What is frienship to you?

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  1. yzekiel

    yzekiel New Member

    A true and strong friendship doesn't need daily conversations, daily togetherness, as long as the feelings are true in their heart, True friendship will never be part.
  2. honeybabe

    honeybabe New Member

    True friends don't desert each other when one is facing trouble. They would face it together and support each other, even if it is against the interests of the other person. Best friends don't analyze each other. Accept each other with their positive and negative qualities. If the bond between two friends is strong, true friends can endure even long distances. Geographical separation is just a part of life. It would not affect the relationship. It is not easy getting true friends for the lifetime. If you have even one true friend, consider yourself blessed. Remember, all best friends are friends, but not all friends can be best friends.
  3. I think true friendship last long and can never be bought or kept with money or lies:sneaky::D but with love, care and honesty such is true friendship to me. ;):)
  4. DarkkAngell

    DarkkAngell New Member

    Friendship means so much to me. It means having someone there for you. It means having someone to call in you most desperate hour. Friendship is essential to each and every one of our lives. A true friend supports you, loves you, listens to you, constructively criticizes you and helps you become a better person overall.
    Friendship is what keeps you going.
    Friendship is a major key to success.
    But friendship can also ruin you.
    You need to make sure you choose your friendships wisely.
    It can be a major key to success but it can also be the key to failure.
    Friendships either make or break you.
    This is just what I believe.
  5. ronsappy

    ronsappy New Member

    The true meaning of friendship is when you consider the other person's well-being to be as valuable as your own. If you feel this way about a person, you are truly their friend. If you consider that another person's good is as important as your own, you will treat them the way friends are supposed to treat each other.
  6. iamloudette

    iamloudette New Member

    Friendship is a big word to me. It includes everything that you I can think of. Friendship having each other not just in good times but also in bad times. It means supporting each other' plans and decisions and giving advice when it is needed. Celebrating the achievements together and commending each other when necessary. Friendship should not include backstabbing since these days there are a lot of fake friends out there. You probably have friends when you have money and when they are in front of you but you don't know exactly who they are behind you. Friendship is love. It's like having a sister or brother in another family.
  7. Phynley

    Phynley New Member

    Friendship is an important word for me. You cannot just call a person as your friend if you don't know him/her well. But what is the deep meaning of friendship?
    Friendship is not measured if how many foods or things he/she gave to you. You cannot measure friendship because you are already connected to them and you will be with them until you grow old.
  8. enchantedmusing

    enchantedmusing New Member

    Friendship to me means that you accept that person and love that person for who they are and not what you wish them to be. A friend is meant to guide you and console you as well as make you laugh. Basically, you share with them the part of yourself that you can't share with people closest to you because you fear what they will think. Like your family.
  9. danyel18

    danyel18 New Member

    Friendship is a relationship between people who like each other and enjoy each other's company. Friendship means being able to tell each other anything and understanding without questions. Friendship means being honest with each other no matter what the cost. Friendship means staying up all night and talking about nothing. Friendship means being able to say I love you! Friendship means forgiving each other no matter what you have done. Friendship means learning from each others mistakes.
  10. marienspiration

    marienspiration New Member

    For me friendship is a golden chain. It's a strong force that connects people regardless of gender, age, race, color or religion. It's an endless connection build with love, acceptance and trust. It's a relationship you can enjoy forever. It's like an extension of your family even if you're not connected by blood you're connected by heart.
  11. Abbielinna

    Abbielinna New Member

    Friendship is when you know that you can always trust a person in whatever he says, in whatever he do and in whatever he thinks that is best for both of you. Being there when things go wrong. Through ups & down of your life, he's still there to comport and help you.
  12. chrisasd

    chrisasd New Member

    The true meaning of friendship is when you consider the other person's well-being to be as valuable as your own. If you feel this way about a person, you are truly their friend. If you consider that another person's good is as important as your own, you will treat them the way friends are supposed to treat each other.
  13. DianneMariePetrov

