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  1. maemae7

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    Love is something that can be your source of happiness or source of pain. Loving someone doesn't mean you will not get hurt. It is part of being in love, because the person you love the most can hurt you the most. There are many definitions what is love, but you will never really know what love is like if you will not fall inlove. Love is like a gamble, you need to take a risk, you need to risk your heart, and if you win that's good. But if you lose, then it is painful. Love can wait, waiting for true and pure love is always worth the wait.
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  2. sofianebgh

    sofianebgh New Member

    Love is the best thing that can happen to anyone ,you feel alive ,wanted and you start doing grait things ,you behave good ,you talk nicely to people ,positive energie over positive energie.
  3. Lyssa

    Lyssa New Member

    Love is a simple word but different meanings for different people. It is not just a promise but a commitment that whatever it may takes we will risk for it. And not about how many you say 'I love You' but it is about how you proved it. But Love comes with a pain, it can build you yet It can tear you into pieces, and Love is a ruthless game unless you played it good and wise.

    We might cry for a wrong person and a wrong reason, but one thing for sure, mistakes will lead us to the right person.
  4. BlessedTakling

    BlessedTakling New Member

    I agree with this preference. I personally believe that GOD is truly LOVE. He loves us even if we are sinners and He forgave us even if we constantly make mistakes. I think that this is the true essence of love. To love without asking something in return and to forgive even if he or she did not ask for forgiveness.
  5. Chruzie

    Chruzie Member

    Love can wait at exact time.love is the feeling with someone or a thing.
  6. ROTSEN12

    ROTSEN12 New Member

    Love is a strong affection, having trust, understanding and respect to your partner or any members of your family. This word can be your strength and also your weakness.
  7. dnseconcepcion

    dnseconcepcion New Member

    Love is a loss of valuable emotion. It can destroy you especially when you are careless and don't get to love yourself. You will know if you're really in love when you feel pain, jealousy, and heartbroken. But feeling those in contrast to love you will learn a lot and will help you grow a person
  8. janlefevre

    janlefevre New Member

    Love is a gift, its is what makes things happen. Without love you have nothing.
    My uncle once told me that if you can give love then all the rest will fall into place.
  9. Shasmeen

    Shasmeen New Member

    A simple meaning of that question WHAT IS LOVE? LOVE is sharing and caring.
  10. rikkabergado

    rikkabergado New Member

    love is complicated, yes. but I learn to love because of my parents, they show me what unconditional love is. Where love is sacrifice, where love has no boundaries, where love is selfless.
  11. Rochi

    Rochi New Member

    Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it's not arrogant or rude.
    Love does not insist on it's own way; it's not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.
    Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    Love never ends.
  12. Arneza

    Arneza New Member

    Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. It does not brag, does not get puffed up
  13. Banjo

    Banjo Member

    Love is a variety of feelings, emotions and attitude. for some love is being more than interested physically in someone. its an emotional attachment. Love is more than a feeling that a person feels for another person. The basic meaning of love is to feel more than liking towards someone.
  14. Banjo

    Banjo Member

    Love is never rushing to relationships, give time to your self and your partner. take things slow, know their likes and dislike. Analyze that would you be willing to share a common bond in the coming years. Every person have some habits that would be annoying to you. Think - would you be still sharing the same bond when you see the dark side of a person?
  15. Banjo

    Banjo Member

    Love is not being jealous, There is no room for jealousy and possessiveness in cases where true love is really there. Being protective is a part of a relationship, but there should be a healthy understanding, being too much involved make the other person suffocated in the relationship. They may be having an ex with whom they share an understanding as a friend, but it didn't work out when they were dating. that is the reason they move on and now are with you.
  16. Banjo

    Banjo Member

    Love is giving your self a chance, just because you both had conflict in opinion about some thing doesn't mean things won't work out. Give your self a chance. your perception and your partner's perception may differ, Some times, that is what makes life exiting.
  17. nephi97

    nephi97 New Member

    Love is one of the greatest things that is a human being can experience in life. Everyone and anyone can experience this thing. Family, couples, and friends. It is a wonderful thing that exists in this world. And I would like to emphasize the love of the Savior. His love is pure. He gave His life for the salvation of each son and daughter of our Heavenly Father. Think about it, he had to carry the sins of all those who lived, is living and who will yet live on this earth. That’s a lot of people. His atonement is a testimony of His genuine love. I testify this to be true.
  18. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    Before anything else I want to greet you all happy heart's.

    Well for me love is a strong feeling of attachment of two specific person with mutual understanding no room for jealousy but only love.
  19. Thorn18

    Thorn18 New Member

    What is love? A short but a powerful question. Some says it is magical, some says its beautiful but for me Love is a dangerous path to go through. You should be ready for the consequences of it.
    Love may give you a smile, laughter, joy, satisfaction excitement and also some negative vibes like hatred if not treated in the right way.
    Its just like an investment. We should be ready before we take the big leap. We should not expect that if we gave the amount of love to that person we will also be given the same. Love does not go that way. As I said it is like an investment, we should be ready to take a blow to the face if we will be rejected. That is how love works.
    That's what love is for me.
  20. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    Love is patient and understanding without patient and we don't know how to understand our partner the relationship between the people who are inlove can end up on break-ups. Forgive the people we love and love is not being selfish.
  21. lynne0915

    lynne0915 New Member

    Love is the one that makes you a better version of yourself loving someone not only with his or her physical attributes. If you really love that person who will accept and love him/her in any flaws that he/she has. Love is not only a force of attraction it is a form of emotions that you felt connected to specific person. There are many forms of love according to the bible it classifies as Eros which is passionate love. Philia which is friendship. Storge which is familiar love. Agape is love of God which is the most powerful kind of love. So if you feel empty there are many forms of love so you would not feel lost.
  22. saifsayed

    saifsayed Member

    Love is a human emotion and an emotional experience. Love is a strong manifestation of affection for a particular person.

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