What is Lovefor you?

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  1. Rossmary

    Rossmary New Member

    Love is what I make you and you make me. Love is an act of God. It gives you reason for your existence. We all exist in one God through his love he makes us and with our love he lives. If we give love we won’t be alone because love is patience and unselfish. I hope we continue to give love because it is powerful. May love lead us to a happy and healthy life.
  2. Bimby

    Bimby New Member

    For me love is the most mysterious thing in this world. For me love is just a word you used to speak the feeling that you can't understand. Love has different meaning for every each of us, some say that love is the most powerful thing in this world, some say that love make the world go round, some say love means giving without expecting in return, but how about the people who is stingy? Can we say that they don't know what is love? Other say that love means look beyond imperfections, but how about the people who is judgemental can we say that they don't know how to love?
    Love has no exact meaning, meaning of love is on the person how he or she interpret it.
  3. hopetony

    hopetony New Member

    Love is a battle field where only the strong one survive,it pains to love. From my view and experience,I will say that love is a mutual agreement between two people to come together in other to learn,tolerate,endure,care by sharing each other problems.
    Love is unconditional,it forgive easily. To me, I believe that any love that exist with a reason will surely fail because one day the person will no longer see that in you and once that happens then that comes the end.
    Love is always unconditional although it hurts but it forgive easily and bear each other burden with happiness and zeal.
  4. msg17

    msg17 Member

    Love for me is being able to be selfless for the sake of the person who you truly value. Love, is when you are willing to do everything for the sake of your loved one. And most importantly, for me love, is something that I think everyone should not be deprived of. Love, is deserved by every single person on the Earth because everyone is unique and special. And I do think that we must all be loved.
  5. 20Neon

    20Neon New Member

    Love is life, it is the balancing force in life. Actually, love owns half the definition of what love is. Love totals all the virtues that we always try to have. The feeling of love is sometimes confusing as it drags pain along with it. It isn't perfect at any angle but it is positive. We always confuse love to lust. The love experience isn't mundane as compared to lust. It is out of the ordinary, its sensation uplifts you to feeling supernatural. If we love someone deeply, we will find ourselves doing things out of the ordinary for such people. This displays plainly the difference between love and lust.

    True love involves sacrificing your whole life for it. In the face of love, we will not feel manipulated. This is why many folks who are madly in love last long in there relationship. Love blinds one completely and we can best define it as good that does not get affected by bad. We humans rarely come across this feeling as infatuation blinds us and falsely makes us believe it is love. We should know the difference clearly, love is supernatural.
  6. jmdaguplo

    jmdaguplo New Member

    hahaha... This question is a classic. When I was younger this question is always in the scrapbooks or autographs. Every individual has a different version of love. Some are a contradictions of the other but we can agree to disagree on each others opinions, besides we all have different experiences about love. But if you ask me about love, love for me is you see the imperfections but still accepts it perfectly. so cheesy!
  7. Rish08

    Rish08 New Member

    For me God is the biggest and clearest representation of love, giving His all and His only son selflessly to us who doesn't even know and care just to save us from our sins and live a happy life. Love is kind, patient, it does not envy, it does not boast, and it is never proud. Clearly, to love means being unconditional, to understand fully, to accept all without reservation, and to look past someone's flaws. Love is the kind of feeling you feel when you cannot see yourself as the center of your life anymore or something that makes you happy for someone's success even if it means you cannot get your own.
    Love is the most powerful thing to ever exist in this world since by it, it changes everything, it changes hate when started to understand, it changes our bad ways and started to do something relevant that will help others, it saves others when we give it unconditionally, but it also means to sacrifice since by loving you need to forget about your own sake for the sake of others. Nonetheless, love is also the most joyous feeling in the world when get to shared with the right person/s.
  8. kimmy27

    kimmy27 New Member

    Everyone at some point in their lives has experienced love, whether they were loved or have loved. Love seems to be the main underlying goal that we all strive for in our lifetimes. It is the one thing that we all, as humans, have in common. There are many different types of love: family love, friendship love, conceptual love, and intimate love. Many people have a hard time finding words to express this intense feeling because everyone’s experience and meaning of it is different. The thing is that with love, it is not positive or negative; it seems to have its ups and downs. However, we still go throughout life searching for it, without ever giving up.

    Family love is unconditional, meaning it is timeless, and everlasting. It is a feeling shared between a young girl listening to her grandfather stories of the olden days. It may even be the strict rules that a parent enforces, that a child feels are unfair. The great part of this love is that you can be yourself, make mistakes, and you will always be forgiven.