    DianneMariePetrov New Member

    I believe friendship is a very important notion because we are free to choose who are friends are. Many individuals have bad relationships with there families and as we are stuck with them for life we are forced to look for comfort elsewhere. We seek friendship because we are social creatures who are unable to survive on our own.
    For me personally, friendship means the absolute world to me because my friends have been there for me and have helped me through many difficult periods of my life. I can honestly say that I do not know how I would have survived without them! Friendship can be just as meaning full or even more meaningful as the notion of family. And for most people, friends end up becoming their family.
  14. ayeshajan888

    ayeshajan888 New Member

    For me friendship is a special bond that friends choose to have. As the saying goes, "tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are". In my life, I met different kinds of people, some of them became my ordinary friends saying hi's and hello's when your paths meet. Some friends just come and go, some point of time in my life they became my constant companions but in the end we have gone separate ways. During my highschool days, I found my true friends. We were always together, sharing our laughters, problems that we cannot tell to our parents, corny jokes, crushes, love life and anything under the sun. There were times that we spend more time being together rather than being with our family. Even if we went to different paths and have a families of our own, we made sure that communications are always open. Distance is never an issue for true friends because when you have bonding moments you will not feel the time or the years that made you apart. You will still feel the closeness and the never-ending stories that you always want to share with them. When someone have a problem, we are all just one call away, to comfort and to support in any way that we can.

    True friendship is not based on the quantity of friends that you have but the quality of few friends that you have until the end.
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  15. Rogue

    Rogue New Member

    Friendship is not selfish but giving. It doesn't envy nor hate. It is not blood related but everyone inside is family. It is a relationship between two or more people powered by mutual trust and affection. It chooses no race, religion or status in life. Friendship is shoulders you could lean on, handkies you could cry and sneeze on and jokes you could laugh on. The definition of such simple word is too vast and wide. It is compose of people known as friends which shares preference or life situation. You may have similarities or maybe different but none of it matters. I have friends both naughty and nice, one encourages me to go to church and pray while the other taught me how to drink and have fun. I can't imagine life without these friends who could be both pleasing and fatal.
  16. JewelWish

    JewelWish New Member

    Friendship is a strong bond between two individuals with the same place of happiness in their hearts. It happens naturally as fate. Whatever happens, it will remain alive in ones heart breaking distances and times. I could say that it is stronger than love simply because you can forget the feeling of love for someone but the friendship will stay the same. There's a divorce for marriage when the love is gone but there's no such thing that will nullify frienship. It is indeed indestructible.
  17. Yna

    Yna New Member

    Friendship is laughing first before helping them get up when they fall down. It is the reason why life is a little less dull and boring. Friendship makes the journey of life lighter and more entertaining. It is being true to each other despite of how ugly the truth is. It is not just about being there for each other but being able to lean on them as they are able to lean on you in times of despair. Friendship is crying and laughing at the same time with all the disappointments and heartaches that life throws at your faces. It is not letting a friend go into the washroom alone and it is all about eating their food first before they could even blink. Friendship is forgiving one another immediately even before they apologize. Nothing beats the breakup in friendship. Change may be constant but true friendship is permanent. Friendship should always be true, genuine and bliss. Friends are always honest, available and crazy. Friendship is a blessing and a gift for everyone to be thankful of.
  18. francis06

    francis06 New Member

    friendship is two or more people trusting each other, laughing together understanding each other supporting each other and being true to each other.
  19. ClioHistory@23

    ClioHistory@23 New Member

    For me friendship is being honest and true to each other all the time. I don't want to be superficial, so I expect my friends to do the same to me. Friends are also those persons who have your back to matter what and say things that will hurt you but for good reasons. They are the ones who can sense if something is wrong with you or if you are sick. They are the ones who makes your days better when they crack a joke.
  20. Friendship is like having a unconditional bond with somebody else. It's like having a sibling born with different mother. Its like meeting someone else with the same perspective in life. Friends are persons who you can look for if you are struggling in something. it maybe your crying shoulder, helping hands, and motivator. Friends can be someone you can rely but also someone who can wreck your life in havoc. So don't offer friendship in someone else that you can never commit yourself who;e entirely.
  21. rhea1128

    rhea1128 New Member

    Friends is like mirroring your own self to them. Why? It is because you share the same interest in life that make you click together. These are people who is extension outside of your family. They can make you good or bad, excel or down in everything you do together. Some may lead you to dark pathways of life. That's why choosing friends is also a responsibility to whom group of person to be with.
    I am grateful that I have found true friends that last forever. They make me laugh and feel loved. Present in most of important chapter in my life. People whom I can open up with in times I am down, aside from my family. I have earned so many good memories that last a lifetime. Of course, not every moment is best at times, but still a keep treasure in my heart and soul.
    Now that we have are individual lives, far from the presence of each other, I miss them a lot and their company. When i get back home ( at present I live at japan, but home country is Philippines) definitely will give some time to meet with most of my friends.
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  22. Bang127

