid for some projects. Many freelancing websites will pay you hourly. If you want to accelerate the process of winning a project, then you must make an exciting and good Portfolio of your earlier projects, your sills, and your experience. If you are an Indian, then I would suggest you to first try some Indian websites to build your profile like Worknhire. Once you build your profile, then sky is the limit.
  3. johnpaul

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    A freelancer is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. The type of workfreelancers do varies. ... Further,freelancing allows you to set your own price, which is often higher than what you'd make as an employee doing the same work.
  4. GyermieCarpeso

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    A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.
  5. msjillian

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    If you’re already busy and are having a hard time juggling life and work, it might be time to give up the little things. It might be time to outsource projects to people in your network whom you can still make profit from hiring or consider bringing in employees as a whole. If you’re a writer and have more work than you can handle, look for another writer in your network to help carry the load. If you can help guide their voice, thinking and approach – you can ensure that your clients are still receiving value for your services.
  6. msjillian

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    The most important thing to consider when living the freelance lifestyle is to know that work is not your life. Freelancers who are married or live with a partner are going to be tasked with a lot of challenges that will impact both them and their partners. I don’t have all the answers for this one but those of you in this situation need to admit to not just me, but your partner that you don’t have the answers either. You need to look them in the eye and tell them that you need their support and that their help is not only needed but greatly appreciated.
  7. Hessocreed3000

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    What is a freelancing job? A freelancing job is a types of job were self-employed Freelancers were hired for short terms services from companies who offers a specific job that requires a specific Freelancer skills. There are so many kinds of Freelancing jobs to choose from for almost every type of skills. Web Developer and Designer, Programming and Software Development, Content Marketing or Writing, Graphic Designing, Copywriters, Video and Photo Editing and Social Media Manager are some of the highest paying freelancing jobs in the world today.

    If you already have a well payed stable job where you feel happy and contented, then stay on it. But if you are willing to take risk to become a freelancer then it's your choice. Freelancing might be difficult at the beginning, but at the end it's all worth it.
  8. Ramchelle

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    What is a freelancing job?
    A freelance job allows you to get started with virtually no overheads that you can start almost immediately with a bit of time and passion. And also, a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc., rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer.
  9. Hachikoyoshiko

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    Freelancer by simple definition is someone who is self-employed. You are not connected to any companies or tied to any boss. Now if you wil ask what are the perks of being a free lancer, well there are alot of things to mention. Some of which is that you are able to work with multiple clients depending on the skills and services that you have which you can offer to them. Aside from that you earn more since you are able to work as much as you can with different clients and you are able to set your price depending on how good you are with the craft that you are doing or have have chosen. Now the dark side of being is a free lancer is that you have to have constant clients at least of that you have to gain reputation in order for you to earn. Being employed full time gives you the convenience of earning a sure income while freelancing does not. Also, I heard that there are penalties for which you are bound in case you don't deliver the service that is required from you. So in case you should decide to do freelancing always check for your skill-set first and if you're going to be markettable to whatever service you are going to engage with
  10. BleuBellie

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    A freelancer is someone who works for himself or herself. You are an independent worker who is not bound to any one company for employment. You charge whatever price you want for your own work. Finding freelance work is very easy. Go to a site like Fivr or Elance, and you can scroll through many pages of jobs for things like writing articles, web page design, graphics design, and much more. Freelancing is a convenient way to make more money, because you choose the jobs you want to do and work when you want to meet the project deadline. Freelancing is a great way to make more money on the side if you need more income than what you are making from your regular job. Of course, some people do freelancing full time, and there is where all of their money comes from.
  11. diana21

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    Freelancer are the person who work by themselves without boss or superior that mandates to your work. You are free on what time you want to work. Some freelancer site that I know are upwork and freelancer. The nice thing of being a freelancer specially when you are already a fulltime mom is that you can monitor your child while you are working as a freelancer.
  12. tripleseven

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    Free lancing jobs is working on a contract basis for a variety of companies, as opposed to working as an employee for a single company. Freelancers are often considered to be self-employed, and have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to be associated with.
  13. nanette-pxmB

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    A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.
    reelancing is similar to being self-employed. If a person gets paid by the hour, day, or per project instead of a monthly salary, that person is a freelancer.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean that you work from home either. A freelancer can get hired by a company on a short-term contract where they have to be physically present to do the work, especially freelance consultants. If you think about it, even some construction workers who do day-to-day work can be considered as freelancers as well.

    But, I assume the “freelancing” you’re referring to here is about working online. Most freelancers who work online have to find work by themselves.

    If you have a marketable skill (eg: writing, web design, graphic design), you can register with a freelancing site like UpWork and look for jobs posted by clients that match your skills and apply for them. When you get accepted for a job, you do the work according to the client’s requirements, and upon delivering the work you get paid.