    The love shared between friends is similar, but there are boundaries not to be crossed. These boundaries are different with each friendship, but are usually somewhere along the lines of, not messing with each other’s boyfriends or bad mouthing behind each other’s back. Friendship love knows that you have someone there to talk to, especially about things that you could never tell your parents. This type of love is sharing your experience of your first crush in elementary school. Even taking blame for a childish act that your best friend committed, such as stealing a pack of gum from the convenience store.
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  9. darylalminanza

    darylalminanza New Member

    Love an emotion that every human being has feel.An emotion that every human being wants to feel.An emotion that every human being has.Love is a very broad word that could not be define so easily but can characterize or relate to anybody or anything.Love is like a picture that can be describe by a thousands word.Just like a picture love can be define by many words.Love is an mix emotions.Love of anger,love of destruction,love of kindness,love of trust,love of sex.Love is a force not to be reckoned with.A force that too stron that it will shattered you.Love cannot be destroyed as long as your living as long as your heart beat there is love.In so many manys love is love it could not be easily defined.Thays why love is like a rosary full of mysteries.
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  10. A123456z

    A123456z New Member

    Love is god giving gift.Every living things feel love.Love is a part of life.Every human wants to love.We can take the meaning of love as a peace.
  11. Aya Adajet

    Aya Adajet New Member

    Love is unconditional affection with no limits or conditions: completely loving someone. It’s when you trust the other with your life and when you would do anything for each other. When you love someone, you want nothing more than for them to be truly happy no matter what it takes, because that’s how much you care about them and because their needs come before your own
  12. md alamin hossain

    md alamin hossain New Member

    For me! love is Peace .When you love someone you need to love her/his everything not only her/his voice, face, eyes or anything all in all you need to love her/him al the way if you love her/him you will also have to love her/his mistakes, failure, darkness all think but if you think you can't then come backward, you are not in love! This beautiful world is not too suitable to live there a lot of unhappiness, pain. But its love which has the power to feel you that this is heaven.
    So for me, if love someone then love for only the reason love, not for anything else.
  13. Adamcute

    Adamcute New Member

    Firstly, Love cannot only be given to your partner you can give them people close to you like family, teacher, god, friend, people who help you, your neighbors, your enemy and yourself. If you love them you will appreciate them in your life and never let them hurt or have their own bad guys in your family have been hurting you since childhood and until you grow old enough to give them love. Love is not only heard it. Love is a nice gift that you cannot buy from others. Because when you say someone loves you and it means your honesty, and your being kindness, and other positive words can apply to the word “LOVE”. You cannot show in writing like this but in how I deal with people. And you love yourself do not neglect and let others hurt your personality and love yourself. And lastly, we love the Lord God because he has given us life that redeemed our sins.

    I love you <3
  14. angel liz

    angel liz New Member

    Love is the greatest gift you can give to anyone. It can be given to a friend, to a significant other, to a classmate or even to a mere stranger. It is wrapped in different forms. It can be shown through hugs and kisses. It can be expressed through words. Spending time with someone is a nice expression of love as well. Giving gifts such as perfume or a bouquet of flowers can also be an option. Love, in whatever forms it would be given, is really worth sharing. Spread the love!
  15. Shan57

    Shan57 New Member

    Love for me is. being contended on what you have but not stopping to on doing what you love. love doesn't mean you have to be in a relationship to experience it. Love can also be experience by yourself. Love yourself as of you love someone or vice versa.love ca also be expressed through your doings, if you love to read, write, sing, dance, etc. you are experiencing love. Love is an emotion where everything is just wonderful.
  16. norica

    norica New Member

    Attraction without closeness is more like a crush or infatuation. You're attracted to someone physically but don't know the person well enough yet to feel the closeness that comes from sharing personal experiences and feelings. Romantic love is when attraction and closeness are combined.
    the madness of the gods.” Modern psychologists define it as it the strong desire for emotional union with another person. But what, actually, is love. It means so many different things to different people. Songwriters have described it, “Whenever you’re near, I hear a symphony.” Shakespeare said, “Love is blind and lovers cannot see.” Aristotle said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”
  17. renan1217

    renan1217 New Member

    love means to me when you are so thankful to God for giving the best woman in the world that cannot be replace by anyone.you know that you've both change over the years,but through that changed you've grown closer together.you dont care about the past for as long you are her present .loving someone is such a blessing because they are a wonderful woman. you will always remember the day you've met and you knew that you've wanted to be with her forever.
  18. deejay