    Bang127 New Member

    Friendship isn't easy. To hear many of you tell it, making a good friend is almost like adding a new family member. It comes with risk and responsibility. And friendship is someone to share all the up's and down's, someone to be there and have togetherness. Someone to lean on, and someone I can offer a shoulder for them to lean on. Friendship is the most important thing in life to me right now. It makes life so much more meaningful and more enjoyable. It means being there for one another through good times and bad. It means being honest with each other. Never backstabbing one another. Being able to pick a phone up day or night and say I need you or them say they need you and your there. Accepting each other just as you are. I could go on and on friendship is the most beautiful gift in the world.
  23. Onof

    Onof New Member

    Friendship is having a great memories,goal in life sadness and trust and love by each other.
    Friendship is like forever.Your bought helping each other.
  24. Marji

    Marji New Member

    To me friendship means that you will always be there for each other no matter what. You spend time together, talk together, share together the good as well as the bad times. You are just there for each other whenever needed and you know that you can always depend on each other. You love, trust and respect each other and you help each other out and don't want your friend to get him or herself in to trouble. Friendship is sharing, laughing and crying together whatever happens and love, trust respect and acceptance.
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  25. Friendship means; texting them even you don't need something ,sending memes that makes you laugh, mentioning / replying them on Twitter, someone who will give you foolish advice but will cheer you up, someone who will bully and become antagonists on your love life or in other aspect but wants to protects you,someone who's lazy to communicate via text/ chat, but still updated and knows when you need them, someone who's can be late sometimes /most of the time but still try their best to reach you, someone who does not forget you to include on planning even your not present, someone who believe you'll win even the opponent is 10 points ahead of you, someone who will wake you up when the teacher is approaching, someone who will help you stand up after the laugh when you slipped on the floor, someone who won't let you to burden the problem or consequence alone, someone who will be still mad at your enemy or X even you were settled, someone who can 've rational when you can't as of the moment, someone who treats you as their own brother and sister even you have different parents. Friendship is something that hard to define by words, but expressed by experience.
  26. Jeffrey Maximo

    Jeffrey Maximo New Member

    A true friend is always a true friend.
    For me friendship is a relationship where two or more person share same interest. When you say friendship no matter what happened you always together facing all the challenges together and achieving goals together. For me Friend is the one who have care to you and and never let you down. Having a friend is a nice and the best feeling. They are the one gives you advice, teach you the right thing and open your eyes to the real situation she/he think you need to see and realized. A friend that say anything to you even it it will hurt you because they know that it is the best thing to do. We need to take care our friendship we have because if they lost you life becomes incomplete without them. so be thankful because you have friends with you willing to support you and lift you up when you are down.
  27. Kathryn Brock

    Kathryn Brock New Member

    Friendship to me means always being there for the other person. You can forgive them easily and vice versa. I have a love for my friends that runs very deep. I appreciate building a connection over time and watching the other person learn and grow just as I am.
  28. Dxamondrose

    Dxamondrose New Member

    Friendship is being there even at their darkest time.
  29. Dxamondrose

    Dxamondrose New Member

    "I loved you at your darkest" Roman 5:8
  30. Paco

    Paco New Member

    My concept about friendship is, that they are the family that we choose to share new experiences, are the persons that stay in the good moments but also they stay on the bad ones, the persons that sometimes put your necessities just to see you happy. they are the persons that you can trust without feeling judged, are the ones that advise you what to do when you have problems. Friendship is important to everyone because like Aristoteles said:- ¨the antidote for 50 enemies is one friend.¨

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