What is love in your life?

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Do you live the love?

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  1. saparrilha35

    saparrilha35 Member

    Life is a walk made by us all, where a deep feeling must exist. And in many ways, love is unique, it can live and die, but if it is not fed, it will never have its value.

    To love has many forms, but essentially it must feel with soul and heart. Life without love has no meaning. Loving and being loved is one of the greatest beauties of the human being.

    Who we can love, family, friends, children, parents, woman or man, there are differences, but the feeling is unique and strong.

    What does love mean to you? What does he represent in your lives? How do you feel and demonstrate it? How do you live and share it? transferir.png
  2. Elsa77

    Elsa77 Member

    For me love is the final medicine that cleanses my whole spirit.

    Love can be hard to describe. You can say all the words that go through your head ... or you can't say anything.

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