    deejay New Member

    Many people believe that love is an emotion which we have a little control. but as we go on our life, do we know what love is? people speaks of falling in love. yet, real love is not just something we feel. it is characterized by action, not sentiment. love is surpassing way and as something we pursue, we also love with our mind, our devotion is not blind, we come to know what love means their quality, standard,and purposes, we use our soul, our whole being and the life we posses to serve for love. And we use our strength to that end as well. GOD requires us to reflect the qualities; the source and the supreme example of love. "GOD IS LOVE" Really love is essential, is a peace and harmony of all creation. our love is for the one who love's us!!!is not reasonable that our perfect expect as to show loving appreciation for all? how can we do that? the first step toward loving anyone is to take in knowledge of that one; it is hard to feel deep affection for someone do not know. we learn about love!!! another way that we can grown in our love, is to meditation the abundant loving provisions, let us enjoy the life,the beauty of creation, the endless variety of delicious thing we eat, the warmth companionship of many good friends,as well as countless other delight that give us pleasures and satisfaction.
  19. shack

    shack New Member

    Love is just a four-letter word with so many meanings behind it. In other words the definition for love is endless? So what is love and do we really appreciate its importance in our life? I guess you can say that love is a very strong and beautiful feeling about a person. But, actually love is much more than that. Love is when two people believe in everything they can do as one. Love doesnt know age; you can love, and be loved in any age. From the time, you are just a fetus in your mothers womb; you get the love of your parents. Especially, the love of the mother its a love that knows no boundaries.
  20. Sherwindelarosa

    Sherwindelarosa New Member

    Love is a principle and not feeling... giving love, expressing love wont effect everyone but for you who make love as principle it will not be able to affect someones feeling but it will be your mode of life... will share, will look for the benefits of other you will be considerate and loving.... Above all these put on love. which binds everything together in perfect hamony .. Colossians 3:14
  21. manstar

    manstar New Member

    God is love and Love is God. Where there is love there is God.
  22. guntheco

    guntheco New Member

    Love is when you see imperfections as perfections. It motivates you to move forward each day and sometimes it can also stop the time. It gives you a channel to smile everyday. Love is all around; family, friends and special someone.
  23. Sherwindelarosa

    Sherwindelarosa New Member

    Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

    in Corinthians 13:10...
    Love always protects.always trust,always hope,always perseveres,love never fails but where there are prophecies, they will cease;where there are tongues, they will be be stilled; wehere there is knowledge, it pass away....
  24. Hadijah55

    Hadijah55 New Member

    Love is caring for someone else deeply and unconditionally, knowing that no matter what, you have someone to count on. It's unconditional and makes you feel good on the inside, you can trust the person you love and comfortable around them. You can completely be yourself around another person in good times and bad. It's loving each other's differences and appreciating them exactly as they are.
  25. What is love? Typical question but a tough one. In every failed relationship, you learn. And try not to commit same mistake twice. Lessen the jealousy. Understanding plays an important role. Patience is a virtue. Trust is a big issue and Love is a choice. You don't just dedicate yourself to one person but make the relationship last a lifetime. You consider your partner as your last. You build dreams together and make those dream a reality together. Thinking about the happiness of your partner before your own. Appreciating especially the small gestures/things that your partner has put into. Complementing each others skills and weaknesses. Not afraid to fool around and being real.
    L O V E -A four letter word but with a whole lot of meaning. Depending on whom you want to show it.
  26. Uniqou*!+

    Uniqou*!+ New Member

    Love encompasses a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experience, ranging from the deepest interpersonal affecting to the simplest pleasure. The most powerful emotion a human being can experience. The strange think is, that almost nobody knows what love is.
  27. veronicaabsalon

    veronicaabsalon New Member

    Love is a gift from God. Love is being with your family, friends and love-ones. But love doesn't have a mind of it's own. You have to handle it wisely, bravely and with compassion. Love for me are my two kids who gives me different emotions. But that emotions will bring back to LOVE.
  28. tamss

    tamss Member

    Let yourself disappear in the darkness; if you are loved, people will come and find you with torches in their hands! Love is a great searcher; it always searches the loved one! To see who really love you, just disappear
  29. pjjpazz

    pjjpazz New Member

    Love is a very complex word but there are different kind of love. Like lust which is not love at all. Puppy love is your first love when you were a teen or young. The love you thought was real and will last long. Though some puppy love really last long until wedding but some is not lucky enough to experience that kind of feeling. Love is really a complex word. I think we have different kind of defenition of it.
  30. Jaynshi

    Jaynshi Member

    Love is when you can do everything possible to ensure the person you love never gets sad or problems. Its when you love a person just like you love yourself.

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