  14. nanette-pxmB

    nanette-pxmB Member

    Freelancer (independent contractors) as a position which entails earning money by being hired to work on different jobs for short periods of time rather than by having a permanent job with one employer. The freelancer is hired on a project-to-project basis. Getting to work with different people all the time offers variety in life. They need to ensure that they perform their jobs well and be recognized as an expert in their field. Word of mouth is everything. Professional freelancers tend to work very hard as they are fully aware that their next project depends on the success of the one they are currently engaged in.
  15. nanette-pxmB

    nanette-pxmB Member

    Freelancing meaning is self-employed either on hour basis or on project basis. The platform freelancing have many websites, where you have to made id and then just have to give some basic information about your skills you know and have to upload the portfolio. Portfolio is the screen shots and description of projects that you have done before for other customers. Then you have to bid for projects matching your skills.
  16. deadlyknightshade

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    Freelance jobs are jobs that a worker or let's say freelancer does. It is done through the internet while the freelancer is in his or her own house. Freelance jobs also do not require a person to be active or to work in an employer given time. It is based on freelancer's availability and chosen time.
  17. excelgarcia

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    A freelance writer is responsible for writing articles or books on project basis or freelance basis. Specific duties of a freelance writer include gathering information on project specific areas, staying updated on grammar and project related aspects, writing small drafts, editing and proofreading the drafts, checking for conceptual or grammatical errors in drafts, working on articles prepared by other freelance writers if required, adhering to deadlines, working on special projects if suitable, getting written work approved by the chief editor, coordinating with editing manager and administrative staff, demonstrating excellent writing skills. A freelance writer typically reports to an editing manager or the chief editor.

    A freelance writer should have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communications. Excellent grammar and writing skills are essential. Prior exposure to writing through prior experience or working as freelance writer may be advantageous.
  18. excelgarcia

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    How to Become a Freelance Writer
    Determination, hard work, discipline and openness to constantly refining one’s craft are all needed for a successful freelance writing career. However, hands down, it is extremely advantageous for a prospective freelance writer to complete a journalism or communications degree. (Someone who wishes to be an author, script writer or ghost writer would also benefit from an English degree or creative writing courses). Not only do such programs allow students to learn and practice essential skills required for their future profession and participate in experiential internships – having a journalism degree will also help you stand out amongst other writers when editors are going through the piles of pitches they receive. Often a communications or journalism degree program will also offer a freelance writing course.

    Before and as you pursue your journalism degree, you should be continuously seeking out and gaining experience. This may mean volunteering for your school newspaper, writing a blog, going to events and writing reviews or coverage pieces (for practice and possibly a publication) or interviewing friends and family to practice conversing with subjects for an article. Get in the habit of writing every day, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes in the morning. Some days will be easier than others.
  19. excelgarcia

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    For freelance writers, not one day is alike. One day you might be interviewing a subject or researching leads, whereas on another day you may be writing and editing your work. Here is a list of some of the duties that are part of a freelance writing career:

    • Pitching story/article ideas to editors of print and online media
    • Meeting with clients (in person/phone/online) to discuss their ghost writing needs
    • Researching background for a piece you are writing
    • Writing
    • Revisiting your work and making improvements/edits before submitting
    • Organizing your work schedule (especially if you are writing for multiple clients/editors at once)
    • Marketing your services (through direct contact, setting up a website, attending networking events)
    • Continuously learning through attending specialized courses, asking for feedback or teaming up with a mentor
    • Other possible duties include transcription, photography, editing
  20. Killersoul13

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    Freelance jobs for me improves determination on a given time. It was supposed to be for a type of person that rather wants to stay at home doing jobs rather than spending time on a regular work doing the things that she/he didn't much like (only for monetary compensation).

    The good thing about the freelance jobs is that a worker is not bound to any contract for a certain company for a specified job and also with the use of internet freelancers can do simultaneous jobs. . Freelancers can do much of a work that she/he loves that will not interfered with making time for her/his family or love ones.

    I really admire people working freelance jobs because they were fierce and able to do task in short period of time.
  21. tbymrtn

    tbymrtn New Member

    A freelancer is a mercenary. He goes where the pay points him, but has the option to refuse or withdraw. He is able to make the choices based on his need, desires and skills. Some freelancers prefer to work alone, while others in close knit teams of complimentary skills. Along with these freedoms may come uncertainty of the next paycheck, so freelancers are best advised to add financial management skills to their tools.
  22. taimur15

    taimur15 New Member

    Becoming a freelancer is a great way to start working for yourself. You can work for multiple employers at a time, hone a variety of marketable skills, and work as much or as little as you want. Even if you’ve never worked freelance before, you may be able to land a project if you know how to market yourself and where to look!
  23. leovinodbelen

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    For me, freelancer is a way of every individuals who wanted to earn extra income that someone people can used for his extra expences. Freelancing a specified skill of some one can used to contribute to others, by helping and making them to ease specific tasked that people need to done it past and make a good outcome for such certain project.
  24. clydeterence

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    is self-employed person offering services, usually to businesses and often to multiple clients at a time. The type of work freelancers do varies. Nearly every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer, including (but not limited to), marketing, such as social media marketing, copywriting, and publicity, writing, such as articles and blog posts, technological support, such as web programming and design, creative works such as graphic design, and financial support, such as bookkeeping.
  25. porTUGA

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    A job as a Freelance, is when you are you onwe boss, you create your owne schedule. But it also mean that you need to try to find some "clients" to work for as well.
    Nowadays with the internet this kind of jobs and carrer opportunities are easier to find and to make a living on.
    Specially with the crisis you are getting out from, every penny can be important.

    And freelance jobs and opportunities will only grow, until freelance jobs will be as common as normal local jobs.
  26. Bertram

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    Freelancing job means time. Time is gold. It means that freelancers are the keepers of their time giving them plenty of chance to do other tasks. When there are tasks, chances of earnings become unquestionable. Balance between life and work is also achievable.
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    its very hard some times i don't know how to get some job taking
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    The internet has created an environment that expanded the growth of freelancing career. Freelancing is for people who want to earn some extra bucks by working in their leisure time or maybe weekends. It is also great for those who prefer a flexible schedule. You can make more money if you are willing to work for multiple clients simultaneously.

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